“Whistleblower”: FBI targeting American Catholics

Sorry, but just about everything in this presentation doesn’t add up: it’s all too stupid, too geared to sensationalism, emotionalism, all too perfect for baiting unstable people into over-reaction so that those people can be put on a terrorist watch list. This is how it’s done. Just my opinion.

That’s not to say that this kind of counterintel baiting – if that’s what it is – is not a concern. The only reason to do up counterintel baiting is because you do, in fact, intend to do SWAT raids on families and churches, you know, to fulfill “mitigation opportunities”. Here are some resources; you decide:

At this point pages 7-8-9 are missing from the reporting.

So, one is to be investigated for terrorism because one likes the Traditional Latin Mass, and might question some ambiguous statements in the Second Vatican Council? Pfft.

Hopefully FBI puppets will convert.

You want to know what real terrorism is? Try this:

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5 responses to ““Whistleblower”: FBI targeting American Catholics

  1. The say that they are not going after ad orientem traddies , but they are. The hater’s hate that Roe was overturned , that their “constitutional rights” were denied. To them Abortion is basic human right. I have seen advertisements from Amnesty International attacking Pro-Life policies.

  2. Jane

    Kill all the babies but let the polar bears,turtles etc live…..sick world……more rosaries

  3. sanfelipe007

    I am not familiar with any of the so-called “RTC” organizations that are listed by the SPLC. This reminds me of the collusion within the government to target parents who were opposed to their local school boards recent decisions.


    I ponder this because, as you have often advised, things are not as they seem.

    Praying for you and our dear friend, Father G.

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