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Ultra-strong natural antibodies? No one cares. “Did you get the jab or not?”

Natural antibodies are six to seven times stronger than artificial “immunity” of “vaccines”. Also, since the beginning, everyone everywhere has been saying that it’s unknown but a likely possibility that the artificial “vaccines” will overreact with some other CCP virus, causing a fever that turns your brain into soup. Then you’re dead.

Yours truly got Covid mild symptoms of a “case” of Covid some seven weeks ago, then pneumonia, because I wouldn’t and will not get Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Moderna, Johnson and Johnson – BioNtech et alia “vaccines” because they are researched and/or developed and/or tested on the living organs ripped from fully developed absolutely healthy babies purpose-removed from women in sterile laboratory conditions or pharmaceutical mega-corporations.

My doctor did three antibody tests on me and I came back – almost impossibly he said – super-strong on all three, even on the one that almost never tests positive since the antibodies have to be freakishly strong. I’m good to go, seven times more so than any dangerous jab could have given me. And — Wait! What? — your question to me is whether or not I got injected and not whether or not I have ultra-strong vaccines, six to seven times stronger than your damnable “vaccines”?

Joe Biden, monster, months ago signed an executive order permitting all such activity of murdering children. And anyway, what do you think Planned Parenthood has been doing all this time in selling baby parts as big-business?

Sure, I’ll get the fake artificial “vaccine”, you know, over my dead body. And no damned government official and certainly no damned bishop on his way very quickly straight to hell is going to make me get any “vaccine” for which babies are being killed not only in recent times but right now.

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Bishops forcing vaccines on priests: Imperative threats from Doug Crosby

Hey! I get it! Bishop Douglas Crosby says “vaccines are not mandatory.” But, let’s take a closer look. It’s not what you think:

  • He says “vaccines are not mandatory at this time“, which means that vaccines will quickly become mandatory as declared by the bishop.
  • “I strongly encourage all clergy… to get the […] vaccines as soon as possible if they have not already done so.” Don’t forget that word, though: “I strongly encourage all clergy […] to get the necessary vaccines.” That word “necessary” means “necessary.” His “at this time” (a promised merely temporary time to learn to sin with him) will necessarily morph to “get it now or else.”
  • He cites Pope Francis’ use of the word “imperative,” which underlines “necessary” and linguistically calls to mind a “command”. Pope Francis has three times actively mandated forced vaccines in Vatican City, on his trip to Iraq, and now on his trip to Slovakia, where he is not exhorting but actually EXTORTING people to get the fake “vaccine” by refusing them entrance to Holy Mass and access to Holy Communion if they cannot prove they have received the “vaccine.” This action that is presented in such fashion is straight out of hell. So, hell no.
  • Bishop Doug also actively extorts his clergy who desire to provide the sacraments for Jesus’ Little Flock. Bishop Doug says that it is “imperative that [priests] get fully vaccinated,” “in order that” (now a mandatory condition) in order to celebrate Mass and the other Sacraments, so that these non-vax priests may [in context read: will] “not be permitted to hospitals and nursing homes” etc. In other words, no Mass, no Confessions, no Last Rites, no Baptisms, and so on.
  • He closes by brow-beating with the words “morally obligated.” Pope Francis did this by having it that those not getting the “vaccines” are tantamount to being murderers in their lack of concern. My question is about concern for the babies murdered for the “vaccines.”

This is all straight out of hell. Here in these USA, Cardinal Cupich is pushing for “vaccines”. It seems no one cares if you have ultra-strong natural antibodies, only that you got the injection. Is this not about viciously and falsely taking the “moral high ground” with Satan, the father of lies and a murderer from the beginning? Is it not about about demonic power, feelings of power. Such feelings will disappear the very nanosecond one enters hell, you know, if they are guilty before God. I cannot judge these bishops. Maybe they are incredibly ignorant, or are not feeling well. What do I know? Nothing. But we can and we much judge what is presented exteriorly by anyone. I judge what is presented exteriorly by these bishops, including the bishop of Rome, as being straight out of hell.

Hail Mary…

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Door to door vaccines? The Green-Shirts are coming. Pfft.

Those wielding misinformation materials and very possibly syringes ready to be drawn look so very professional, you know, just like the druggies in my neighborhood. Look at the scrupulous mask wearing, you know, because this is actually about Covid…. not.

For myself, I’m of the mind of Reagan on this:

Of course, the very next step is forced vaccinations. And I bet the guy they send out will be this guy:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is wp-1609250852037122537604338212627.png

Um…. Um…. I’m likely not going to comply! :-)

I mean, all I would have say with all courtesy and politeness and soft-spoken-ness is “Um… No…” and the dippy compliance officer would run away, execrating his fear, hopefully out on the street.

Here’s LifeSiteNews’ Resource Page on the Covid-19 Vaccines:

UPDATE: Well, well… Now we have the “Green-Shirts” for the door to door intimidation:

The one girl still doesn’t have an issued mask, even for the photo-op. How very haphazard is this entire administration. The guy on the left doesn’t even have a vest, just a green Izod shirt. His I.D. is surely not law-enforcement.

Not intimidating, at least not to me. I won’t be getting any vaccination.

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82% miscarriages from Pfizer & Moderna vaccines

“WALTHAM, Massachusetts, June 30, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — A medical journal discovered that 82% of women who took an mRNA vaccine in the first 20 weeks of pregnancy had a miscarriage — and then it then buried the data. In mid-June the New England Journal of Medicine published a study called “Preliminary Findings of mRNA Covid-19 Vaccine Safety in Pregnant Persons” by Tom T. Shimabukuro and others from the Center of Disease Control’s “v-safe COVID-10 Pregnancy Registry Team.” The team wrote that there were “no obvious safety signals among pregnant [women] who received Covid-19 vaccines” even though it published a table which showed that 82% of women in the study who were injected with either the Pfizer or the Moderna vaccine during early pregnancy lost their babies. More prominent in their study was a claim that only 13.9% of all “completed pregnancies” had ended in miscarriage — but this figure included the women who were not vaccinated until they were in the second half of their pregnancies.”

