A.I. voice cloning: 3 seconds 100%. You’re so dead.

  • Do you answer unknown phone numbers?
    • Let whoever leave a message.
  • For messages, do you have a generic machine voice or a personal intro?
    • Use the default mechanical voice.

The other day, a random mom answered a random unknown call from a phone number she didn’t know and the guy asked for a ransom for her daughter whom she heard in the background with distressed voice, asking her mom for help, crying… exactly with her daughter’s voice, exactly with her daughter’s inflection, even under distress, exactly… But all of it was fake, just a scam looking for money.

Good thing someone was with the mom and called the daughter in real time, and she was fine. Whew! But wait… What? That’s really creepy. It could happen to anyone, anywhere, anytime, day or night… It’s just too easy.

All the scammer needed to do is get a three second sample of the daughter’s voice and then have A.I. create a pre-scripted scenario with that voice, with all inflections for stress – even for crying under duress – automatically edited in by A.I. Easy peasy.

Imagine the scams… all the fake sound-bites used for political commercials during whatever election cycle… fake sound-bites used for your being trounced by the guy who wants your job… or used as in this example for ransoms for fake kidnappings… or used for statements of citizens of these USA in prison in enemy countries, having those prisoners “say” that they are now defectors… or used for parody of those you want to use against a class of people, dividing them and conquering them by way of defamation and slander of their leaders… all fake…

But this is a distraction, you know, the kidnapper guy and the fake voice of the daughter asking her mom to pay the ransom. I mean, that did happen and that guy deserves to rot in prison, and that family surely suffers deep trauma, but this is a distraction.

Let’s ask the further question: can certain bureaus of certain administrations of certain governments use A.I.-voicing to have political enemies removed, you know, cleanly? No piled up dead bodies as we’ve seen with some political families through the decades. Too messy, that. This is quick and easy. A clean hit, as the mafia would say.

Let’s ask the further question: can this be used to quickly and easily turns societies in on themselves and destroy themselves from within? Sounds like something the CCP would want to create and use against these USA. Oh, sorry, I already said that.


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3 responses to “A.I. voice cloning: 3 seconds 100%. You’re so dead.

  1. nancyv

    No doubt…..grrrrr. My dumb phone has a recorded message for missed calls: “This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it!”
    On another note, I was grocery shopping (senior Thursday at HT) and came out to find a book on my windshield, called ‘The Great Controversy – Will Two Former Rivals unite?’ has a picture of DC capitol and Vatican. hmmm – must be the stickers of
    Sacred Heart,
    Pray the Rosary,
    40 Days for Life,
    Your Christian ancestors were Catholic so come home,
    Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you – God.
    that are on my car (along with a bunch of random dinosaur stickers placed by grandsons)

    I looked around and there were no other cars with books on windshields. I would have liked to talk to them to remind them of what Fulton Sheen said about not 100 people really hate the Catholic Church, but thousands hate what they think they know (or something like that)
    Carry on Father George David Byers!

  2. sanfelipe007

    I recall a much older post of yours, Father, where you covered software used to simulate faces and facial movements. For me, the point isn’t just to target a well-known figure, but to cause chaos and division to wound trust. I think I Saint Faustina reported the BVM saying (I paraphrase) “Trust is the vessel used to draw from the well of divine mercy.”

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