DOJ Durham Special Counsel: making it clear?

United States Department of Justice – Office of Special Counsel John H Durham
May 12, 2023

Blah, blah, blah.

Comment: As pundits have noticed, subpoenas were not provided to key players. So, I mean, what’s this really about? Is the purpose just to make it look – in the public perception – that steps are needed to take corrective measures but that – Hey! – such measures have already been taken (as per the immediate response), so… therefore… no worries, such imprecisions in some obscure procedures will never happen again. The public can rest assured in that unknowing perception of theirs that all is good, all is trustworthy, no harm no foul, you know, except subversion and treason. Blame January 6! By the way, where is that FBI agent waving people into the Capital building?

Here’s the very last ever-so-clever sentence of the Durham Report at the bottom of page 306:

  • “Nothing,” former Attorney General Levi warned [in his farewell speech of 1977], “can more weaken the quality of life or more imperil the realization of the goals we all hold dear than our failure to make clear by words and deed that our law is not the instrument of partisan purpose.”

Thus, the most important thing ever is to make clear in the perspective of the public that the DOJ is nice.

And so there are no actual corrective measure taken, just propaganda for the sake of appearances:

  • Tell me, hasn’t the Hunter Biden fiasco proven that nothing has changed but only gotten worse?
  • Tell me, hasn’t the FBI’s claim that all Catholics are terrorists proven that nothing has changed but only gotten worse?

And we’ve seen this elsewhere. For instance, it was taken up by the USCCB in its ever being revised medical ethics policy papers, that is, to the degree that if evil done to achieve good renders the perception that evil is good, then that which would otherwise be considered proximate and formal cooperation in that evil is now morphed to be remote and material cooperation in evil that we will just say is not evil but rather good because that proximate and formal cooperation with evil achieves a good end and so is an evil which is good. So, all good. Let’s take good money from Medicare and Medicaid even though to get our greedy hands on that money we have to do abortions and sterilizations and euthanasia in Catholic hospitals or at least make that entirely possible for patients. Hey, it’s money, so it’s all good. All we have to do is make sure that, in the perception of the public we had to get the money and so had to permit these other things, but that, all in all, it’s all good. Believe it! or we’ll kill you!

Well, God does not see the way man sees. Man judges by appearances. The Lord judges the reality of heart and soul and condemns cynical hypocrites.

Hey! I’m NOT saying that about Durham. I’ll just guess that he did what he could do under Merrick Garland’s regime at the DOJ. What do you expect with all that?

Anyway, just speaking for myself, I don’t trust anyone whose main criterium for judgment on the viability of moral actions is the perception of the public, with no reference at all to that which is in fact good or in fact evil.


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2 responses to “DOJ Durham Special Counsel: making it clear?

  1. sanfelipe007

    This report is what “Some” would like Confession to transition into. Automatic absolution with the penitent neither expressing remorse nor seeking forgiveness, and expecting the Priest to believe that a firm amendment* has already been made. Just a ritual poor in matter and substance – call it a formality.

    Who cares about the body of Christ when, what really matters, is the body politic? I am not jaded, really.

    * That firm amendment being, of course, not to be caught, again, committing an error.

  2. Aussie Mum

    I am reminded of a trend that gained academic support last century: the rejection of objective truth and approval of relative truth – “your truth” and “my truth” as equally valid. The perception of right and wrong thus becomes a political tool and the young are educated not to think anything amiss.

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