[For the link and the rest of the scientific article, just google some of this text. I’m still struggling with pneumonia and I put bits and pieces of important articles into draft posts while flat on my back in bed. It is what it is. But just to say, these are not just miscarriages. These are the precise result of killing babies so as to research, develop and test the very vaccines that are causing more death. How very demonic.]


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Bishop Callahan removes Father Altman

Diocesan statement regarding Father James Altman — May 25, 2021 [with my comments]

“Fr. James Altman has recently made public the request from Bishop William Patrick Callahan that he resign his office of pastor of Saint James the Less Parish in the Diocese of La Crosse, Wisconsin, as well as his intent to decline the request. As a result, the Diocese of La Crosse will respond in accordance to the canonical process as needed for the removal of a priest from his office as pastor. [This will take a year or so. I have an idea! Hey Father! Come down to Charlotte Diocese. I think there’s a parish or two opening up mid-July.]

“During the past year, concerns have been expressed related to the ministry of Fr. James Altman, a priest in the Diocese of La Crosse. [“Concerns”? From whom? Marxists in a newspaper looking to sell newspapers, getting their facts wrong?] Bishop Callahan of the Diocese of La Crosse, and canonical representatives have worked to fraternally and privately address those concerns. The process has been pastoral and administrative with a desire toward a just resolution among all parties. [B as in B, S as in S. Explain your comment, Bishop, that Father Altman’s ministry is “ineffective.” Can’t do it, can you? That’s just a catchall throwaway to slit the throat of a believer. You coward.]

“The ministry of pastor was instituted in the Church not for the benefit of the one to whom it is entrusted, but for the pastoral and sacramental care of those for whom it is conferred. The salvation of souls takes precedence over the stability of the pastor in office when these two values come into direct conflict. [And there’s the accusation: The bishop is saying that Father Altman is working for the damnation of souls and couldn’t give a damn about pastoral and sacramental care of his parish family. Pretty brave, there, bishop. You’re playing the part of the Eternal Judge, Christ Jesus, who will come to judge the living and the dead and the world by fire, including you.] Although attempts were made to allow Fr. Altman the opportunity to respond to fraternal correction, a resolution of this situation has been unsuccessful. [Were the actual complaints in Father’s file forwarded to him so that he could make a response? No. UPDATE: But two boxes of items were delivered to him. Great! Father Altman reported that 99% of letters were entirely supportive of him, while 1% were critical, but were not signed, had no return address. Pfft. This seems to have everything to do with the Dems being diametrically opposed to God and the Church on all fronts such that Father Altman correctly stated that one cannot be a Democrat and a Catholic. Father Altman also rightly cautioned people about taking non-approved experimental drugs, and against any forceful measures to forbid the Sacraments to the Jesus’ Little Flock because of Covid. Those are his crimes? Pfft. He’s one of the few witnesses to faith today.]

“It is important to note that this is not a penal remedy but a pastoral remedy. [Removed from office not penal? Penal is not medicinal? This is one truly confused bishop. This is the thinking of a bully.] Bishop Callahan asks for your prayers for Fr. Altman, for the congregation of St. James, and the faithful of the Diocese of La Crosse and beyond. While any change made to the ministry of a pastor is difficult [There seems to be zero intention of possibly letting Father Altman back to the parish as pastor], it is done with the hope that God’s work of justice, reconciliation and healing may be realized in the Body of Christ for a positive outcome.[!]

“The Diocese of La Crosse asks for the consideration of respect, safety and prayers at this time for all involved.” [Hahahahahah! There must be letters and phone calls and messages pouring into the diocese in gentle support of Father Altman. What a bunch of cowards before Father Altman, a gentle but manly soul.]

My thoughts on how this is going. The secular journalists have blood on their hands, are happy that such is the case, and are now encouraged by this to look to their next victim priest for any or no reason whatsoever. They already know that the bishop is their personal sycophant. All priests are now on notice. And that’s the point.

Also, and just to say, no priest I know of has followed so exactly the Covid protocols of his diocese. But that’s not the problem. The problem is that Father Altman is a believer. Imagine that. A priest who is a believer. That’s the crime.

And if other bishops notice this, they will be likewise emboldened to slit the throats of all their priests as well.

Oh, I forgot. There’s not many who are believers.

Pray for vocations who are faithful to Jesus.


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Fr Tim Hirten’s suicide? Is there hope for my friend? We were seminarians together.

(1) Just some peripheral facts about Father Tim’s life:

Tim told me lots of stories in the seminary way back in the 1980s, which he entered after a stint at Franciscan University in Steubenville. He had been of help to his family with a number of food and drink establishments, which he missed terribly, being very much a people-person. And before entering the seminary, despite being an FBI (foreign born Irish), he won three world championships for the ol’ Irish dance. Here’s a sample:

He also played basketball in Europe for three years, another in the Philippines, and then for ten years with the Washington Generals over against the Harlem Globetrotters, covering Curley Neal, the Trotters’ ace dribbler. Super talented guy.

After ordination, Father Tim was in two parishes, one of which sported thirteen Masses on a weekend, all in different languages. There were plenty of priests assigned to that parish. I visited him there when he was just newly ordained. He himself had learned to speak seven languages fluently and many more just less than perfectly fluently.

After those parishes he became an Air Force chaplain, attaining the rank of Major. I’m guessing this picture was taken back in 2018:

Father Tim had been assigned to bases all over the world. Let’s see: Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, South Korea, Saudi Arabia and closer to home at Dover and Sheppard, not to mention Altus Air Force Base in Oklahoma and at Joint Base McGuire Air Force Base in New Jersey. He loved ministering to the young military families.

