Bad language of Pope Francis: Questo cazzo! This F***ery!

So, I’m a Missionary of Mercy of Pope Francis, meaning I have faculties to lift some undeclared excommunications and absolve some of the worst of sins in Sacramental Confession, of the nefas est sort, the forgiveness of which is otherwise reserved to the Apostolic See or even to the Pope himself. After some years, there are still some hundreds of us right around the world.

These faculties are very much appreciated by all and sundry who benefit from them, it being understood, of course, that mercy is founded on justice, right? These faculties are extremely helpful in the revitalization of the priesthood. These faculties provide hope to those who would otherwise be hopeless, as there are, sadly, few priests who even know how to go about presenting cases to the Sacred Penitentiary over in Rome. In turn, all this provides hope to the Lord’s Little Flock: when the shepherds are close to the Chief Shepherd, all goes well for the sheep.

The first thing that a Confessor must understand is that we are all sinners, each and every one of us. Men of every tribe, tongue, people and nation will, all of us together, without exception, look upon Him, Christ Jesus, whom we have all pierced through (cf Apocalypse 1:7). There will be no escape. Some will look upon the wounds of Jesus in fear. Others, blessings upon them, will shout: “Finally! Judgment has come! Thank you, Lord Jesus!”

But what if there are those who have perhaps sinned, who are repentant, who have sought and obtained pardon in sacramental confession for, say, using, in the description of other people than myself, “bad language,” in a once-off incident. Are they to be condemned by God forever, no hope, no mercy, ever? If a priest, is he to be removed from the clerical state, “laicized” for that once-off bad language? Is this the example of no mercy for anyone, ever, that the Church wishes to convey? Surely, there are those who have similar “sins,” even actual sins, much worse sins, who enjoy having been forgiven, or – it could be – who don’t give a damn about any forgiveness at all as they withhold forgiveness from others for much lesser “sins” which may well not be sins at all.

I’ve written about this in regard to Father Frank Pavone the other day:

Let’s use Pope Francis as an example, you know, when he exclaimed: “Questo cazzo,” This F***ery!” Was this obviously a mistake which he then corrected? Sure, I guess. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. And if he sought forgiveness in Sacramental Confession for having used age-inappropriate language, confessing that however much of a mere mistake that it was, perhaps he, in second-guessing himself, had considered it to be sinful for him not to have been more intensely recollected, thus perhaps indirectly letting that kind of mistake happen more easily, well, I would say, as his hypothetical Confessor, that we’ll just put that before Christ Jesus who knows the actual sinfulness of it, begging for forgiveness with the absolution to be given while including all the sins of his past life, even ones he has forgotten.

Seriously, I don’t see how the case of Father Frank Pavone and this case of Pope Francis differs in any way. Yet, Pope Francis remains Pope, continuously honoring the most bloodied, unrepentent pro-abortion fanatics the universe has ever suffered, but at the same time, dismissing Father Frank Pavone from active ministerial priesthood, Father Frank being by far the most effective, most loved pro-life priest this universe has ever witnessed.

I mean, should we continue? Should I mention how Pope Francis caused the abomination of desolation to be established on the Holy of Holies, the Altar of Jesus’ Sacrifice in Saint Peter’s Basilica, how Pope Francis caused the demon idol Pachamama, to be placed on the Altar of Jesus’ Sacrifice in Saint Peter’s Basilica, the demon idol Pachamama to whom children are sacrificed, thus honoring Satan and insulting, blaspheming Jesus and promoting child sacrifice (October 27, 2019)? Should I mention how Pope Francis has attacked Father Frank Pavone who instead placed an aborted baby on a table not during Holy Mass just previous to the proper and respectful burial of that murdered child so as to teach the world what our sins have done to Jesus, the Head of the Mystical Body of Christ is also being done to the members of the Body of Christ, the very least of the brethren, these children murdered in the womb? It seems to me there is a difference in what the Pope did scandalously and what Father Pavone did with heroic bravery. So, what is really going on here? The Pope remains in place, but he removes Father Pavone from ministerial priesthood. Father Pavone thus no longer has the faculties to preach and teach, to hear confessions, witness marriages, provide Last Rites? This is still unofficial, because, to date, Father Pavone has not been duly notified, nothing official has been communicated to him.

This is all cazzo, F***ery, and the F***ery has to stop. There, I said it, and on purpose.

Do you want precedent? Let’s go to the great Prophet Ezekiel, who gives voice to the word of the Lord concerning the political correctness of both Jerusalem and Samaria to the demon-idol worshippers around about, calling this political correctness their prostituting of themselves to the nations. The chosen people had fallen into the F***ery of being men of consensus with the fallen world, with Satan. Ezekiel 23 is a great read on the evils of political correctness. The graphic imagery of the word of the Lord is in full force in Ez 23:20, when the nations for whom the chosen people are lusting in all their supposed sophistication and cleverness are described in this way:

  • “There she lusted after her lovers, whose genitals were like those of donkeys and whose emission was like that of horses.”


In other words, the Lord is saying that this F***ery has to stop, and it has to stop NOW! Really, exactly that. That’s God.

So, do I forgive Pope Francis for saying “questo cazzo”, “this F***ery”? Sure.

But I also think there should be forgiveness for Father Frank Pavone.


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3 responses to “Bad language of Pope Francis: Questo cazzo! This F***ery!

  1. Lisa

    Father, would you please comment on the reported persistent disobedience of Fr. Pavone regarding his assignment, a situation that stretches back over 10 years?

  2. Joisy Goil

    Many years ago, I confessed using the “f” word, and the priest told me to recall the three necessities for a sin to be mortal – that is: grievous matter, sufficient reflexion and full consent of the will. He emphasized that in a situation like this – probably there was not all three and therefore no serious sin.

    What he did say was using this word definitely makes you look ignorant and like a gutter fool. He proceeded to give me a historic lesson on why the “f” word is considered a bad word – rather than a word like ‘fornication’ – (which means the same thing) .

    Anyway, what happened to the teaching, “once a priest always a priest” and “obedience in everything but sin” and forgiveness to all – answering to a higher authority?

    Abortion is probably (one of?) the biggest sin in our world today. Back in the “70’s and 80’s I urged three pastors to begin a prolife movement in our parish and they all nixed the idea. Their reasons were various of “I’m counseling someone who has had an abortion and I don’t want to make them feel uncomfortable.”

    I didn’t buy that then and I still don’t. God bless and protect all Pro-Lifers and especially those who aren’t afraid to admit it.

    Prayers for all Priests.

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