“F***! Bro! F***! There are cameras behind us!” When SWAT realizes attempted extrajudicial execution[?] was filmed.

This was minutes from where I also go on Communion calls every Sunday. I’ve met some of those involved.

From 0:00 to 1:11 you see the flashlighted Throwbot-esque two-wheeled law enforcement remote controlled robot moving about on the floor investigating what’s going on in the house. The guy running this robot outside is seeing live footage of the guy waking up, picking up the robot, and going to the door with the robot. That’s what’s in his hands. He helpfully, sincerely just wants to know what’s going on.

When you put a flashlighted robot into some guy’s house you have to know that he is going to pick it up if not shoot it and bring it to the door in his hands. You can’t be thinking automatically that the person has a gun in his hands if he comes to the door with the robot in his hands, especially when you’re watching live footage from the robot, right? Or is that the defense that will be given, that the robot guy outside didn’t tell anyone what he was seeing?

Here’s the attempted execution: 1:12 to 1:18. He’s got both hands high up, for seconds. She’s got both her hands high up, for seconds. She’s obviously not a “hostage”. He’s obviously holding their flashlighted Throwbot. With their hands up a barrage of bullets is fired.

Then you’ll see documentation blaming the guy who was baited to be executed. All those involved saw that press release. Did any of them say anything, like – Hey! That’s a lie! -perhaps telling that, you know, to the NC-SBI? That may come out later. It’s interesting that the attorney for the LEOs immediately resigned.

5:08-5:12 you hear F-bombs from the LEOs about their realization that there are surveillance cameras in the trailer. It’s interesting that we don’t hear such dismay just after they shot him. It’s only when they realize they’ve been caught out. Is that right?

The guy survived. He’s the one who provided the footage from his own surveillance cameras. I wonder if the bodycam footage has been released, like, all of it, from all angles, from everyone.

It seems these guys, legit law enforcement officers, are acting like vigilantes, you know, for pay. They’re going to get the job done regardless of the law, regardless of justice. Is that right?

Note to law enforcement: the purpose of training isn’t about how good you can shoot or shooting up “kill houses” at the training center, or knowing how to order good equipment with all the dip and VELCRO®. No. I mean, I’m probably a better shot than many if not most of you. That’s not the point. Instead, it’s about how to appraise 911 calls in this kind of situation, knowing that there’s a possibility of SWATTING. It’s about how to control, that is, use your adrenaline. TRAINING IS MORE ABOUT HOW NOT TO SHOOT THAN IT IS ABOUT HOW TO SHOOT.

Training is about what to expect that someone is going to do when you put a flashlighted Throwbot in his house and it’s moving around and filming: he’s going to get it out of his house. You know he’s going to open the door and bring it out, right? So when he opens the door to bring it out and ask what it is you’re doing, you’re trained up NOT to open fire on him. Right? You did do THAT training didn’t you? If you didn’t, that’s like, criminal on the part of the instructor. That’s the most important part of the training.

But the purposed cover up by the higher ups for all of this after they all saw the footage above and so much more… just… wow…

This is corruption at its absolute worst.

Here’s the deal: people are going to think that when they see a flashlighted robot moving around their houses at night, it’s likely from a SWAT team who is going to do up an extra-judicial execution on you within seconds. And some of these robots can now shoot bullets. I mean, is someone going to shoot at robot first and ask questions later, except they won’t be able to ask questions later because with shots fired all hell would break out. But that’s known, right? That’s exactly the kind of escalation that gets civilians killed, that gets officers killed. This whole thing is wrong, just baiting everyone to get killed. This is not smart law enforcement.

So, I have a solution with which everyone can calm down about. How about all those involved in this seemingly purposed execution resign, including any “trainers”, all of them, from the lowest to the highest? And then have a televised trial. Let’s have another election. Let’s get some new officers, you know, with no “Training Day” crap going on. Any of that should be a felony with severe penalties.

  • “But Father George! Father George! Weren’t you at least at one time a law enforcement chaplain? Shouldn’t you be defending law enforcement?”

Yes and yes. But sometimes encouragement is provided with tough love, right? Telling the truth regardless of the cost, right? You know I do that for those in the Church. Shouldn’t I do that for those in the State?

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