(2) What my experience was of seminarian Tim and young Father Tim:

We exchanged lots of enthusiasm about the faith, that is, real belief, especially in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. This was way back in the early-mid 1980s and then early-mid 1990s. With the help of his bishop at the time, he ditched the North American College in Rome for another seminary where I was at for the same reason. The NAC at the time time was a cesspool of heresy, anti-Catholic in every way, doctrinally, morally. Those not like that were smashed down, you know, with all sorts of excuses. For instance, he recounted many times, the “policy” of the NAC at the time was to get rid of those seminarians who were held to be rigid and superstitious because they wanted to go to daily Mass. Really. Truly. I have a thousand stories like this. He told me how he would surreptitiously exit the seminary early in the morning so as to attend Mass at one of the zillion churches in Rome or at Saint Peter’s Basilica a stone’s throw away before classes at the Pontifical Universities. And then the seminary where we were at went bad. Somehow, the Lord got us both ordained and only a year apart. So many war stories. So many. The seminarian Tim and then the Father Tim I remember was all about honor and integrity in the midst of so much dishonor and lack of integrity. His one desire was to lead people to Christ Jesus all the more despite all that hell going on back in the day and today.

(3) The suicide?

I only found out about this just now, at the end of May 2021, just yesterday, as it hit me strongly that I should look him up. I haven’t done that since the early-mid 1990s. Googling his name, suicide was the news that greeted me. His death occurred in mid-August, 2020, as a pedestrian outside of Sheppard Air Force Base, at a railroad crossing. The police ruled it a suicide. I don’t know. I wasn’t there. Neither were they. In NYC it’s become a way too frequent thing to throw people in front of moving subway trains. Just saying.

But even if it was a suicide – which, objectively speaking, is a mortal sin that, objectively speaking, will send one to hell – is there not hope for salvation, you know, subjectively speaking? Those who commit suicide are most often in a swirling vortex of confusion and depression. It doesn’t mean that they’ve turned their back on God, just that they were in a terrible swirl of confusion and depression such that they did not have proper use of their faculties. That’s why the Church allows funeral rites for those who have committed suicide, all things being equal.

Mind you, this was in the midst of the most terrible Covid-lockdowns, whereby he was entirely cut off by the military from all ministry. I have not had that experience being where I am, far from such draconian measures coming from whatever direction. Just to say, there are many who took their own lives while suffering horrific lockdowns, from the most diverse backgrounds. We are all fragile. It can happen to anyone. It happened to my friend. And he was a priest, and a good man. And that’s not the first priest friend that has done this. Sigh.

(4) The saint we call Padre Pio:

A woman once ran up to Padre Pio distressed, to say the least, because her husband had just thrown himself off a bridge and was killed. His answer was that she should not worry about his eternal salvation, saying that he turned to the Lord on his way down. I have told this story umpteen times to those in similar distress, saying that we must always have hope, and pray for the repose of the souls of the faithful departed.

Last night I got a call from a good friend who, not knowing any of this, just felt inspired to call me just to talk about Padre Pio. I was thunderstruck. I then told this friend about Father Tim. We recited a Hail Mary for the repose of Father Tim’s soul. Might you join us?

Hail Mary…

(5) Just to say:

It makes zero sense to be so scared of anything whatsoever that priests are ordered from on high to forbid absolutions to be given, to forbid Last Rites to the dying, to cancel the Sacrifice of the Mass. This may end up “cancelling” lives and eternal life. It needs to stop. Really. We’re back to normal here in the Diocese of Charlotte, N.C. The Diocese here was simply careful. We’ve been back to normal in my parish soon after Easter 2020.

Meanwhile, in the midst of grief, I’m still very happy to be a priest, in fact, all the more after this latest news of Father Tim. Jesus stepped into all the hell of this world to grab us and bring us to heaven. And Padre Pio is a favorite. And I have hope that some of us, even some of us priests may be saved.


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Happily ignoring novelty strategies that pretend to boost church attendance after Covid-19 policies ditched

Even FoxNews gets it right: Just be believers, with reverent offering of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, with honest Confessional practice, with integral presentation of doctrine and morality, with no political correctness, with all charity, and attendance at church will be no problem.

Our little parish has been getting the usual mass mailings from companies capitalizing on the Covid-19 lockdown policies, encouraging us to send them money so that they can assist us in getting people back to church. This is called RICO, creating a problem with hysteria and then solving the problem for money. Yeah… well… NO! No to the stupid novelties. What is it with these people? This is mafia-esque. When will they understand that it’s all about Jesus, that He is the One, the Only One.

Here’s the deal: I’ve been castigated for “stealing” parishioners from other parishes both in and out of the State of North Carolina, you know, because of being authentic, because of having made sacraments available to the Little Flock of Jesus, because of having stood by Jesus in His trials. Sure, one or two disagree with Jesus’ availability to souls, but many more agree with this availability of Jesus. They see Jesus’ “authenticity” and rejoice. They desire the Sacraments, even those who have been away for decades of their lifetime. Seeing “authenticity”, they get it. Seeing Jesus’ availability to them, they get it. They are thankful. They know who stood by them in their trials.

Enough of the sycophantic lowest common denominator of the hell of political correctness so as to congratulate oneself on being clever and sophisticated in being up to date in covering one’s backend. Enough of that. Even while Federal, State and local governments drop all mandates and policies, there are those ecclesiastics who insist on kicking people in the face, kicking them away from Jesus. Why?

Jesus is always the One who Is, who Was, and who is to come, the Almighty, the Alpha and the Omega.

Jesus is my “strategy.”

I totally realize that those to whom I’m preaching in this post won’t understand a word of what I’ve said. They rejoice in financial prowess even while denying people the Sacraments. Even worse, those without financial prowess rejoice in their going bankrupt, and they are praised for that, as that demonstrates their effectiveness in being politically correct, that being the most important and hotly desired result. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were those with financial prowess who purposely brought their parishes to bankruptcy so that they could be praised for being good stewards…

Having said all that, I know my own little parish could go under any second, either for lack of priests and we are suppressed to create another bigger parish, or for lack of parishioners as the older people die off or move closer to the kids (lots of people only temporarily moved here for part of their retirement, their kids having grown up elsewhere), or whatever. I know that. But I don’t think we would go under because of having put a mask on the sacraments.


