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Laudie-Dog the fearless Rectory Dog

Laudie-dog rectory dog

On the top step of the back door of the Rectory at night, then out front in the morning, then back here under the patio overhang when the sun is  hot out front. I think this will work. 

My neighbor at the hermitage encouraged me to take Laudie-Dog up to the rectory in Andrews. It’s time to renew her shots. Propitious timing! She was great on the ride up through the ultra-super-curvy roads, anticipating curves, leaning this way and that. She never put her head out the window once: Laudie-Dog the Race Car Dog.

The second we got to the rectory I started taking her around the neighborhood and introducing her to all the neighbors and the neighbors’ dogs:

  • Franky, a Basset Hound, across the street (steady)
  • Pyro, a smallish Terrier (terror!) of some kind, to my right (adrenaline and loud)
  • Buddy, a Pit-Lab-Terrier mix (HUGE), across the street to the right (friendly)
  • Gary, a Chihuahua, who makes the rounds (shy, or not, depending)

I’m convinced Laudie-Dog won’t get beat up, though there might be some growling if need be with Pyro (the fire dog) next door, though he stays in the neighbor’s house pretty much 24/7 and only gets out on a leash. Laudie-Dog is used to the mountain ridges. My only fear is that some of the crowd which zips by on the street out front (a circumvention of the traffic lights in town) might not care if they hit her or not. It’s a major drug route from the back ridges.  But all the other dogs survived. They often just lie right in the middle of the road and make everyone stop and go around them. So, O.K.

Pope Francis might not see any use for animals whatsoever, but I must say that Laudie-Dog, who won’t defend herself, defended me when the need arose, at the hermitage. She had no hesitation whatsoever, even if frightened, to get right in the face of bears and panthers and wolves and all manner of scariness, successfully. We’re both still alive. She’s the perfect watchdog, totally friendly with anyone with good intentions. But dogs can sense aggression and danger, and react accordingly. I think she would likely tear any robber to shreds. GOOD LAUDIE!

I think that I’ll have to put her on a diet. Too heavy for her own good. Perhaps I should do the same. Anyway, as you know, there are:

  • guide dogs
  • hearing dogs
  • mobility dogs
  • seizure alert/response dogs
  • psychiatric service dogs
  • autism dogs
  • therapy dogs
  • emotional support dogs
  • PTSD dogs (these are incredible dogs)
  • protection dogs
  • riot control dogs
  • bite dogs
  • pursuit dogs
  • first in SWAT dogs
  • fire dogs
  • drug dogs
  • cadaver dogs
  • search and rescue dogs
  • herding dogs (shepherds!)
  • duck dogs
  • bear dogs (transmitter dogs-many around here)
  • watch dogs
  • “rescue” dogs of all types and sizes
  • Did I miss any?

Dogs, I contend, are a help to mankind. Man’s best friend.

Cats are… cats.


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Gunslinger Priests: qualification. More on the local CIA, Army, Airforce…

Glock 19 gen 4 with 3 clips + 1

Just full metal jacket for now. Cheap for practice. Self-defense rounds are pretty expensive.

I’m a priest, that’s remains true. I’ve never carried up to this point. I don’t even have a holster, concealed or otherwise. I’m a peace loving guy. Really. My main prayer these weeks is mentioned in the Apocalypse (3:20) by Jesus:

“Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, (then) I will enter his house and dine with him, and he with me.”

This prayer is not at all disturbed by my new Glock 19 Gen 4. Why should it be? Was Jesus offended that Peter carried a sword as a matter of course? No, He wasn’t.

I think I should write about what’s happening in my prayer life, but it’s one of those things where I would be at a loss for words (yes, even me, speechless). I can only say that our Lord is very good, very kind, and that our very bodies are to be temples of the Holy Spirit, the house, if you will, where the Holy Trinity then resides. How pure of heart and agile of soul we must be for the presence of the Great King, the Most High God, who delights to walk with us simply as one Friend with another! It is all His work. We can and should and must be in humble thanksgiving in all reverence. Just because we live in a vale of tears, are we not to walk humbly with our God? We are commanded to do this. This is not a special or unique thing, out of the ordinary. This is to be the case for all of us.

Is such a prayer contradictory to this series of posts about guns and priests? No, this series is meant to clarify some issues in these days of self-indulgent pacifism that is so aggressive it puts even our Law Enforcement in danger. See, for instance, the shameless anti-Cop statement of the the bishops of these U.S.A. (US Catholic Bishops: Law Enforcement Officers are guilty always & everywhere of racist violence because they are LEOs). Having cleared that up, let’s continue with the saga!

The Glock 19 comes with three clips (15[+1 for carry] then 15 and 15). Most instances you never need bullets if you know how to diffuse situations. When all disintegrates you most often need only a few bullets. But with increasing frequency, more complex instances are making their way into these back ridges of the mountains and elsewhere. With deference to Sheriff Clarke, we’ve already had two terrorist attacks stopped in the area, one involving a bomb at a local school and one involving guns. And then… Anyway…

I loaded the clips up and discharged them against some targets at 3, 5, 7, and 10 yards. This is the first time I emptied out full clips in any pistol. I’m a total neophyte. But I did O.K., enough to qualify, at least according to my own timing in my own circumstances,  but knew I needed some more pointers, and didn’t want a shooting qualification hanging over my head. I need the qualification to do the CCW course and, with that code of completion, sign up for an appointment for fingerprinting toward the completion of the continued checks. So, off I went to a shooting range where a friend is mentoring me a bit.

