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My Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs “snips”) are being processed


Finally, the phone app says that the test kit was not only received (that was January 19 2017), but is now (mid-March) being processed for the next three to five weeks. At any rate, I always knew I was a mutant ninja. Aren’t we all? This will prove it. I bet the results will come in that I’m 5% this and 5% that, with 90% unknown. Then I can fill in the blank, right? Maybe I’m from the dark side of the moon.

It’s interesting that the family tree is traced through mutant attributes. This is very much like critica textus, whereby one examines the accuracy of whatever ancient manuscript by way of taking note of mutant variants, that is, copyist errors which are repeated by subsequent copyists only of that particular manuscript (or its successors). This, taken with paleographical and other indications pretty accurately tell the analyst the entire geographical and historical, even political and ideological history of the background of the lettered physical text in front of them, regardless of whether that text is now digitized in our times or is still written on papyri, perhaps as a palimpsest.

Meanwhile, I’ve been getting rid of DNA by way of my 1500 calorie diet. I’ve dropped about eleven pounds since Ash Wednesday. I must confess I’ve gone over 1500 a few times. But it’s working well all in all. Down to about 254 pounds. Breakfast today was lentil soup and an orange. 245 calories. My old neighbor is trying to convince me to become a soup maker. I would have to get a pot for that. And ways to freeze individual portions from the huge amounts called for in recipes, you know, whole heads of cabbage and all that. He gets his ingredients from his garden or from the soup kitchen (what’s on its way to the dumpster). Mmmm good. I had some yesterday.

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Experimental recipes 1500 calorie diet: You’ll never know you’re dieting


Breakfast Extravaganza (numbers are calories)

600 Calorie Oatmeal: microwave for 2 to 2 ½ minutes:

  • 150 – ½ cup oatmeal
  • 030 – 1 cup unsweetened vanilla natural almond milk

Then mix in:

  • 130 – ¼ cup raisins
  • 105 – 1 sliced up banana
  • 060 – 1 tblsp chia seeds
  • 050 – 2 tblsp milled flax seeds
  • 075 – 2 tblsp protein powder (because it was a gift)

I’m sure it’s not good for me, but I also down lots of coffee (zero calories).

Lunch on the Run

  • 000 – green tea / ginger root tea in a thermos. Stay away from Kava and any “detox”, comfrey or any herbal teas, though hibiscus is good and is often combined with ginger root and lemon. This may well be enough after such a breakfast.
  • 085 – perhaps for a snack, maybe an individually packaged skim milk string cheese.


You still have 900 calories or so to play with. Good things include broccoli, eggs (though I’m a bit allergic), chicken (white meat), split peas, kale, tomatoes, balsamic vinegar. For a desert, you might mix blueberries in with 1 cup of zero-fat plain Greek yogurt. The yogurt clocks in at 22 grams of protein and just 180 calories.

Suggestions from those in the know (this is a whole different universe for me) are much appreciated. I know nothing about cooking at all. (That’s why I’m now on a diet.)

I’m guessing it’s good to stay far from antibiotic meat, processed meat, canola / vegetable oil (except olive oil with its zillion calories), margarine, soda pop diet or regular, white rice and pasta and potatoes and white bread. Moreover, processed sugar and especially alcohol of any kind, but especially liquor, acts like a poison and I perceive it that way, feeling like a chemical waste dump for days after just one drink offered to me at whatever get together with priests and/or families of the parish. It’s true I’m not a drinker, but things get especially tricky when on a diet.

So far, I’m losing a pound a day. But that always happens at the beginning and doesn’t mean much at all. That loss will slow down very quickly indeed.

The doctor said: My doctor called me up about the results of my Shrove Tuesday visit (after years of not going to see him). He got my blood pressure down to 118 over 74. Sweet. Speaking of sweetness, he said I’m no longer pre-diabetic as the three month blood assay put me in the normal range of blood sugar.

However, he did say that my bad cholesterol is a bit high and the good is low. He was surprised to hear that all my doctors around the world, including the Mayo, told me that exact same thing with the exact same levels my whole life, adding that they don’t know why that’s the case. He wants to experiment with me, having me down a tablespoon of Flax Seed Oil every day. This is in place of cold water fish oil, which has some really bad side effects, including bleeding if you take a bit too much. He also offered that hemp oil would be an alternative! However, mind you, hemp oil has tons of side effects that I don’t want to have anything to do with. Blech! Spit spit spit. Acchhh…. spit. I’ll just get a jug of Flax Seed Oil if I can find it. So far, I’ve been unsuccessful. Just the milled seed.

Exercise? My doctor says it’s overrated! I have plenty of physical conditions that really make exercise impossible. But maybe, maybe, things will change a bit as I loose weight.

I’m not alone: A priest friend, a famous canon lawyer in the universal Church, wrote:

  • I’m an inch taller and was 10 pounds heavier than you but i have lost 30 pounds since November. Now 251 and can’t  seem to lose more. Am eating mostly vegan except when i go out. Feeling much “healthier” and hoping to lose another 50.  Oremus pro invicem…

Yes, well, as a kid I was 1.75″ taller than I am now. I had a spine compression event of five vertebrae a few years ago, and I’m also older now. Just wait! The weight I gave of 271 included 6 pounds of clothes at the doctor’s office. Today, I weighed myself and I was 260, meaning I’ve lost a pound a day so far. That will slow down after a while.

I’ve been warned about the plateaus beyond which it seems impossible to descend. EVERYBODY’s got their way to do diets I’m finding out very quickly, and it’s all very emotional (as it involves change), and everybody’s right about what they do and everyone else is wrong!

I’m thinking the “JUST EAT LESS” method sounds reasonable. Counting calories is a pain but it’s also kind of interesting to see what’s what in different foods. You can rearrange what you normally eat less of accordingly. This method slows down as you lose weight because the ratio of what you need to maintain weight vs. losing weight becomes smaller. However, if the calculation about eating 500 less calories than is needed to maintain weight is correct, eating only 1500 calories a day will get me to the desired goal for my height, etc., 189 pounds. I’m thinking this will take a year.


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Diet: “Hey! It tastes like chicken!”


This guy has a triangular head and a short tail and is about four feet long. Here’s a shot of his underside, providing you with some clues. What kind is he?


He wasn’t far from the hermitage the other day and I was trying to do some last minute clean out before the property is sold by the neighbor. Anyway, I’m sure he tastes like chicken!


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