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Charlotte NC Diocese cancels dispensation from precept for attending Sunday Mass

My diocesan inbox late evening 5-14-2021 contained a decree from the Vicar General about the lifting of dispensation from the obligation for attending Holy Mass on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation. In other words, the obligation to attend Mass under pain of mortal sin is back as it has been for the last couple of thousand years.

Well, you know, that’s said with the idea of all things being equal.

In other words, positive law such as this, demanding that someone do something, is aimed at what is possible. Thus, such law does not apply if one is in traction in a hospital fighting for one’s life after a severe car accident. It’s not possible for you to attend Holy Mass in such conditions, and therefore there’s no sin for not attending Mass. That should be easy to understand.

Another example: I tell people not to venture out to Mass on a Sunday morning if — in this parish — their driveways made of slick cement have a slope of 30 degrees from the top of a mountain ridge right down to the main road far below, that is, when we’ve just had an ice storm and the ice won’t melt for weeks. Get it?

Now, make the analogy with Covid-19 precautions. If you’re in imminent peril because you have co-morbidities and you’re scared, then don’t come. Pray at home! Plenty of people are so frail that they wouldn’t come to church when there is a normal influenza outbreak. I respect that. If you can’t come, you can’t come. Simple.

If you can, well, there you are, you can. Simple.

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GraceLife church tears down Covid fences right in front of the haters of religion

And I bet the first ones to be beaten into the ground will be the little children that you see in the lower left of the picture for this video above, you know, because atheistic “power” always begins with the ones they see as the most vulnerable. Satan thought Jesus was vulnerable, but Jesus rose from the dead, and is now taking souls back from Satan’s grasp. Jesus is intent on bringing us to heaven. This post is also tagged humor, however, because I had to laugh our loud at the enthusiasm of the Little Flock in the face of imminent danger. I love that. I would hate if they suffered any violence by the haters of religion.

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Live baby organ extraction for Covid “vaccines.” Repent you murderous clergy collaborators. What the hell are you doing?

For research purposes, fetal tissue must be harvested and cooled within minutes of the abortion.

By JOSÉ L. TRASANCOS – April 30, 2021

In an article published last year, M.I.T.-trained scientist Fr. Nicanor Austriaco passed along speculation that the HEK-293 cell line may have been developed using tissue from a miscarriage. This cell line is in the news because it has played a role in the development and/or testing of the three vaccines currently authorized for emergency use for COVID-19.

The point of Fr. Austriaco’s conjecture, I presume, was to reduce worry that this cell line started with an abortion. But worry we should.

A Nonsense Claim: This conjecture seems to have become a full-fledged rumor. In recent months, many Catholics and other Christians have cited that rumor when defending these vaccines. But the rumor, to put it bluntly, is nonsense. There’s nothing in the scientific literature dealing with this claim, and for good reason.

No competent biologist would even try to establish a living cell line from dead tissue.

This fact becomes clear when we examine two things:

Number One: The biological process of miscarriage and stillbirth post-mortem changes at the cellular level.

A mother’s body tends to expel tissues related to pregnancy between four and twenty days following fetal demise. Most spontaneous abortions in early pregnancy (1st trimester) are caused by abnormalities in the chromosomes. In these cases, an embryo does not form. What tissue is expelled would be useless for establishing a cell line.

The other causes of miscarriage and stillbirth result in the death of the embryo or fetus. This demise happens several days to a few weeks before the expulsion of tissue.

Number Two: That time gap is critical, and bears on the second point: Cell Death.

When an embryo or fetus dies, its cells change fast. Autolysis begins within minutes after the vital functions of the brain, heart and lungs cease. This is a process of decomposition or “self-digestion,” where the cell membranes break down and release enzymes. Since oxygenated blood has ceased to circulate, the levels of carbon dioxide in the cells begin to rise and the pH within cells becomes ever more acidic. This rising acidity causes membranes within the cell to rupture. This includes the membrane of the lysosome, which contains a variety of enzymes for the digestion of nucleic acids, fats, proteins, and so forth.

In fact, even a run-of-the-mill abortion probably wouldn’t suffice. For research purposes, fetal tissue must be harvested and cooled within minutes of the abortion.

The rate of autolytic spread varies throughout the organism. Two of the main variables are the concentration of enzymes in the type of tissue and its temperature. Some organ tissues have relatively high concentrations of enzymes. The liver, kidneys and pancreas are examples, given their functions within the body. Smooth muscle tissue and lung tissue, in contrast, have relatively low levels of these enzymes. This is key, since researchers seek organ tissue as the source of cells for a cell line.

Scientists can’t reverse this process. As a result, they can’t establish a living cell line using the tissues expelled from a miscarriage or stillbirth.

Temperature: Temperature is also a major factor in miscarriage, since it has the greatest impact on the spread and progress of autolysis. The higher the temperature, the faster the autolytic reaction. Very low temperatures can slow the autolytic process dramatically, which explains how people have been revived after apparently drowning in very cold water, suffering no permanent ill effects.

In the case of a miscarriage or stillbirth, the temperature of the expired fetus remains at core body temperature inside its mother until it is expelled. This warm setting speeds up the progress and spread of autolysis.

Now, recall that the time between the fetal demise of a miscarriage and expulsion of the pregnancy tissues is measured in days. That means that by the time the tissue is expelled, there is no metabolic function anywhere in the fetal body. In fact, the expired fetus goes through a process of maceration (autolytic fermentation) prior to expulsion. This has the appearance of putrefaction: The skin separates and the tissue underneath becomes darkly discolored — though putrefaction is bacterial decomposition, whereas the amniotic sac is a sterile environment.

