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Homily: Jesus chooses the Apostles for… Wait… What?

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2021-01-22 · 6:56 pm

Homily: Scripture Scholars and Demons hiding Jesus being the Son of God

If it seems that I’m a bit irritated with the inanity of some of fellow “Scripture Scholars” and their fake “Messianic Secret,” well, you would be right.

Full disclosure, this Gospel passage is on exorcism. And I’m buried in exorcism cases. Some of my fellow “Scripture Scholars” would be the absolute worst assistants to have at an exorcism.

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Inauguration Day Homily 20 Jan 2021: Baiting getting murdered by your government. Jesus is the best!

Someone said I just had to put this up. Am I angry? Yep. So is Jesus.


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Homily on homilies: Jesus and His priests – 7 January 2021 –

I forgot to mention here that speaking about the Sacred Mysteries, about Jesus, Christ our God, during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, sometimes makes me choked up, as is the case with another priest I know. We priests are so unworthy to speak in witness of God’s Truth and Love, and Jesus is listening, appraising, judging… That just about kills me right there.


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Homily: Jesus and John a bunch of meanies mocking party-boy Herod?

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2020-12-24 · 8:22 am

Homily: my penance for my Confession

Domine, non sum dignus!

We interpret the Scriptures, words inspired by the Holy Spirit to form us into the Eternal Word now Incarnate, by finally getting over ourselves to see what’s actually happening, and that is Christ Jesus everywhere from Genesis to the Apocalypse laying down our lives with His, for He is the Head of the Body and we are the members. If He lays down His life for us, taking us deadly seriously, He wants us to take Him deadly seriously instead of ourselves, and have our lives laid down with His. It’s one Body of Christ, Jesus the Head of the Body, we the members.


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Homily: You SHALL love the Lord thy God with your ALL. Meanwhile a thief came in…

This is about methodology for doing an examination of conscience. It’s rather Christocentric, as it should be in order to do it with any success.

Meanwhile, before the end of Sunday Mass someone removed all the voter guides and prayers for people to vote according to proper morality which respects life from conception to natural death and which respects the free exercise of religion, etc. They were all put back after everyone had left, maybe after having listened to this very sermon on a proper examination of conscience. I will personally hand these out this coming Sunday (November 1, 2020). I had a copy of the voter guide, showing people, and a copy of the prayer, to which everyone listened. The guide and the prayer come from Priests for Life, Father Pavone, for whom I have a great deal of respect.

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Election sermon 2020: Tell me, IRS, can I keep this up? Thank you Fr James Altman

  • I didn’t mention any names.
  • I didn’t endorse anyone.
  • I didn’t tell anyone who to vote for.
  • I didn’t mention any political parties.

So, let’s see… I did mention…

  • The difference between pro-life and pro-death
  • The difference between promoting the free exercise of religion and the persecution of religion
  • The difference between socialism-communism-marxism-satanism and trying to follow the natural law and the ten commandments
  • The difference between promoting LGBTQ+, witnessing homosexualist “marriages” and recognizing that male and female in a family context is the image of God
  • The difference between KKK with slavery and respect for neighbor

Hey! Besides possibly getting an education from the IRS, maybe I’ll also get another lecture on how never to speak about moral issues in an election from certain ecclesiastical personages (who have no standing whatsoever).

What I want to do with this sermon is also to thank Father James Altman, who was smashed down for saying such things as I say here, although he has much greater rhetorical skill and fervor and solidness of spiritual life.

Father James Altman is an inspiration and hero whom I strive to follow.


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Homily: Working for the Lord? Incisive exam of conscience: Yikes!

Do we work to see ourselves working for the Lord or do we work for the Lord? It’s the difference between bitter darkness and joy in the Holy Spirit. Anecdote about a butcher knife to illustrate the incisive difference.

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Homily: Mary’s Exaltation of the Cross

After sixty years of life, decades as a preacherman Catholic priest, our Lord has now been introducing me to His dear mother. Quite the statement, that, I know, I know. It is what it is. This homily goes hand in hand with the one yesterday. From these two homilies, yesterday and today, can you guess what the homily would be tomorrow if I were to have one (Mass super early in the rectory chapel on the day off)? After all, that will be the feast of Our Lady of Sorrows.

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Homily: The big sin Jesus might forgive us: offending His Mother by killing Jesus

I had to quit quite abruptly as all this was getting me choked up…

This is an instruction about forgiving others when everything in us is screaming out: “Vengeance is mine, not God’s!”

I give a couple of examples in my own life to demonstrate how it is that we can forgive. I had to learn. It took years. I had really been smashed down.

