Quo primum like you’ve never heard it presented


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4 responses to “Quo primum like you’ve never heard it presented

  1. Since Pope St. Pius V made his decree about the Tridentine Mass and the Roman Missal in perpetuity, how did Vatican Council 2 get away with not obeying this and with not being faithful to sacred Tradition and to the oath all of them presumably had taken to uphold it? How did they get away with substituting and eliminating what had been considered part and parcel of the mass up till then, and that went back to ancient times? I really would like to know this.

  2. Eve

    May God’s church prevail. Sending Love.

  3. catherine

    Good morning Father George,

    Thank you for putting this video up. It was pretty clear where we all stand with regards to the TLM. More promises and covenants to be broken by mankind? I can see Moses coming down the mountain with the Stone Tablets and beholding God’s chosen people worshipping the golden calf…then the smashing of the Tablets. Its appalling that the Church leaders don’t know what they are doing?

    I am so thankful for the Divine Mercy devotion that He gave to us. God knows how weak and unfaithful we are. Thank goodness we have a merciful God but how much longer will He put up with these betrayals?

    God bless you Father George and all here,


  4. anneshorn

    WOW! Great video! Seems as though those who fight against the TLM are committing grave sin, according to the Decree. This is SERIOUS!

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