These are gory details of course. But they should make it clear why scientists would not use tissue from a miscarriage to establish a living cell line.

Carefully Coordinated Abortion: But what about perfectly-timed fetal death and then delivery in a hospital? Could that provide material for a living cell line? Almost certainly not. In fact, even a run-of-the-mill abortion probably wouldn’t suffice. For research purposes, fetal tissue must be harvested and cooled within minutes of the abortion. The scientific literature strongly implies that the abortions are carefully coordinated with tissue harvesting. One gets the clear sense that the abortion and the harvesting of the desired tissue were planned to preserve the integrity of the tissue.

In summary, establishing a living cell line from dead tissue is not possible. The cell lines used to test and/or develop the available COVID-19 vaccines came from abortion and deliberate planning, not spontaneous miscarriage or stillbirth. Resurrection of the dead requires far more than a medical degree or a PhD. It requires the direct power of God.

José L. Trasancos, Ph.D. is the President of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Children of God for Life. He is delighted and blessed to be working there alongside his wife, Stacy, advancing pro-life causes, advocating for the preservation of human dignity and fighting to end the use of aborted fetal tissue in science and commerce. José and Stacy live in Hideaway, Texas, surrounded by their five children, one granddaughter (one of six grandchildren), two German Shepherds and a Bassett Hound.


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Arrested for preaching: jailhouse interview

This is now the situation in many countries. It’s coming to a church near you. Are you ready?

Did he know this was going to happen? Yes.

Did he run? No.

What a great pastor!

To sum it up: If we have no free exercise of religion, nor even freedom to worship God as all worship of God is criminalized by the State, then we are left with nothing but terror and compliance with Satan.

But are not to have any fear! Jesus said so. So, no terror received. Do you sense any fear in this guy’s voice? No. Is he compliant with Satan? No.

But, my more incisive question in my circumstances: Where are those Catholic clergy and bishops like him? There are some, but they are very few and very far between. We must encourage our clergy and bishops to have no fear!

In the front photo of the video this pastor’s face is set like flint, like Jesus on His way to Jerusalem to be crucified. No fear. No anger. But surely determination to see the course through, to fight the good fight. I love that. I pray that I can strive to follow this guy’s example. Thanks, Pastor Pawlowski!


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Covid Communion in hand with gloves?

The Holy See has said continuously and forcefully over against bishops that Holy Communion is to be distributed on the tongue of any recipient so desiring regardless of any Covid.

Scientifically speaking, the Catholic Medical Associations both in the USA and in England and Wales have stated that distribution of Holy Communion is more hygienic on the tongue than in the hand. But when it comes to respect for faith and science, no one cares. Or should I say, people want to do the wrong thing. Maybe some are just mistaken, with no one to correct them. Fine. But here’s the correction.

I know of a pastor who, contravening this, forced an elderly woman who had never received Holy Communion in her hand to do so, and then break it in her hand so as to give Viaticum to her extremely elderly dying mother. It totally broke her heart to do this. The priest also forced her to put a mask on her dying mother, even though this would likely have killed her, so shallow and worked-up was her breathing. I got a call about this before that other priest arrived and told her that she was to hold the mask over the face of her mother but up and away from her mouth and nose. At least that. But this is all insane.

Those priests who do their own will over against the Church and force people against their consciences are acting ultra vires – beyond their powers – as they have no authority to do this. It is not disobedience to put one’s hands behind one’s back to reverently receive on the tongue. If you are denied, do not rebel, do not talk back, do not fight. Just go quietly back to your pew and later have a bit of dialogue about it with proper authority in the Church.

One person said it was his plan to wear plastic gloves, you know, Latex, Vinyl & Nitrile Gloves, which collect fragments like a magnet, hyperbolically more than in the video above. DON’T do that. DON’T insult our Lord. Respect our Lord and He will lift you up in His grace more so than if you had disrespected Him just to get Holy Communion, as if that were a superstition forcing God. Sorry, there I am, judging again. But, anyway, here’s the correction!

And DON’T be afraid of priests.


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Covid-police: “Just following orders”? Covid-clergy: “Just following orders”?

ON THE ONE HAND: Let’s take a look at wrong-headed LEOs. But first of all, let me say that the misleading headline of FoxNews should instead read that the Police had unlawfully confronted a pastor during a religious service and then later arrested him. FoxNews makes it look like the pastor is at fault. He’s not.

Let’s see the video of their actually hunting him down and arresting him. It took them – what? – something like six weeks to find him, when he was out and about as always taking care of street people, as if that’s a bad thing, you know, like outdoors, where Covid has zero chance of spreading. Oh, I get it, they had to have overwhelming force and that took six weeks of planning.

And then there is the fencing of churches because, you know, there are more “cases”, which means that there are heaps of people with no symptoms, maybe some few who have a 98.7F temp just because of normal body-temp fluctuation. The Canadian Prime Minister has long said that this is all about the “great reset”, that it has nothing to do with any coronavirus. Get it? No religion allowed. In the USA, Dems voted God out of their “party.”

And there are more arrests rendered against pastors. And there is the fencing of properties:

The pastor of the GraceLife campus was in jail for a month. I wonder if the DOC had him purposely raped and beaten.

Outside of the SSPX in Ireland, I don’t know of any Catholic churches that have been harassed. You know why? Because pretty much every Catholic church is closed in Canada, relying on Chinese controlled Zoom (as if that could provide the Sacraments).

Here in these USA, so many Catholic churches are giddily enjoying political correctness with the likes of Joey Biden and opening their churches but as converted over to being injection clinics. This is true, even though all available “vaccines” have purposely aborted super healthy well developed babies for research, development and testing of “vaccines.”

We’ve come to a time when atheistic dialectical materialism holds that proper worship of God (tongue in cheek) is the murder of the most defenseless among us. See how the Catholic pastors fall. I thank these non-Catholic Christians for giving us a good example. But will we follow it?