He said I needed 28 out of 40 to pass. I got 40 out of 40 first time. Of course, he said that’s nothing to be proud of, that I had to keep up the practice to improve speed and accuracy in increasingly difficult circumstances. Afterward, he gave me a few more pointers showing me what happens when shooting with but one hand, with the right and left, why it is that the out-of-date advice about “isometrics” is out-of-date, why I should let gravity do its work without further intervention, etc. He said that taking all that into consideration, I should be able to put in a bullet in back of a bullet in a target in quick succession. He had me fire off the last five rounds of my ammo in this way and… wow… One in back of the other as fast as I could pull the trigger, the ol’ splitting the arrow in the target with another arrow trick.

I saw two good friends at the range, renewing their concealed carry. I guess I’m a good influence on them! And then a third wanted to get his…

In going to get more ammo afterward, I met an Airforce/CIA guy who knows my Army/CIA friend. What a great group of people in this area. Both these guys took care of our Embassies and Consulates right around the world. They all know each other of course. They all retire here. They would all know my FBI friend who issued me a false passport for my own protection years ago, you know, the once in charge of the investigation of the sites of the Nairobi and other embassy bombings at the time.

Just to say, I find dealing with guns so entirely second nature however much a neophyte I am, having been a bit of natural at being a sharpshooter as a kid and now, I think, pretty handy with a pistol, that I have to thank our Lord for protecting my vocation by keeping me away from guns during my teenage years. My dad was pretty close friends with the FBI, inviting them over for conferences for instance, that I would surely have been sorely, sorely, sorely tempted to join up with the FBI instead of the seminary had I been a gun fanatic. What did I know of the CIA in those days? I would get to be friends with them (or vice versa, as they hunted me down) after I was ordained a deacon and started winding up in difficult circumstances with rather interesting people. Again, I’m very thankful to our Lord that I’m a priest and I’m happy to be a priest.

Anyway, the second I started to write this post (before publishing it!) the CIA paid a visit. I think the CIA crowd are great. They can a bit Kryptos. Anyway, I’d like to give them a retreat fit for their circumstances in life. It would be something along the lines of that post: Solving Kryptos – Part 4 – Coriolis effect – Crux stat dum volvitur orbis.

BTW: One of my mentors is Jewish (like me). He lives on a road where the locals pretty continuously take pot shots at passing cars that “don’t belong there,” and that, of course, would include the usual targets of the KKK, that is, Catholics, Jews and black people (with me being two of the three). He said they don’t shoot at him because his reputation with a gun is well known. He would shoot twice: the first bullet would knock down the bullet coming at him, and the second would hit its target. I told him that this is a frequent occurrence in my parish (I won’t say quite where), as I have now been told by quite a number of parishioners who are pretty disgusted with the situation.

Anyway, I really do realize I still have to dedicate a post to why priests can and even should carry. Patience!


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Laudie-dog Drug-dog

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I’ve dealt with a lot of druggies in my day, and I must say that I never came across a druggie who was using drugs for “recreational use” or whom drugs made more mellow or laid back or just giggly and nothing more. Instead, there’s always anger, depression, escapism, and conformism and thus a pretending to be “cool” by way of subservience to the tyranny of relativism of the lowest common denominator of self-loathing (and therefore loathing of everything and everyone else). And, by the way, no… Laudie dog was not given any drugs for these pictures. She was yawning and stretching after a nap:

laudie drug dog 5

Laudie-dog is always happy to be Laudie-dog. And we should be happy to be Temples of the Holy Spirit with the peace and joy and gentleness and goodness and kindness and self-control that are given in abundance by the Holy Spirit. Trying to have all those things by our own determination would lead to a frustration that would put anyone on drugs. Receiving the same from the Holy Spirit is altogether different. Humble thanksgiving is where it’s at, always, without exception. Humble. Thanksgiving. Humble. Thanksgiving.

Speaking of drugs, the little towns of my parish are mired in them. There were drug houses on both sides of one of our churches. I just kept taking all the licence plate tag numbers of the customers continuously and obnoxiously, flashing my high-beams, all that, making it obvious what I was doing. That takes about a month or two if you’re on-site for the whole operation to move away. But I did it, meth-lab after meth-lab. They were really unhappy. Not very smart on my part, I suppose, but I have no time for for that kind of aggressive abuse of humanity. I’ve dealt with it all way too close to home for way too long a time. Am I willing to accompany druggies? Of course, but first, put the guns down and toss the drugs. While I don’t think that guns make anyone more violent, I do think that drugs open up that possibility. Drugs and guns don’t mix.

