Father Pavone laicized? Not yet, anyway.

N.B. On that last video, there’s a dead space of some minutes after he’s done talking. Skip ahead just a bit and you will see a series of short videos from priests offering moral and spiritual support to Father Pavone.

My reaction…

I’m angry.

But I’m in awe at the staggering spiritual heights of Father Pavone. He’s so calm amidst this attack.

Look, I’m no canon lawyer, but as far as I know Father Pavone is NOT laicized until an official communication is received by him with proof of the fact, for instance, by return signature arranged by the postal service. Hearsay is not an official communication. So far, it’s all hearsay. And Father Frank Pavone is NOT laicized as I write this. Maybe tomorrow, Monday, 19 December 2022, but not now. Also, he’s home all week with his parents, so, I doubt he’ll get this letter until sometime after Christmas. We shall see.

Apparently, our Nuncio, on December 13, sent a letter to all the bishops saying that Father Pavone was laicized back in November. Somehow, Father Pavone didn’t get any such communication, not from the Vatican, not from the Nuncio, not from his bishop. So, nothing.

Btw, I notice this went up the very moment the Nuncio took action. Interesting.



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5 responses to “Father Pavone laicized? Not yet, anyway.

  1. nancyv

    whoa! Aligned with the maligned…this is white martyrdom, right? If this is happening to Fr. Pavone, then it will happen to us unless we cower and allow the light of Jesus to be extinguished. I believe if it ain’t all good in the end, it isn’t the end. Praying for ALL priests, especially the holy persecuted ones.
    And at the end, “This is My Body” !!!!!!!
    O Come O come Emmanuel!

  2. Dianna

    The pope (little p) is the ultimate symbol of the word infiltration. His Jesuit teachings demoralize and destroy the true word of God in the name of “diversity.” Of course priests like Fr. Pavone and Fr. Altman are shamed while the perverse James Martin leads souls to Hell. I am angry and saddened to see what is happening. I will pray for all the faithful, priests and laity. I will not accept or stand by these who try to change God’s teachings. God bless you Fr. George.

  3. sanfelipe007

    Good priests are always in my daily Rosary. Now I’ll add Fr. Pavone by name.

  4. Mary Jean Diemer

    Praying for Fr Pavone and for this swamp that has a hold of our church to be drained.

  5. jane

    the church will go underground at some point i think until our Lord takes action ……the world is so evil….i for one am looking forward to the cleansing….we need to double down on our prayers and fasting that our good holy priests are given strength and courage to continue to speak the truth and not turn away from our Lords true church….God bless you fr george

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