Here in Cherokee County of North Carolina we have a town meeting on film showing how, in a packed meeting, like sardines, no law enforcement – all the leadership of which was in attendance – were wearing masks, none of the town leaders were wearing masks. Nobody in the room was socially distanced.

But that wouldn’t stop Federal police of whatever kind smashing people down in a church and arresting everyone, desecrating the Blessed Sacrament during Mass (in a Catholic Church), terrorizing everyone.

ON THE OTHER HAND: We have this from Father Kirby. He has high praise of LEOs, as do I, but he points out, as do I, that there is total hypocrisy when LEOs go against their oath to protect the murder of the least among the brethren. Great homily, Father Kirby:

The same “higher standard” applies to those who as Catholic priests and bishops profess to uphold the protection of life from natural conception to natural death, protecting the very image of God in creation, but then hypocritically attack God’s image among the most defenseless in the womb by defending and promoting (God forbid requiring) abortion-tainted “vaccines”.

How very arrogant and entitled we are these days. Will Jesus find any faith upon the earth when He returns?

BY THE WAY AND JUST TO SAY: LEOs that I know have said that they would never infringe on anyone’s Constitutional rights, no matter for what “reason.”


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Fr Altman: Best defense is good offense! Great LifeSite Interview, on FIRE


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Churches as injection centers? Covid death possible but heaven or hell certain

At times I follow diocesan newspapers and even various publications of parish bulletins from right around the world. In one such publication a parish priest exclaimed with effervescent joy:

  • “Easter is a season of new life and our vaccination efforts are a most appropriate way to celebrate.”

How’s that? New life in the womb, the very image of God, is murdered so that we can arrogantly “benefit” from this murder?

Johnson and Johnson brags on their own website (no journalist misinformation here)

  • “For more than 20 years, Johnson & Johnson has invested billions of dollars in antivirals and vaccine capabilities. The COVID-19 vaccine program is leveraging Janssen’s proven AdVac® and PER.C6® technologies that provide the ability to rapidly develop new vaccine candidates and upscale production of the optimal vaccine candidate. The same technology was used to develop and manufacture the Company’s Ebola vaccine and construct our Zika, RSV, and HIV vaccine candidates which are in Phase 2 or Phase 3 clinical development stages.”

AdVac® refers to a kidney HEK293 purposely ripped out of some kid for research, that child, made in the image of God, having been tested for age since fully developed organs are needed and tested for health since an absolutely healthy viable child is what is needed for research.

PER.C6® refers to an eyeball gouged out of some kid years later for research, that child, made in the image of God, having been tested for age since fully developed organs are needed and tested for health since an absolutely healthy viable child is what is needed for research.

It’s all effervescent and joyful celebration of the risen Lord Jesus to murder children for our own “benefit”?

  • “But Father George, Father George! You don’t understand! We’re distanced from those abortions ’cause they happened like a long time ago and stuff like that. We’re better today because we, like, live today. We’re not like those meanie abortionists and those losers getting abortions for pay. We’re nice people because we’re us and not them! Get with it, Father George!”

Here’s the deal: God holds the entire expanse of time in His hands as just another creation. He sees all of us at once, those children getting murdered and people getting Covid “vaccinations” that are the direct result of those murders, fully “benefitting” they think, until they go to hell.

There was no way to these “vaccines” in research, development or testing that did not come about without the purposed murder of children in the womb. Saint Paul says that they are justly condemned (to hell, forever) who say that one may achieve good by purposely doing evil.

How can any priest or bishop shriek that their priests and flock get the “vaccine” and then proclaim at the consecrations at Mass: “This is my body” – “This is the chalice of my blood”? How? I don’t get that, not at all. What the hell are they doing?

  • “But Father George, Father George! You don’t understand! We heard on EWTN that it’s all good.”

Instead, I hold that – all things being equal – anyone getting this “vaccination” and/or encouraging people to do so is committing a mortal sin. It’s one continuum of purposed murder so that people can be injected with “vaccines.” It is formal cooperation such that even if one were not in the sterile conditions of a laboratory conducting the abortion and organ extractions, the only reason that is being done is because of the recipient’s hot desire to have had these children murdered for themselves. The importance of any “proximate” analyses are cancelled because of this formal cooperation in this great evil.

It’s not material cooperation, providing one’s arm. No. You lift you arm and you’re seeing yes to all of it.

I’ve heard people proclaim that this is all just remote and that therefore culpability is reduced. All things being equal, that’s bullshit. I would fear to say to Mary at the judgment, she appearing as with-child, that you want to rip Jesus out of her womb for research, development and testing, you know, so that you can live forever… or something… From the book of Revelation

  • “Damn you Father George! Stop making this about Jesus! How dare you! Are you implying that we couldn’t give one flipping damn about Jesus?! How dare you! How dare you! HOW DARE YOU! WE’LL SHOW YOU!”
  • Father George: ” (… yawn …) Whatever…”

Jesus couldn’t care less about any kind of demonic threat. Let’s see some passages from yesterday’s Liturgy of the Hours:

Apocalypse 14 — The victory of the Lamb

“A third angel followed the others and said in a loud voice: ‘If anyone worships the beast or its image, or accepts its mark on his forehead or hand, he too will drink the wine of God’s wrath, poured full strength into the cup of his anger. He will be tormented in burning sulphur before the holy angels and before the Lamb, and the smoke of their torment shall rise forever and ever. There shall be no relief day or night for those who worship the beast or its image or accept the mark of its name.’ This is what sustains the holy ones, who keep the commandments of God and their faith in Jesus. I heard a voice from heaven say to me: ‘Write this down: Happy now are the dead who die in the Lord!’ The Spirit added, ‘Yes, they shall find rest from their labors, for their good works accompany them.'”