Laudie-dog’s teeth are her “guns” but they don’t make her more violent even when she’s finishing up taking the ol’ yawning drug (even though she looks a heck of a lot meaner):

laudie drug dog 6

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Fr George: WNC Baptist snake handler


How shameful! Father George is in a short-sleeved clergy tactical work shirt with the collar open doing a bit of R and R! And he’s, he’s, he’s a man of ecumenism, practicing up to be a Western North Carolina Baptist Minister Snake Handler! Surely he’s a snake in the grass! Whatever you want to call him (Eastern Racer, Bull Snake, Rat Snake, Black Snake, Snake in the Grass, Satan…), this is the friendliest kind of serpent in the world. Oh, I’m talking about the snake, not me! Or do I protest too much? Anyway, these guys are happy to laze around in the sun right in front of you, keeping a watchful eye for varmints.

It was a local one-time Baptist minister friend who was happy to see me practicing up. He’s the one who brought the snake over to a parishioner’s house as there was a developing problem of rats eating the dog food, a serious concern since she raises the best cadaver, drug, bomb, protection, accompaniment, PTSD, and especially bite-dogs in North America. Everyone was scared of the snake, only because they think such snakes bite. They don’t. But her bite-dogs do bite. One of them broke her training “arm” with one bite. She said she saw one bite-dog break both forearm bones and rip off the forearm of someone in one bite. Serious dogs. I’m making friends with the one that law enforcement is especially afraid of. So far, he sits down for me upon request, but at this point that only means that he’s happy to make a meal of me while sitting down. Yikes!

In these days of great confusion in both the Church and the world, I think we need to remember a sense of humor amidst all the darkness, and be able to bring joy to those around us. We are all Missionaries of Mercy when we do this, as this brings people hope. Archbishop Fulton Sheen once said that making people who suffer laugh was a great act of mercy. When we suffer we tend to drag all the hurt of the past into the present, and then project all that into the future dragging that, then, back into the present as well, making for unbearable suffering. But when, in the present moment, one is brought into innocent laughter, all of this mind-game with time of past and future is shattered, giving one hope for the future regardless of the past because of present goodness. Our greatest fears are brought under control with the love that Jesus Himself provides to us, His littlest children.

Update: sent in by a reader with the request of making a parallel video for priestly vocations:


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Conspiracies are not non-existent merely because they are conspiracies


Update: Charlene will be happy. Trident has been taken to the pound in hopes of finding the owner. ///

The EMT/Fire Department/Road Construction neighbor, in cahoots with another family among the neighbors who work and volunteer at the animal shelter in Marble, caught another dog on the loose (not from the puppy mill) and, because it’s after hours, brought it over to the rectory because I have a little fenced in area, you know, just for night, they say, while also bringing food and a food dish and a water dish. I know what they’re up to. It’s a conspiracy. To those who dismiss conspiracies just because they are conspiracies, you’ll just have to get over it, because that’s what it is. “Father George needs a dog!” I have to wonder if my guardian angel is in on the conspiracy.

She, fully a “she” by the way, which would have to be “fixed” around this part of the country, has a collar, but with no name, no number, no medical tattoos. There could be a chip. They’re coming back in the morning to grab her and bring her off to the animal shelter so as to put her through the process of looking for a possible owner. They’re leaving it up to me, of course, but the conspiracy was not at all hidden. They were having a really good time of it, laughing about it when I said, “I know what you’re all up to!” I’m afraid they’re going to keep bringing me dogs until I accept one. This one is super smart. Super gentle. Not an unnecessary barker, but instantly super protective. Hmmm…

Just to say, I went by the place whence a possible pure-bred German Shepherd puppy might come my way, but I didn’t stop when I was reminded just how big they can get. Wikipedia says 75 pounds for males, less so for females, but she said she has one at 120 pounds, and not overweight! They were enormous, and would never fit in my little trucks.

The one pictured above is mid-size at full grown puppy size. Whatever else this is, it is in large part “hound-dog”, that is, a Rhodesian Ridgeback, that is, a Lion Dog, the hell-dog of all dogs not because it’s from hell, but because it can stare hell in the face and take it on and win easily. The smartest and most ferocious of all dogs, though best as a watch dog, not a guard dog. These are simply way too active. Super gentle to the owner and to others if socialized. This dog is a few inches short of the standard, standing only 20 inches at the shoulder. The curved back brings her to 22 inches. She holds her head high.

“This is the Navy Seals of dog breeds and can keep up with a running horse for 30 miles.”

Extremely protective, extremely loyal, extremely active. This would have been the perfect dog for me at the hermitage, and was, as Laudie-dog was another example of the same, except not quite as pure-bred as this one, so just a bit more on the quiet side, until actual lions and bears and wolves came along. Nothing like that here, except for the human kind. I just couldn’t give this dog the attention and unstoppable exercise and training it must have. On the other hand, maybe this would be just the impetus to get me to exercise a bit.

If I were to keep this dog, I would name her Trident.

I am always thankful to the Navy Seals for the protection they offered to me back in the day. Anyway, to the point, there’s always an analogy to be made:

  • Sometimes there are good conspiracies. Indeed. We have seen them.
  • Sometimes there are evil conspiracies. Indeed. We have seen them.

Considering that last point, you do remember that the gates of hell shall not prevail, right?


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