Yad vaShem Holocaust Memorial gates video cancelled

Those pictures above are of the parking lot gates outside of Yad vaSHEM Holocaust Memorial in Jerusalem. The Scripture verse, is from Ezekiel 37:14. That verse hearkens back to the creation of Adam in Genesis 2:4-7 and the promise of his re-creation in redemption that we see in Genesis 3:15 (verses I had especially emphasized in my doctoral thesis).

I was there. I took pictures. I made a video. All quite emotional for me.

There is sensory overload at the Memorial, for there is so very much to remember. Thus, for the 12kms+ round trip, the best mode of transportation was to walk, both there and back, giving oneself time to be in solidarity with those who suffered so very much, assisting in some small, personal way, the burden of the monstrosity of cruelty.

Many pounds of surgical steel provide me with halting step, so much so that as I neared the memorial, I was stopping every 50 feet, every 20 feet, just ten more steps, another 5… do it! do it! forcing myself. On the grounds and inside the buildings, I must have put on another 5kms+. Then there was the walk back. All quite emotional for me, striking me very deeply.

How creepy is this, that someone hacks into a nothing YouTube channel that is locked down for years and years and erases this video with just a few hits on it? It’s just of the gates. This could have been done quite some time ago. I might have written on this previously. I certainly still am indignant about it. I can’t judge motivation, but this seems to be a murderous hater of Jews. In that video I included some names of those who had been murdered, whose names we know as they are recited in the Children’s Memorial. What, do they hate those kids so much?

I’m an easy target. I wonder if this hacker has tried to hack Yad vaShem’s Children’s Memorial? No? Scared of the Institute, המוסד? Let’s see… Ah, here’s a video from Yad vaShem that I can put up; let’s see if someone tries to cancel this video:

Meanwhile, the cancelation made me profoundly sorrowful yesterday. I erased the channel. It was quite empty by this time anyway.

© 2023 Fr George David Byers


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3 responses to “Yad vaShem Holocaust Memorial gates video cancelled

  1. Thank you Father for this video. I am so sorry your video was erased by someone. All those children who died in the holocaust, and all the nameless children who have died and continue to die in the holocaust of abortion. God have mercy.

  2. Gina Nakagawa

    All those inspired by the evil one to attempt world domination will end up in eternal habitation with their “father.” Sorry that you have experienced such aggravation. God bless you.

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