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Those are my godparents (RIP) and a priest-friend (RIP) with yours truly getting baptized. That’s the moment I was most perfectly doing the will of God in my entire life; that’s my identity. Of all the times I’ve written about my true identity vs an alternative identity supplied to me by DS or vs my “Shadow”, I’ve not much brought up this picture of who I really am. But our true identities are found in God alone.

This blog is published by Father George David Byers, named a Missionary of Mercy for the Year of Mercy, and confirmed as such in perpetuity, or at least ad nutum Episcopi Sanctae Romanae Ecclesiae.

I’m a Catholic priest, the pastor of what is perhaps the smallest Catholic parish in North America, right in the heart of the Blue Mountains, the Scots-Irish of the Appalachia of Western North Carolina: Holy Redeemer in Andrews and Prince of Peace in Robbinsville, comprising Valley Town Township of Cherokee County, Nantahala township of Macon County, and the entirety of Graham County.

Views are my own. The motive is to discern a just mercy. This is as difficult as looking on Him whom we have all pierced through, men of race and tribe and tongue and people and nation (see Apocalypse).

While I have been expressly invited by the Holy Father, Pope Francis, to be his guest specifically in speaking with parrhesia on any such matter of the faith and what is related to it, this does not imply in any way his agreement or support of my own opinions. Any “authority” on the part of this priest is merely proportionate to the degree with which reasoning is reflective of natural law and divine revelation. Parrhesia involves speaking the truth for the common good even at risk to oneself. Be joyful.

This same disclaimer applies to my priesthood and my place in the hierarchical church. Anything written on this blog has nothing to do with representing the priesthood in general, or this parish, or this diocese, or this Bishop’s Conference, or the Holy See. Get it? It’s just my personal opinion. I hope that’s clear.

© 2015-2021 George David Byers [International] (covering all personally generated text and audio and visual communications on the blog). Remember, truth in all charity, always.