Hunting Sex Traffickers. Glenn Devitt’s Sentinel Foundation.

I’m sure you’ll be totally deaf to the language in the video above. Sometimes certain vocabulary is needed because of what’s presented.

When I listened to this video making breakfast for myself and feeding Shadow-dog and Laudy-dog, and doing up other and sundry multi-tasking, and then repeatedly went through the video, again and again, for another week… a horrific darkness, demonic even – to speak the truth of the evil presented – weighed me down, crushing, really. Sooo… dark…

We’ve all seen it before… in the wounds of Christ Jesus… Only the weight of the glory of His wounds crushes the darkness that would otherwise drag us down. It’s to be personal, very personal. With Jesus, everything is possible.

Seen on our church door, a statement about feeling at home, and about saying Thank You to Jesus. There’s a story in the video about hand-prints of the rescued.

I mentioned to Father Gordon that I’m thinking about doing some logistics to help this crowd, and his immediate reaction was: “Just don’t shoot anybody, Father George; that’s for others, for the police!”

That made me laugh out loud. If you dare listen to that video, he will early on recount the reaction of other Tier 1 operators when he, Glen Devitt, asked them to help out. They instantly asked in return: “Can we shoot them?” The answer was no, that they had to stay within the parameters of being on this side of the law, but that the law enforcement officers who would be assisting with arrests would be quite capable.

UPDATE: So, I mentioned the Sentinel Foundation to an Intel guy of 28 years (Central America). The first thing he asked was how operators could somehow not pull the trigger. And so it went with others. Yep. Meanwhile, Monica’s comment in the combox has me thinking…


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4 responses to “Hunting Sex Traffickers. Glenn Devitt’s Sentinel Foundation.

  1. sanfelipe007

    I don’t dare. I’m content to pray for you, Father.

  2. catherine

    Dear Father George,

    Venturing on the side of caution, I too will pass on your dare to view the hunt involving that demonic depravity. I am one of those people that believes in the devil and I don’t want to tangle with it, if I don’t have to. I join 007 and will pray for you, beginning with the Most Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, save us and the whole world, Hail Mary and closing with prayers of help from Saint Michael, The Archangel.

    Its really nice to see you back…God bless you Father George!


  3. Aussie Mum

    Father, I am of the same mind and intention as Catherine and Sanfelipe007.

    For me, what you have written brings to mind the prophesied three days of darkness. I imagine it will be “a horrific darkness, demonic,” weighing every person in the world down something like you experienced watching the video, “crushing … dark…,” unbearable if not for Our Lord’s love which is its antithesis and will obliterate it.

    I hope to read more on your series on the Apocalypse soon.

  4. Monica Harris

    I think it is wonderful that Glenn Devitt has found his Vocation! God bless him and his helpers, they need Him very much.

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