Long dead Laudie-dog lives again?

Background: Laudie-dog died a while back. Shadow-dog saw me bury her.

Yesterday after the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, “Tiny” (he IS Sasquatch) and I had a long discussion about dogs, something like pet dogs, protection dogs, service dogs, bite dogs, drug dogs, IED dogs, cadaver dogs, disease dogs, you know, man’s best friends, you know, Laudie-dog, Shadow-dog…

As we went outside we discovered Laudie-dog apparently redivivus. I’m naming this fiery orange Ridgeback Rhodesian Lion Dog Fire-dog for obvious reasons. Fire-dog was stubbornly lying on a carpet next to the church entrance, directly in front of our vehicles, right in front of the entrance of the social hall, strategically positioned, impossible to miss. This Fire-dog wanted to be noticed, possibly in trouble health wise.

This is the most quiet, most friendly, most humble, most unassuming fire-dog ever. Really sad, that, for the reason that I think this fire-dog was desperate to look cute, to be instant life-long friends with whomever it was that came along. Sorry, but I suspected that there must be some dark history of terrible suffering behind all that.

Tiny provided some treats that he always has on hand in his V.A. provided Jeep, though he has no dog himself, not yet anyway. It didn’t take any coaxing at all to get Fire-dog into the passenger seat of Sassy the Subaru. We went to the Veterinary clinic straightaway. No chips. No tattoos. And no collar, by the way. The one in the picture was picked up at the house, having belonged to Laudie-dog, fitting this Fire-dog perfectly. We then went to the animal shelter to see if they recognized such a creature. Nope. We asked people in town in the know about all the dogs on the streets. No one had seen Fire-dog previously.

The absolute earliest appointment with the vets is March 2nd. I’m thinking Fire-dog might not live until then. And that’s not because Shadow-dog would overpower and kill Fire-dog. No. They were instant lifelong friends. Never seen anything like it. Shadow-dog was entirely calm and respectful of Fire-dog. I think Shadow-dog knew that Fire-dog was terribly sick and that I wanted to do something for this Fire-dog. All good. Stunningly amazing though because of how instantly they were forever friends.

The reason I think Fire-dog may not make it is because of having suffered a possible act of domestic violence or a traffic accident. All the signs are there. Cowering. Nightmares. Timid. Taking, like, over an hour, maybe two hours, to circle about, ad nauseam, before laying down on a carpet for the remainder of the night, after waking up from a nightmare, having awakened by shrieking a shriek to bring down the house. It made Shadow-dog wake up, having him almost go through the ceiling in fright.

Also, this Fire-dog is not eating much. Only a few kibbles that I hand feed one at a time, just to please me. Maybe just shy, maybe sick. But the vets visit is a week out. I remember when Laudie-dog wasn’t eating because of a liver infection that finally took her out.

This was all on Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent, which is to be about friendship with Jesus, spiritual exercises of almsgiving, prayer, fasting, providing for the widow and orphan. Yes. But I also think that being respectful of such creatures as are put in our paths quite literally surely by our guardian angels is consistent with all that which is more exalted, with love of God and neighbor.

As with Laudie-dog, Fire-dog is no rescue dog. I didn’t adopt Fire-dog. Fire-dog adopted me. Just like Laudie-dog. They own me, not vice versa. Shadow-dog is a rescue-dog, but that’s also a badge of honor, right? He’s still that Alpha when it comes to protecting me from attacking pit-bulls and such, and rightly so.

The stats point to this correlation of treatment of animals and humans. Abuse of animals indicates that abuse of human beings has already taken place or is about to take place, the stats climbing towards 100%. And while taking that from the other direction, that respect for animals necessarily means respect for human beings isn’t always true, that respect for animals is nevertheless good training for our fallen human nature to respect human beings. Well, that’s true if there’s just one more thing: humble thanksgiving for Jesus for having taken us deadly seriously, we who were such vicious dogs ripping Him to shreds on Calvary by our sin.

  • “For dogs have compassed me about, the assembly of the wicked have closed me in; they pierced my hands and my feet” (Psalm 22:16).

With Jesus forgiving us, we become instant lifelong, eternal friends with the Son of the Living God. He makes it so. “I call you friends,” He says.

Jesus took us on while we were smacked down by our sins, sick from our sins.

Thank you, Jesus.


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13 responses to “Long dead Laudie-dog lives again?

  1. I will pray for Fire-dog when I go to mass today, Father

  2. Dianns

    Ask St. Francis to intercede for Fire Dog. He has been there to carry my requests to God with great success. I will pray for Fire Dog. Love the name!

  3. Sandra

    All of creation is HOLY, there was no “fall from grace” for the trees, fishes or even dogs. All living creatures have “spirit” (something from St. Thomas Aquinas).
    They do not need to be saved because they are incapable of “sin” As much as some people want to ascribe it to animals, they are incapable of “sin” or even “evil”
    And there is also “angels are SPIRIT creatures” from the Catechism.
    So… this ignorant lay-woman, believes (if the belief directs to God it is good) that our companion animals may sometimes be angels in corporeal disguise. We cannot “name” them (angels) but we can “know them” and their actions in our lives.
    Paraphrasing Hebrews 13:2; Be kind to all strangers, people and animals, we sometimes entertain angels unaware.
    In my heart, if “Fire-dog” isn’t “Laudie-dog” (in some way), then “Fire-dog” was told by “Laudie” that you are a good person who will care.

  4. Mildred Reyes

    I’m agreeing your guardian Angel may have arranged this new friend. Thanks again for the bringing together our natural and supernatural lives. AMDG
    Sent from my iPad

  5. catherine

    I too will pray for Fire-dog Father George. I am glad Fire-dog is in your care.

  6. Nan

    Fire-Dog was waiting for you, clearly. Isn’t there an emergency vet in the area?
    If you’re right about the end being near, Fire-dog came to you for care and comfort in the last days, knowing you’d provide.

    • Father George David Byers

      Down in Georgia. We’re in a medical desert with lots of tiny hospitals not qualified to do anything. We get air flighted. Anyway, the vet moved the appointment sooner.

      • Nan

        Good! Fire-Dog can get the necessary diagnosis and treatment and you have a better idea of how long you’ll have your new friend who Laudie must’ve led to you for care

  7. Gina Nakagawa

    According to the Asian Zodiac, I am a “fire dog.” Of course, I will pray for your new friend. If it is any encouragement, Father, we have a dog that was an escapee from a puppy mill. She was just tossed out in the streets in the Bronx and was in a New York City kill “shelter.” When we first got her, she had terrible nightmares and would wake up screaming. She would be completely confused about where she was and needed time to calm down before she went back to sleep. She has been with us for four years now and imagines herself to be the empress of the house. I hope it the same for your new friend. God bless you and your kindness.

  8. I hope Fire-dog survives. I will ask At. Francis of Assisi to oversee Fire-dog’s health. Please keep us posted.

  9. Joisy Goil

    I am going to the Stations of the Cross at noon. I will pray for Fire-Dog too.

  10. sanfelipe007

    What a great photo! A new companion for Shadow-dog. Now he is atop the totem pole.

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