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Homily: Saint Paul excommunicates guy who rapes his father’s wife

Wherein a rather vivacious apologetic is offered for the medicinal usage of excommunication. Here’s the deal: I’m Pope Francis’ Missionary of Mercy. Most of what we do is to lift non-declared excommunications, you know, latae sententiae. And then we absolve whatever sin, however reserved, according to the faculties granted us by the Holy Father. Pope Francis didn’t say that there is no such thing as excommunication anymore. No, no. He holds that there is so much latae sententiae excommunication going around that we need more personnel than is present in the Apostolic Pentitentiary over in Rome. Thus, the Missionaries of Mercy.

My internet interlocutor who challenges me on the Gospels of the day sent a missive just before Mass. So, what could I do, but preach on all of that after some remarks on the Gospel. I love it.

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Homily: Saint Matthew’s moment of saving irony, Chestertonian mirth

I’m so bad and evil, precisely the reason why I rejoice for Matthew becoming Saint Matthew. The irony is crushing, exhilarating, joyful, mirthful, utterly and only Christian…

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Homily: Jesus baits people in Nazareth Synagogue. Tsk tsk: Not a Man of Consensus!

Pretty much since my first Confession, my first Holy Communion, my Confirmation, I’ve been baiting the authorities that be about all that which is good and holy, not because I’m good and holy, but precisely because I’m not and I wanted, in all my cynicism, to see if anyone would stand up for that which was and He who is truly Good and Holy. Some disappointments were to be had as we are all so very week. But as I was ordained to the diaconate and to the priesthood my baiting intensified as a teaching tool, that by which the uninstructable might me shaken up enough that they might at least question the heretical positions that had taken up to rationalize whatever horror was purposely going on their lives.

It got to the point very quickly as a priest – under the thumb of whatever more seasoned pastor – that I had to be reprimanded as being too brash, too challenging, to much respecting of the moral capacity that we all have especially if we but assent to the grace of God.

  • “People are just too weak. Let them do whatever the hell they want to do, because we don’t want to offend them as they give us money.”

Walking into the door of the rectory of a parish in my first summer as a deacon, I was told what’s in the quote above, except replace money with new cars once a year. Seriously, before I was even greeted. I just continued my usual explication of the Living Truth of the Son of the Living God with all humor and charity and mercy, but the Living Truth was not watered down one bit.

Thus we come down to today, to my take on the Gospel of Jesus baiting people in His own hometown synagogue of Nazareth. Hah! Have I gone off the deep end in seeing Jesus’ actions as a vindication of a lifetime?

At the same time, know this, that people will forgive my own terrible idiocies if they see I’m actually trying to say something in sincerity about Jesus however much I otherwise get in the way, however much because of my own inadequacies I would otherwise obscure the Living Truth of Jesus. At least that. Jesus makes it happen for the good of His little flock.

But I still feel vindicated in not being “a man of consensus.” That title was put to us as the ultimate goal for which to strive, but this did not mean unity of judgement in the unmanipulatable Living Truth who Jesus is. Rather, being “a man of consensus” was all about being soft and nothing, able to compromise with the world’s sin, with the world’s darkness, with the world’s lies and aggression. Just no. That’s not what we are called to do. We are called to be one with the Son of the Living God, Mary’s dearest Son.

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How dare I preach about Mary’s Son Jesus?!

I had better get it right, because, if not, I’m liable to be scolded by Jesus’ good mom, the Immaculate Conception. She wants her priest-sons to speak rightly about her Divine Son, Christ Jesus, Christ our God, The Priest.

This family obligation, if you will, hit me quite strongly this past week. Because of renovations in the church, just painting and such at the moment, the statue of Our Lady of Fatima had to come down temporarily, so, she’s been standing right next to the priest’s chair in the sanctuary, off to the side.

I get distracted by noticing her fierce and, if I may, snarky eyes, as if encouraging me to speak more fiercely in an every more snarky manner. Since that’s the direction I’ve been heading over a lifetime, but more markedly in these past number of months, this is perhaps wishful thinking on my part, you know, the old “I’m blame Jesus’ good mom for any fierceness and snarkiness in my preaching.

I mean, here’s my view up close of those ever so fierce and snarky eyes:

Yes, she is happy to be our good mother as well, but what I see in those eyes is someone who has seen it all, and wants that the truth in all charity be preached to the little flock of Jesus her dear Son.

I have to recall when, at just 16 years old, as a Fatima Cadet of the Fatima Family Apostolate of Father Robert J Fox, I was able to help carry the statue of Mary on the vigil of the apparition of July 13, so, for the candlelight procession in Fatima the night of July 12, 1976.

These are the things I carry in my heart, into my preaching, to this day.

