TLM news 3 April 2023: Holy See Bulletin? Email?

It’s 6:50 EST-USA and 12:50 PM Rome, Italy.

Nothing new in the Holy See Daily Bulletin.

Nothing new in the Diocesan email.

Mind you, Traditionis custodes was literally sent out by email from the Holy See to the Apostolic Nuncios to the bishops to the priests, a process of quite a number of hours so that all the middle-men could write cover letters in their own “style.”

So, we might see something by late evening. 3 April 2023 is the standing best hypothesis for the publication of an Apostolic Constitution putting the TLM to death since this was the date of the attempted abrogation of the TLM by Paul VI and also his attempted promulgation of the New Order of Mass.


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2 responses to “TLM news 3 April 2023: Holy See Bulletin? Email?

  1. nancy v

    Any word yet? At the Cathedral in our diocese, the 1st Sunday Mass TLM at 4:30 was a low Mass and the dear priest offering the Holy Mass made an announcement beforehand that there would be no homily because of the “long Gospel”. My heart immediately felt heavy because I know this priest has no lack of words and that maybe he knew something we didn’t and didn’t want to break down or “accidently” reveal something he already knew? sigh…
    FATHER, FORGIVE THEM, for they know not what they do.

  2. Gina Nakagawa

    Christus Vincit! We must remember that and always stand firm and prayerful.

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