Same-sex sex blessed by German “Catholic” synodal laity, synodal priests, synodal bishops

Do you see that bit of red in the circle-graph up on the screen? Those are the votes against blessings of mortal sin, that is, almost no one voted against mortal sin. All the rest of the votes are in favor of same-sex sex blessings and blessings for the divorced and “remarried” with no declaration of nullity and, effectively, blessings for whatever sin ever. This is to say that there is no sin, and therefore no redemption from sin, and therefore no salvation because there is nothing to be saved from. This is an attack on Jesus. It is to say Jesus is not divine, that Sacred Revelation is a lie, that we’re on our own. It’s to hate God, hate neighbor, hate oneself. What could go wrong? How violent could society become? See Romans chapter 1, all the way to the end, right into hell.

Is the faith democratic, therefore a lie? The method of synodality is itself heresy. We cannot reject the Living Truth of God to create “our own” truth, for “our own” truth apart from the Living Truth of God is UNtruth. A purposed lie is most violent: if sex isn’t for life in marriage it is immediately utilized for death. See Romans chapter 1, all the way to the end, right into hell.

  • Genesis 19:4-5 — “All the men from every part of the city of Sodom—both young and old—surrounded the house. They called to Lot, ‘Where are the men who came to you tonight? Bring them out to us so that we can have sex with them.'”

The image of God is male/female/marriage/family, with the two becoming one not because any mere orgasm but one in their child, in whom, before God, they rejoice. That child is the least of the brethren, in the most dangerous place in the world, in the womb, the image of Jesus, who was in the womb for nine months. To vote for same-sex sex, or divorce and “remarriage” with no declaration of nullity is to attack the image of God, to attack God, to attack souls so as to bring them to hell. Is this not most malicious?

So, what will Pope Francis do about this? Most probably he’ll make some ambiguous statement, as always, you know, in great disappointment for not having waited, for having jumped the queue, for taking credit for change when – Hey! – Rome was going to lead the way. As we wait for his response, take a look at his defending those “in the devil’s gang” as he himself says:

And then Pope Francis is going to continue to penalize, persecute, mock and deride those “backwardists” who assist at the Traditional Holy Sacrifice of the Mass because, besides defending mortal sin with the devil, the most important thing ever is to attack Jesus whilst He hangs on the Cross for our Redemption and, please God, our salvation.

These people, seems to me, want to go to hell. Let them go. It’s too sad. But you stay in the Church. Say a prayer for their conversion. Say another prayer in thanksgiving for having been forgiven of sin that would bring you to hell, original sin and whatever personal sin. Say another prayer for final perseverance, that you might make it to heaven. Hail Mary… x3.

You think you’re entitled to leave (so as to sin, no doubt) because some filthy people chose to leave the Church? Compare yourself to Mary, who remained with Jesus in His Church, at the Cross, while Peter, the first Pope, denied Jesus, while Judas betrayed Jesus and committed suicide, while the apostles all fled Calvary. You suffered more than her? Nope. Stay with her. Be with John who came back. Jesus will see you there with His Mother. You’ll be with Jesus in paradise.

By the way, whatever “power” these likely-possessed-people think they have, they only speak for themselves. They are merely an auditorium of people, not the tens of millions of Catholics in Germany. The synod on synodality was always merely about bullying an already scripted outcome. If you start with the mortal sin of telling God the truth about the Living Truth He is, you’ll end where you started, in mortal sin. That’s surely very many laity, priests and bishops, but not all. If they declare themselves to be a new protestant church, that doesn’t mean that pious Catholics are protestants, it just means that they’ve been betrayed and now have a great opportunity to stand with Jesus in His trials. And I thank those who do stand with Jesus. They hold up the whole Church.

By the way, those few who voted against this? That’s just subterfuge, covering for the great lie, lending credibility to the system of shaking one’s fist at God: “We can vote about whether truth is truth or lies are truth, because we’re us and God is nothing.” That’s also heresy and, objectively, mortal sin.

Meanwhile, I hope the kids see through all the blah blah and continue to believe in Jesus and follow Him unreservedly. Let’s see, that’s 658 million views, 4.9 million likes and zero dislikes:

I love that. I just love that. Please share.


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10 responses to “Same-sex sex blessed by German “Catholic” synodal laity, synodal priests, synodal bishops

  1. Aussie Mum

    I was looking at Cardinal Sarah’s coat of arms directly before seeing your post Father and the two fit together. You speak of staying faithful to Our Lord by staying with our Immaculate Mother under the Cross; Cardinal Sarah’s coat of arms “says” the same. It is beautiful. I thought others here might like to take a look at it.
    It was a sad day when Pope Francis replaced Cardinal Sarah as Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments with Cardinal Roche who is of a very different mind. But as Cardinal Sarah and yourself remind us, we have everything we need to stay the course.
    With good priests to shepherd us the Church will stand, which brings to mind a hymn I learnt almost 60 years ago at school: “We stand for God and for His Glory, the Lord Supreme and God of all, against his foes we raise His Standard, about the Cross we hear his call, …” It is a rousing hymn and I have always liked it but have not heard it for a very long time.

  2. Gina Nakagawa

    …But yet the Son of Man, when he cometh, shall he find, think you, faith on earth? (Luke 18:8) D-R

    • sanfelipe007

      From synod to “synodal.” This is why we cannot* have “nice” things…

      With faithful, trembling, priests like Father George who will get out of Christ’s way, Gina, I say yes. Let’s keep praying for our faithful, sinful, and unprofitable priests that they may persevere in doing what they are supposed to do and nothing else, because they are “high-value” targets of the adversary – when one goes astray many more are drawn as well.

      * read: should not

  3. sanfelipe007

    Wolves in sheep’s clothing everywhere, but the Lord knows His sheep and they know Him. Thanks be to God.

  4. sanfelipe007

    A touch of levity:
    Father George: Almsgiving is highly profitable – especially now.
    RCIA student: Why?
    Father George: Because it’s Lent!
    RCIA student: Lent? To whom, and for how long?

  5. sanfelipe007

    There’s your next Lenten Homily, Father!

    • Father George David Byers

      So, you’re baiting me to put up my last homily are you? It was like half an hour.

  6. Cuady

    The German Bishops wouldn’t dare to ask a vote on – whether the Church Tax amount is to be mandatorily imposed on every German Catholic OR the Church should depend on voluntary contributions as done in many parts of the world.

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