Covid analogy: Whatever about an actual mark or some thing on forehead or hand, that’s all about doing the will and works of Satan, anyone who worships the beast or its image, as the text says, for he is a liar and murderer from the beginning. Those dying because they did not get some “vaccine” or from persecution for not getting the vaccine have this written about them: “Happy now are the dead who die in the Lord!” The Spirit added, “Yes, they shall find rest from their labors, for their good works accompany them.” Get it? Never before has basically every person on the face of the earth been required to yes or no, to life or death, to following God or following Satan. It’s distressing to see pretty much every one run away from God. Jesus asked, “Will I find any faith on earth when I return?” He will be looking through the gouged out eyes of the babies whose eyes were ripped out of their skulls for the “vaccine.”

From a sermon by Saint Peter Chrysologus, bishop — (Sermo 108: PL 52, 499-500)Each of us is called to be both a sacrifice to God and his priest

“Listen to the Lord’s appeal: […] “Do not be afraid. This cross inflicts a mortal injury, not on me, but on death. These nails no longer pain me, but only deepen your love for me. I do not cry out because of these wounds, but through them I draw you into my heart. My body was stretched on the cross as a symbol, not of how much I suffered, but of my all-embracing love. I count it no less to shed my blood: it is the price I have paid for your ransom. Come, then, return to me and learn to know me as your father, who repays good for evil, love for injury, and boundless charity for piercing wounds.”

[But there are those who are afraid to follow Jesus in not getting the mark of the beast or not worshipping the beast:]

“Listen now to what the Apostle urges us to do. I appeal to you, he says, to present your bodies as a living sacrifice. By this exhortation of his, Paul has raised all men to priestly status. How marvelous is the priesthood of the Christian, for he is both the victim that is offered on his own behalf, and the priest who makes the offering. He does not need to go beyond himself to seek what he is to immolate to God: with himself and in himself he brings the sacrifice he is to offer God for himself. The victim remains and the priest remains, always one and the same. Immolated, the victim still lives: the priest who immolates cannot kill. Truly it is an amazing sacrifice in which a body is offered without being slain and blood is offered without being shed. The Apostle says: I appeal to you by the mercy of God to present your bodies as a living sacrifice. Brethren, this sacrifice follows the pattern of Christ’s sacrifice by which he gave his body as a living immolation for the life of the world. He really made his body a living sacrifice, because, though slain, he continues to live. In such a victim death receives its ransom, but the victim remains alive. Death itself suffers the punishment. This is why death for the martyrs is actually a birth, and their end a beginning. Their execution is the door to life, and those who were thought to have been blotted out from the earth shine brilliantly in heaven. Paul says: I appeal to you by the mercy of God to present your bodies as a sacrifice, living and holy. The prophet said the same thing: Sacrifice and offering you did not desire, but you have prepared a body for me. Each of us is called to be both a sacrifice to God and his priest. Do not forfeit what divine authority confers on you. Put on the garment of holiness, gird yourself with the belt of chastity. Let Christ be your helmet, let the cross on your forehead be your unfailing protection. Your breastplate should be the knowledge of God that he himself has given you. Keep burning continually the sweet smelling incense of prayer. Take up the sword of the Spirit. Let your heart be an altar. Then, with full confidence in God, present your body for sacrifice. God desires not death, but faith; God thirsts not for blood, but for self-surrender; God is appeased not by slaughter, but by the offering of your free will.”

By the by: Planned Parenthood has been selling organs of kids for years. It’s a zillion dollar business for them. To whom are they selling the babies’ organs? Biden has lifted absolutely all restrictions on research using babies.

What bothers me is that the very catholic publications pushing this murder of Jesus’ image for their own benefit brag about providing links so that people can do their own research. One of those links is good, going to the Lozier institute.

But that inclusion is not done to support the Lozier Institute; it’s to say that it’s been seen, is precious, but is to be dismissed by us, because we’re clever and sophisticated and because we are mature Christians and can make our own decisions and our decision is to murder Jesus’ image in the womb. I get it.

I also get that I’m so dead, because I’m saying all this. I’m happy to dead in the Lord Jesus, hidden with Him in God, to be alive in heaven for all eternity. That is my hope. I don’t deserve that heaven. But Jesus is good and kind if we lay down our lives for Him.

Is this your hope, too?


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Flowers for the Immaculate Conception (This ain’t virtue signaling, edition)

So, just in these last days and weeks, Canada has been following Ireland, so that everything is pretty much wide open, but if there are one or two people in church for Holy Mass (this time a Traditional Latin Mass), all hell breaks out and the Covid Police come to smack people down, chasing altar boys into the sacristy (Yikes!) and parishioners thrown out of the church, the police demanding that they want identifying info to put the offenders on “THE LIST” surely turning into “THE BOOK.”

But will this not turn out to be the Book of Life, with those so listed going to heaven, keeping up with the sacraments?

I’m not bragging with these Flowers for the Immaculate Conception. No. It’s easy for me in far, far, far Western North Carolina. Zero law enforcement officers of any agency could care less about Covid, masks, social distancing, whatever. And we have that on film, multiple agencies in a town meeting with extreme lack of social distancing, none of them wearing a mask. So, it’s easy for me to offer Holy Mass for the past year and a half as normal as normal can be. It’s easy for me to provide all the Sacraments for Jesus’ flock. That’s not to virtue signal. No. Any priest by chance in these parts would do the same, all things being equal, right?

For priests in Ireland, Canada, the Vatican, and elsewhere around the world, things aren’t so easy. There is an outright persecution. Would I be as brave as some of them are in persecution? I’m not going to claim that. That’s about God’s grace, and I have no control over that. Without God’s grace, I’m a total idiot.

So, if I’m doing my rounds to provide the Sacraments and I take a picture of flowers for the Immaculate Conception like the picture up top, it’s also as a gift to her on behalf of those who would do this if they could or are smacked down for trying. So, flowers for you, dearest Mary, from us priests around the world. Show yourself to be a mother to us! Monstra te esse Matrem! We pray for those who are ever so afraid afraid afraid afraid afraid. Hail Mary…

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I’m happy babies were murdered for “vaccines” as they can’t talk back.

