Flowers for the Immaculate Conception (O Canada, edition)

Canada, the tree-huggers to the north, in always greater efforts to be communist and woke, have changed out the crown topping off their coat of arms so as to remove crosses and fleur-de-lys and replace them with maple leaves and a [tender] snowflake.

Fail. This is as much of a fail as to replace BC (Before Christ) with BCE (Before the Common Era). The Common Era is only Common, or Catholic (Universal), because of Jesus. :-)

In the case of this crown, the maple leaves can represent patriotism, which is a Christian virtue to be sure, while the snowflake looks to be for any reconstruction, intents and purposes to be a fleur-de-lys, a lily, seen from the top. Moreover, this particular one, with a jewel in the middle, a seventh point of perfection and fulfillment of the six pointed Star of David, refers specifically to Christ Jesus our Lord, Son of David, Divine Son of the Immaculate Conception. :-)


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3 responses to “Flowers for the Immaculate Conception (O Canada, edition)

  1. catherine

    Dear Father George,
    There are a lot of changes being made to the symbolisms that are supposed to reflect our institutions, etc in these woke times. It very disconcerting.
    I pray that the Holy Spirit will give me discernment so that I am not inadvertently introducing evil entities into my life. I like the interpretation you gave in the last paragraph. That was good. Thank you Father George…God bless you!!

  2. sanfelipe007

    Quite right, Father. Jesus’ birth was so important, that time was cut in half. Everything before Our Lord’s birth, and everything after.

  3. Aussie Mum

    Such a striking difference between the coat of arms of Galicia, an autonomous community of Spain (see link following), and that of Canada.
    Note the cross atop an orb representing Christ as ruler of our world; hence a Christian world. The Canadian government by removing the cross seem to be saying that they do not want a Christian world but an anti-Christian one: a world without Christ and His Church.
    Note also the fleur-de-lys on the Galicia coat of arms and the most telling of all, the host above the chalice surrounded by 7 crosses. Galicia’s Christian identity – its Catholic identity – could not be clearer.

    Galicia is part of Spain, and Spain together with Portugal is part of the Iberian Peninsula. That peninsula’s history is very interesting. The Church was planted there in the Apostolic Age and was the mission field of St James the Greater (Santiago), the 1st Apostle martyred (Jerusalem AD 44). It was the site of the 1st Marian apparition (Our Lady of the Pillar, Caesar-Augusta / Zaragoza, Spain, c. AD 40), and that of Our Lady of Fatima (Portugal, AD 1917, singling the end of Modern [prelude to Apocalyptic?] Times), and its missionaries instrumental in carrying the Faith to the Americas with another Marian response: Our Lady of Guadalupe (Mexico, AD 1531, singling the beginning of Modern [prelude to Apocalyptic?] Times). Additionally, Lucia of Fatima received a vision of the Blessed Trinity, the Blessed Eucharist, and Our Lady under the Cross at Galicia (Tuy, on the Spanish-Portuguese border, AD 1929).

    Our Lady of Fatima said: “In Portugal, the dogma of the Faith will always be preserved”. The Iberian Peninsula seems to be a beacon of Faith in a world where Faith is failing. Once predominantly Christian countries, like Canada, are repudiating Christ as out-of-date and no longer suitable for their “progressive” nation. Even Vatican City under Pope Francis is wavering and Germany is in a terrible state. Canada proudly boasts its religious pluralism as did Obama of the USA and the Christian roots of my own nation (Australia) are also being cast off.

    Thank God for the Immaculate Conception. Her Immaculate Heart has already triumphed but the world in its rush to repudiate her divine Son has not recognised that yet. It will. And then the whole world will acclaim that triumph, and coats of arms like Galicia’s but not Canada’s will be the norm.

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