Meanwhile, not having paid much attention to the blog, I have been sprinting around with Jesus far and wide for Last Rites and Communion Calls for those in hospice, those at rehabs and nursing homes.

Meanwhile, I love being a priest. I love preaching. I love administering the sacraments. I love bringing Jesus to people. I love bringing people to Jesus. I especially love getting my own little hell out of the way of One High Priest, Christ Jesus, by going to Confession. My penance the other day was the Hail Holy Queen, because, of course, she’s the Queen of priests, the Queen Mother of her Divine Son, Jesus, our One and only High Priest.

Meanwhile, I’ve been organizing my life a bit better as a preparation to write about Genesis 3:15. Just to get organized is a huge project. I’ve been asking for the grace to do this for years. I’ve now been doing this for the past two+ months. Great. I’m finding treasures from way back into the 1980s, studies, commentaries, courses I’ve taught in seminaries around the world. I’ve never much been organized. This is blessing that I’m now doing this. Thanks for your prayers. This a great boon.

These past months have been enormously productive, well, in preparation for writing about the Immaculate Conception, about the Co-Redemptrix. I’m getting psyched up.


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6 responses to “Meanwhile

  1. Mary Jean Diemer

    We have missed you on here but not in our prayers for you!

  2. James Anderson

    I can’t wait to read the common man version. There are many people I want to share it with.

  3. nancyv

    GOOD! We’ve missed you.

  4. Aussie Mum

    I’m so glad, Father.

  5. sanfelipe007

    You give us more posts than we deserve, Father!

  6. Aussie Mum

    To Father Byers and all readers here, wishing you a Happy and Holy Christmas and God’s Richest Blessings throughout the year ahead.
    Although it is already Christmas Day here in Australia it is still Christmas Eve where you, Father, and most readers are and therefore too early for you to have made a Christmas Day post yet. Consequently, I was unsure where to put down my Christmas greetings but this November post of yours was brimming with happiness and hope and so I have settled here.
    My son has a friend in Texas who reports it is freezing where he is and I assume many in the northern hemisphere are having a white Christmas but it is so different in my country. In all my 72 years I have never known a white Christmas nor can I remember even a cold one. I remember one year the candles on our Advent Wreath bent into almost a “U” shape due to the heat.
    Below is a link to an Australian version of Jingle Bells reworded to correspond with our weather and living near the coast as most Australians do – I don’t of course, Wagga Wagga Diocese is inland, and inland/rural Australia is where one is more likely to find a “rusty Holden ute” and a kelpie (a popular Australian sheep dog) as mentioned in the video, this particular version of Jingle Bells mixing inland and coastal experiences.
    Today we are celebrating a holy day and the song linked to is secular but celebrating is meant to be happy and our world is so amazing with its varied weather zones that I thought some might enjoy the video. I hope so anyway.

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