Homilies: Oops! Did I just say that?

I’ve been hesitating to put up my homilies because it seems there is always something in them – I just can’t help it – which will incriminate me in the eyes of certain ecclesiastics as to how bad and evil I am at least in their eyes. Thus, I might mention a certain Pope or Cardinal or Bishop somewhere in the world by name and (arch)diocese, perhaps not in a good light, you know, so as to offer a reprimand to their so publicly misleading souls, and then, because of that, I think better of putting the homily up lest I be cancelled altogether. I gotta be available for Confession and for Last Rites for people, right? Perhaps that’s wrong of me. There’s being as clever as serpents, but there’s also something about burying talents and going to hell for that.

And it’s all incrementally getting worse. I might, analogously, mag-dump, or rant, in my homilies. Whenever I do this I’m guessing I’m nevertheless a good shot, such as with the 16 shots (one in the chamber) into the dime-sized target above (six years ago already). Some are a little bit astray. And while I might think that that’s good enough, the best of the best of the best told me that, no, I would never have been a candidate to be a Tier 1 operator with that kind of rubbish going on. He said that those who are merely good shots are dismissed forthwith; you have to be a gifted shooter just to start out. The gifted guy would be turning somersaults while pulling the trigger as fast as he could and there would only be one bullet hole in the center of that little green target, all bullets going through the same hole, but in reality only needing one shot, one that would instantly end the threat. All of them are gifted shooters. I’m not that. Not with my Glock, not with my preaching.

But does that stop me? No sir-eee! Off and running. That’s me. Sorry.

This homily might be rather a bit more hard-hitting than usual. I’m a lost soul. My parishioners only encourage this kind of misbehavior. What to do? No prisoners taken. This was May 8 2023, a couple of days ago.

Perhaps someone will charitably tell me where I’ve missed the mark either in truth or in charity.


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4 responses to “Homilies: Oops! Did I just say that?

  1. LizF

    I haven’t listened yet…one of the littles is practicing piano, but this morning in a homily I heard that the sisters that went and helped St. Damien Molokai were told by their superior that if they kept their vows and stayed in a state of grace that they would never get leprosy and they never did. I want you to be able to help give Last Rites, confessions etc. too, Father, and I suppose you have to be prudent about such things, but it is amazing what God can accomplish through those who love Him. And I’ve always thought you had a wonderful guardian angel.

  2. sanfelipe007

    Fantastic Homily, Father. Thanks be to God that I finally do understand “wanting to keep the commandments” and actually love keeping the commandments, because I clearly can’t do it on my own. So when I finally made it through a day, keeping all the Commandments, realizing that it was God’s grace that made it possible – what a cause for joy. I am loved! And I am on my way…

    I can rejoice that the former mortal sins with which I struggled and to which temptation I would repeatedly fall, is finally staying off my list in Confession.

    There is the caricature, popular with sinners who are inured to sin, that depicts the pious as fools who agonize over things such as “stepping on a bug.” But the Truth is much more startling. Just as Father Brown’s secret was truly understanding the mind of a murderer – A soul drawing closer to the Lord has a greater understanding of the immensity of their error and how “it”* served as the foundation of every sin they committed.

    *”It,” to paraphrase Saint Bernadette of Lourdes is “one’s love of sin over God.” Yikes!

  3. nancy v

    whew doggies! (and I heard them in the background around the 11″ mark) Preach it Father! I was an apostate Catholic until listening to this. Thank you.

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