Amazon hacker profiling

The blog “hits” above come in one after the other only after the “hits” below from “Amazon” in “Singapore” temporarily stopped. No fluke, as it happens regularly. Amazon sells server space.

Years and years ago, in just one purchase, for instance, the CIA acquired use of 300,000,000.00 worth of server space in northeast Virginia. By now, that’s been hyperbolically multiplied.

Anyone can get server space with wild ip addresses and any “location” that you may wish to assign, such as “Singapore.”

There are many thousands of hits from “Amazon”, and these are not bots, but rather direct human visits, stopping only for sleep. Some are seconds long, some minutes on end. One can profile who this is by way of the special interest that is taken in some posts over others, returning multiple times to certain posts and the emailing of some posts (that appears with the URL) but not others.

What I find odd is that “normal” visits to the blog seem to stop dead when Amazon starts up, and continue when Amazon stops.

I’m no hacker. I barely have bandwidth enough to, at times, post a post. Anyone with more wherewithal than myself who can explain this to me?


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3 responses to “Amazon hacker profiling

  1. Liz

    I don’t know but I said a Hail Mary for you and I will say extra prayers at mass today.

  2. Brian Dunbar

    The hits from Hendersonville, Tennessee are from me, for what it’s worth; that’s where I live, more or less.
    That was an amazing homily last Sunday – very inspiring.

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