FBI’s spying on Sacramental Confessional

The Lion of the Tribe of Judah has risen from the dead. He’s the last One standing. Always.

I’ve been writing much about the domestic terrorism charges that the DOJ and FBI is levelling against pious Catholics as a population. They actually have not rescinded, recanted, or apologized. They’re entrenching to try to source their accusations all the more. To do this, they will, of course, do what they always do, spy on Sacramental Confession.

For the FBI, to blaspheme God and utterly destroy the free exercise of religion by bugging confessionals, say, multiple times in Saint Patrick’s Cathedral in New York already throughout the past decades, is the usual practice. They’re surely doing right now.

Don’t do it, my FBI friends. You do that, you take upon yourselves for your own judgment by God all sins confessed. And not only. You take on yourselves all the sins of those who would have confessed but didn’t because of your absolute hatred for God, for neighbor, for yourselves, what with all your threats of surveillance. All y’all will be burdened with all that sin at your own judgment. All of it. You, personally.

You mock the wounds of Christ by which the forgiveness comes about. God will not be mocked. You think you’re powerful now, but you will have your reckoning at the Last Judgment. Who’s going to save you then, those whose sacramental confessions you recorded. Unless you repent of all this what you have done will – all things being equal – bring you straight to hell. Is that worth it.

This goes for those in the field, those giving orders from on high, those who approving this kind of policy.

And if I catch you placing bugs, and I do have tomorrow’s technology today, well, that will not be a pleasant meeting for anyone involved. I will protect my flock. You are all trespassed from my parish campuses. I will press charges.

© 2023 Fr George David Byers


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5 responses to “FBI’s spying on Sacramental Confessional

  1. nancyv

    ugh. Another reason I do not take my phone/purse into the confessional….because I don’t understand the technology of today, much less tomorrow’s!

  2. Dianna

    After reading these posts, I am without words. That never happens to me. This woke world is like a nightmare. Sad that the FBI, the pope (little p), the government now fight the righteous. Like Romans 1….God has given them over to their evil…true reprobate minds. I will never turn my back on God…stay strong Father! If God is with us – who can stand against us?🙏

  3. Makes me glad I go to confession in a small parish in a small town. God is in control, not Biden, not the FBI, not even the pope. God is in control.

  4. catherine

    The once, when I was waiting in line for confession, I idly thought to myself, “I wonder if going to confession is really making a difference?” Well, I got a priest that I had never seen before. I did not mention my doubts on the benefits of confession. After hearing my confession, the priest said to me “Your penance is to go out to the pews before leaving the Church, kneel and give thanks to the Lord for the gift of confession.” I was stunned…and thought, “how did he know?!” So the lesson here is that God is listening and he is very much involved in the Sacraments and they are for real.
    Praying for you Father George and thank you for being a good shepherd.

  5. Karen Rodgers

    May God protect and richly bless you Father George: I have pared my inbox down to the minium but I am very grateful for your newsletters when they arrive.. lttle pools of sanity in a crazy wold,

    Karen in Cambridge, UK

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