Gangs of dogs. Fire-dog update.

All of a sudden there are gangs of dogs in the entire region here in Western North Carolina. These three, pictured above, include a couple that are run of the mill pets. But there are also beautiful dogs in such or gangs, such as that young puppy Husky-Wolf combo (see the widely placed, very short ears, along with the enormous puppy paws). Such gangs of dogs are new to the area. No collars.

  • Are they just being dumped by animal shelters, even from out of state, kill or no-kill, which simply don’t have the funds any more to deal with the dogs?
  • I mean, are people just dumping their dogs because of the high price of dog-food? And so there are way too many dogs for the animal shelters to deal with?
  • Did dog-fight idiots die, or were they arrested, with the result that all the bait-dogs were let go to fend for themselves? They were all pets previously.
  • Are children trafficked from the border being cage-fought (a thing around here), you know, to the death, just like the dogs. There’s a super-abundance of kids being trafficked. That changes everything. Cage-fought kids bring in higher spending gamblers more than just dogs. And the kids can be trafficked for porn and sex as well. So, ditch the dogs, right?

Meanwhile, Fire-dog seems to have a developing history of how he came to the church doors with no one ever having seen him previously. The night before Fire-dog was seen for the first time up at church a neighbor to the church spoke of a car in the upper-parking lot, and a car door slamming. That was Fire-dog being dumped and abandoned. I’m guessing that was to save the life of that dog, as Fire-dog was obviously abused terribly.

And, I mean, thanks for the compliment, you know, that that Catholic priest up there seems to like dogs a lot, and had a dog just like that, and maybe he’ll take care of this dog… blah blah blah…

But I can’t take care of all the dogs people are dumping all of a sudden…

I’d just like to note, however, that there might be an opposite and more far reaching effect that no one likes to think about when it comes to an overabundance of dogs. The dog-fighting idiots might start up again.

And there’s always a next step, as there is always bigger money. If dog-fighting for betting starts up again, you gotta know that cage-fighting whatever kids will start up again. And that’s a lot easier now.


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4 responses to “Gangs of dogs. Fire-dog update.

  1. Dianna

    Here in Texas these savage dog fights are always on the news. They close one down and another pops up. Also those cock fights. So awful and sinful. Seems too, lots of migrants run them and make good cash. Its beyond belief. I just pray and donate money. God bless you Father.

  2. Gina Nakagawa

    May God have mercy upon us, for we know what we do.

  3. Aussie Mum

    I have heard of the trafficking of women and children but have never encountered it in the places I have lived. And I have never before heard of children being caged and used like dogs or birds to fight each other. It is so horrifyingly evil. Those poor children.
    Your neighbours must worry for the safety of their families. I hope every Catholic home and business in your area has approached you to have their homes, vehicles and business premises blessed. Even non-Catholics might for I think many realise, at least intuitively, that Catholic priests have the power to exorcise and bless which their ministers do not have.
    I think perpetual Adoration would be a great help but I suppose the parish is not large enough to fill all the hours. I have read that when perpetual Adoration has been implemented in places troubled by a high crime rate, that rate has dropped significantly.
    Perhaps some of those stray dogs are literally a God-send. Might some, provided they have not succumbed to viciousness because of abuse, find homes in the neighbourhood and be retrained as guard dogs for the residents. Perhaps the local __ (your equivalent of our shire councils here) or police could provide dog training sessions in a local park for any members of the community who would like to attend with their dogs.
    The “Husky-Wolf combo” pictured above reminds me of our big dog who died a few years ago. His mother was a Siberian Husky, his father unknown, but their son who became our dog was the size and had the look of an Alaskan Malamute with more than a touch of German Shepherd thrown in. He had huge paws as a pup, was tremendously strong, and could be both amazingly gentle and yet aggressively protective when the need arose.

    • sanfelipe007

      What wonderful suggestions concerning the dogs -moreso Adoration, Mum. Lemons into lemonade. Should all the canines “adopt” the locals, what a charming story a “day the dogs arrived” would this make!

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