Pope emeritus Benedict XVI has died this morning at 9:34


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10 responses to “Pope emeritus Benedict XVI has died this morning at 9:34

  1. Aussie Mum

    May he rest in peace

  2. nancy v

    …IMO though, the reasons his biographer gave for the resignation were incongruent with the “role” of the Vicar of Christ. But I am not questioning the Holy Father’s decision…there was a reason.

  3. Aussie Mum

    The death of Benedict XVI on the last day of 2022 has taken me back to your post “Analysis: Time, times, half a time, 1,260 [no longer 1,290] + 45: Daniel cited by Jesus then Apocalypse” October 30th 2021.
    Benedict XVI’s death and the above mentioned post leads me to think that 2023 may be a very eventful year, as does the following.
    The following passage from 2 Thessalonians 2:6-7 keeps coming to mind: “At present there is a power which holds him [the anti-Christ] in check, so that he may not shew himself before the time appointed to him; meanwhile, the conspiracy of revolt is already at work; only, he who checks it now will be able to check it, until he is removed from the enemy’s path.” A note on this passage in the Knox translation online suggests: “The power which holds evil in check and defers the appearance of Antichrist may be a human influence, or perhaps that of St Michael or some other angel (cf. Dan. 10.13, 21).”
    I have wondered for some time if the power that holds back the arrival of the anti-Christ is the Pope. Should that be so and if Francis is not Pope, then he who holds back the arrival of the anti-Christ is now removed with the death of Benedict XVI. My ponderings may be quite wrong, of course.
    In your Oct 2021 post, Father, you wondered if 24th May 2023 would be the 1,305th day mentioned in the Bible, and I wonder as well. The 24th May is the Feast Day of Mary, the Immaculate Mother of God, under her title “Help of Christians” and strikes me as a very appropriate day for the Triumph of her Immaculate Heart.
    2023 may, indeed, be a very eventful year.

  4. catherine

    Thank you Father George for posting this. I will miss him very much. May he rest in peace. A thought came to me the past couple of days, wondering if amongst others, will Pope Saint Pope John Paul II also be there to greet him when he passes over from this life. I will continue prayers for Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI. Pope Francis stated a couple of days ago that Pope Benedict is a Saint and in my heart I believe this. Through God’s grace, we pray that he will continue to sustain the Church from Heaven as well. In my life time, we have been truly blessed with a number of holy and courageous Popes…Thanks be to God.

    God bless you Father George.


  5. nancyv

    When I saw this, I immediately left to go to Mary’s altar and prayed the Rosary.
    Thank you for alerting us.

  6. sanfelipe007

    Lord have mercy on his soul, on us, and on the whole world.

  7. Mary Be

    Beloved pope,
    May he Rest In Peace,
    May he continue to love and look after us from heaven,
    May his joy be great, and too, his welcoming and reward.

    We love you, dear Pope Benedict.

  8. Gina Nakagawa

    It comes to us all. We are losing a great Pope and a humble, prayerful, Christlike shepherd. May the angels lead him into Paradise.

  9. God have mercy on the soul of Benedict XVI and may he intercede for us before the throne of God.

  10. Aussie Mum

    Cardinal Pell has died in Rome. Prayers please.

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