Just guessin’: whole lotta hurt

I saw this guy the other week on the highway right next to the bulldogs high school in Murphy.

Hmm… something’s going on here… Can you spot it?

See the reverse dashcam attached to the back of the passenger headrest?

Just guessin’ and excuse me if I guess. But I mean, this is all publicly presented, right? All just a guess.

So, just guessin’, then, that this guy’s brother or best friend was killed by local druggies in whatever manner and that this guy has already expressed his disappointment to them, and that they then made a terroristic threat against him. Did they say “We’re going to kill you too”? And then send some bullets in his direction, and then started chasing after him? Just guessin’.

So, now he’s got his dashcam, front and back, to demonstrate any potential initiation of deadly aggression by the meth dealers, is that right? Good for him, if that’s the case. But I’m not sure that the “Shoot your local meth dealer” sticker is going to go down well as a defense in court for part of the circumstances during a self-defense incident. And I’d worry for the narcotics detectives who are baiting people about drugs in whatever way as they might have someone nudged by such a sticker to also do an extrajudicial shooting against them. Kind of defeats the purpose, right? Poor cops.

Also, this kind of thing is as likely bogus as it might be sincere. There’s a clan back near the ol’ hermitage that would hang up a rebel flag so as to look tough. And, on that road, it would in fact signal that any black guy would be shot on sight. But the reality of it was that those guys, Scots Irish, super rich, owning a zillion acres, were druggies on a national level, and had, right there, made a pact with both the Crypts and the Bloods. Get it? A little subterfuge sometimes takes place.

Just a bit of friendly advice for this local guy, upset as he is about whatever horrible suffering that has gone on. That sticker doesn’t do anyone any good. Think of another one. How about… [any suggestions for the comments box? … ]

Look, buddy: I wish you the best. Prayers for you and whoever was hurt, man. Blessings upon you.

I’ve tried to do something about the drug culture which nevertheless proceeds with impunity. It’s sooo frustrating. One drug detective, a really upstanding guy, told me about a another guy who tried to do something about the drug culture and that guy ended up getting his head blown off by a pillar amongst politicians in North Carolina, all with impunity, of course, because, you know.

What this boils down to is the judges who let druggies back on the streets so fast that they are dealing even before the officers get back to from the jail. Sooo frustrating…


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5 responses to “Just guessin’: whole lotta hurt

  1. sanfelipe007

    The love of money is the root of all evil. Alms-giving is good start, but the practice of poverty is better, because the poor old woman gave from her need while the rich gave from their surplus.

    One is not like the other.

    • Father George David Byers

      Ratzinger had it that they liberation theologians had it all wrong with all their money and violence and verbosity. He said that if you want to be missionary, be poor yourself. Good call, sanfelipe007. Mother Teresa is a good example. And Jesus.

  2. Aussie Mum

    I hope he decides to take down the signs along the back but leaves the cameras in place, has his vehicle blessed by a Catholic priest, keeps a blessed St Benedict Medal on his person (see link below), and gets himself a good dog or two to ride with him.

  3. sanfelipe007

    My Father, God rest his soul, was ordained a Deacon late in his life. His Crucifix on his Rosary had embedded in it, such a medallion, making it a St. Benedict crucifix. One such crucifix hangs in my bedroom.
    My Parish priest recognized it as such immediately – he was authorized by our Bishop to be an Exorcist. I imagine Father George has one, but what do I know of such things? Nothing.

    • Aussie Mum

      I am glad you have a St Benedict Crucifix, 007, and thought that Father and many readers here would know about the medal but added the link in case there was someone who might not. I was late discovering it. Sometimes I think God has granted me a long life because I am slow to learn the things I need to and therefore need the extra years. I was in my 50s before I read about the St Benedict Medal and decided I would buy one and have it blessed if I should one day come across the particular religious order of priests that my reading specified was necessary. However, that specification was changed so that all priests can give the blessing particular to that medal now but I did not know that and years went by. When I was in my 60s a priest was visiting. I told him my Brown Scapular cord was broken and after so many re-ties was now beyond repair. He kindly gave me his scapula and explained a St Benedict Medal was incorporated into the tiny crucifix he had attached on one panel. I was thrilled! But there was more. I had lost my Miraculous Medal when moving and felt bereft without it. Father then showed me the other medal sewn onto the other panel of the Brown Scapula he was giving me – it was a tiny Miraculous Medal. It is quite amazing how things happen sometimes.

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