An “icon of orthodoxy”, a priest held up as a savior of the Catholic Church in America, once rationalized to me the “abortion pill” that he directed to be dispensed by Catholic medical institutions in his diocese. This priest overseeing the murder of children said that these just conceived babies are so small that no one will know and so who cares anyway? Yep.

This is the same rationalization that people use in getting the “vaccines” for Covid: the babies murdered for research, development and testing are helpless to complain because, you know, they were murdered a while back, so it’s over.

I’ll tell you this: those murdered kids will be fully adult and standing next to Jesus at the judgment, and will accuse those who thought that murdering the image of God was a good thing. Such people weren’t counting on the fact of eternity, of heaven or hell, on being judged by the very ones whom they murdered.

Go to Confession!

  • “Father George, you don’t understand! Pope Francis got the vaccine and wants everyone to get the vaccine and has directed his pro-abort comrades to rationalize getting the vaccine! You’re wrong, Father George! Abortion is a virtue! Killing children is how we get to heaven! It is the very worship of God!”

Jesus said that there will come a time when those who murder us will consider this persecution an act of worship. Just because Pope Francis in a non-infallible manner encourages people to get abortion-wrought “vaccines” doesn’t mean that it is good. You’ll remember that Pope Francis promotes the idol worship of Pachamama to which demonic idol people are sacrificed. Does that mean that idol worship of demons is good. No, it doesn’t. Don’t think that Jesus will accept any such excuse at the judgment: “The devil made me do it!” No, you chose to murder.

Go to Confession!


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I got the “vaccine”: Can I be forgiven?

The so called vaccines use babies for research, development and testing. It is a mortal sin to get such “vaccines.” There are those who agree with that analysis, but only for those who first purposed the murder of babies for this end, saying that those who follow later, who benefit very directly, who receive the vaccines, are guilty of a lesser sin. But that’s like saying that a murder that was calculated for a couple of years is less of a sin than a murder calculated for fifty years. Both are gravely sinful. Both will get you into hell. Maybe one hell is deeper than another, but it is all hell. Is that where both the perps and rationalizers want to go, congratulating themselves on being ever so arrogantly clever with such sophistication in their political correctness… for all eternity?

One who chooses to benefit from such murder is also guilty. Rationalizations don’t work:

  • I had to do it to keep my job.
    • So, you want to go to hell for all eternity? Go then.
  • I had to do it to protect others, like granny.
    • If you murdered the baby in front of granny I bet she would rather die than you murder that baby and then go to hell yourself. Getting a “case” of Covid does not at all mean that death by Covid follows. Not. At. All.
  • I had to do it to protect myself.
    • You are only preparing an eternity of hell your yourself. Is it worth it?

All rationalizations are cheap cynicism, shaking one’s fist at God. That rationalization is used for all other sins, and I bet you it has been used by such people all their lives. They let their consciences be destroyed. They are entrenching for a lifetime of rationalizing. Such cynicism, rejoicing in the “power” one has to murder helpless babies, is raging hatred against God and neighbor, all while congratulating oneself as being “nice.”

It seems to me that I have seen the fire of Satan – for the briefest nanosecond – in the eyes of those who defend their decision to go ahead and get the “vaccine:” “Kill the babies! I have power!”

How to repent of getting the “vaccine”:

  • Repent of having done this, making an act of contrition, at least an imperfect act of contrition, fearing the loss of heaven and the pains of hell.
  • Make a firm purpose of amendment, so that one is promising to God not to get any such “vaccines” in future, no booster shots, no supplemental shots.
  • Go to Confession! Do your penance.
  • Rejoice that our Lord is good and kind even to such a murderous lot as ourselves, and rededicate yourself to bringing others to Jesus.

By the way, if you haven’t gotten the vaccine and are planning to get it while planning to go to Confession afterward, know that this is a presumption against the Holy Spirit who was sent amongst us for the forgiveness of sins. It is a sin to say that we can go ahead and sin expecting that God doesn’t care about sin. God knows all about such sin. So does the Immaculate Virgin Mother of God. Don’t do it.

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Religion as essential as Chinamart? SCOTUS

While SCOTUS seems to defend the free exercise of religion in this decision, I posit that this is another step down a slippery slope, for the free exercise of religion is actually essential, while Chinamart is not. There’s no comparison. True, California had smacked down Constitutional rights – given by God, not man, by the way – so that Chinamart was held to be infinitely more essential than any free exercise of religion. But SCOTUS merely putting the two on par with each other is not the solution. No. The free exercise of religion is absolutely essential – against Joey (The Heretic – anti-Catholic) Biden.


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CDC: Covid-19 surface spread <1/10,000 inside lab conditions, practically zero outside

They said it, like, definitively: Covid-19 is almost impossible to spread by way of surfaces. They said this, after… what? some billions of dollars were spent on disinfectants, after some billions of man-hours were totally wasted, after untold wrecking of the economy, after millions of lives were shattered with closed businesses, after untold numbers of suicides, lost jobs, lost houses? Did the CDC with the WHO get kickbacks from China? Did they… win…? Do they feel… powerful?

It’s all politics: be scared and vote for the Dems, who say: “We’re the government and we’re here to help you.”

In so many places in the world, for the second year running, Catholic churches were closed down for the Sacred Triduum (Holy Thursday through Easter), from the second before to the second after, because, you know, Covid-19 is only spread in Catholic churches between those exact times. Call me skeptical of the Chinese Communist Party American Demoncrat politicians. Call me an embracer of true science. They are murderers and liars from the beginning.

But I suppose I am to be considered a murderer and liar from the beginning by the American Chinese State, a heretic by those hierarchs in Rome, an excommunicate, you know, for not belonging to the Chinese Communist Party, but most of all for not ever getting any “vaccine.”

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