To be clear: what I carry in my soul is the grace of the good confessions of a life-time (at the time) in Fatima. Mary, you have to know, leads us to her Son. That she has interceded through the years that I might be able to preach about her dear Son is about enough to bring me to tears of thankfulness. Non sum dignus. Poor Father Fox, who had to hear my confession of a life-time (at the time!). His goodness and kindness and faithfulness have always been a good example to me to strive to follow.

It’s good to have a good confessor to whom to confess to Almighty God.

Go to Confession!


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Homily: Holy Spirit’s Joy vs self-entitled dark despair

Examples from the fake “joy” of terrorism, alternative “life-styles”, self-entitled narcissism, and so on, all in contrast to just when the true joy of the Holy Spirit is established by Almighty God in the souls of His little flock.

To anyone who might recognize himself in the alternative “life-styles” example: no apologies for my comments here. And certainly no apologies to the at-one-time largest monastery in North America (with, I think, some 412 professed monks), which was one of many home parishes for me when I was very many decades younger than I am now.

Oh, yes: Thanks go to the airport transport driver, really cool guy.


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Homily: Virgins galore, some wise, some narcissistic idiots

Homily challenge! I like it! Before Mass, I received an email from a friend who challenged me to explain some of the hard sayings of Jesus, conundrums, harshness that is apparently to be found in this parable. Challenges, being put under pressure, make me thrive. I guess I’m pretty fired up in this particular homily, a little extended for a weekday attempt, but I can help it.

If you have any homily/sermon challenges for future attempts of this preacher-man to be faithful to the Holy Spirit, let me know before that Mass by way of a comment on any post whatsoever. The comments are moderated, so out of context to that post comments won’t make it through, but I’ll see then. You never know what will happen.

I was first challenged about this parable of the virgins by a terribly cynical anti-God (literally) very top-of-the-heap official in the Holy See:

  • “Go ahead, George, un-street-smart naive priest that you are: trundle over to Vatican Radio to recording room […], and whatever you spew forth we’ll put up for immediate broadcast around the world. Trundle off now. People will be listening.”

Oooo! Pressure! But not really. Because the only “pressure” I feel for preaching is that I might honor Mary by saying something at least somewhat fitting about the words of her dearest dear Son, Jesus. Anyway, that Vatican Radio thing was something like 25 years ago. I think I about said the exact same thing then as the recording from the other day above.

Here’s the deal:

  • Jesus puts before us life and death. He’s deadly serious. Take a look at how he tortured to death, taking on the punishment we deserve for sin, the worst we can give out, He standing in our place, Innocent for the guilty, having the right, then, in His own justice to have mercy on us.
  • Yes, Jesus is being terribly sarcastic in this parable on our behalf, instructing us on how not to be the foolish virgins and rather how to be the wise virgins. And if that involves “harshness” of instruction on behalf of the foolish, so be it. Maybe it will get them to heaven. But it’s their choice.

By the way, don’t think for a second that – in our fallen human nature – those wise virgins didn’t suffer like hell to remain virgins. Knowing the impossibility of the same if left to their own devices and without grace, they learned instead to depend on God’s good grace, on how to live in God’s good grace, despite the weakness and temptation and darkness of fallen human nature. They learned to be humbly thankful to God: the gift of chastity while remaining in God’s love is in fact a gift from God and is the fruit of love of God.

By the way, don’t think for a second that – in our fallen human nature – those foolish virgins didn’t suffer like hell to remain virgins. But this was not something meritorious. They used this “virginity” so as to put their narcissistic self-congratulatory arrogance in the faces of others, prostituting themselves to “feeling virtuous” before others, “buying the oil, the love of God, at the merchants, the aggressive fallen world. So wrapped up were they that they weren’t even shaken by the extreme sarcasm of the wise virgins, a last ditch effort to stop them from flinging themselves into hell.

To be stark about it, we are not our own saviors; we can buy our salvation. Jesus is our Savior, and He provides this as a gift. Will we receive it, or will attempt to buy it by prostituting ourselves to rationalizations about how it is that we think we are so great apart from God?


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Homily: Jesus’ Mom is the “Dog-Woman” The most ferocious sermon of my life


When Saint Paul says that Jesus “became sin” for us, that’s rather a controversial statement. Speaking in shorthand begs some reflection, some questions. I take it all a step further, saying that “Immaculate Mary” “became sin” for us. This is a rather intense, if long, and emotional sermon for me to deliver.

I always and only speak from the heart, trying to listen as I speak to the my Guardian Angel and the Holy Spirit, since I know nothing and they know everything, and seeing that there is a grace for preaching in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. I may not have cooperated with that grace. You be the judge.

  • Some parishioners were profoundly affected for the better. Those people have suffered immensely in life, in all the truth of God’s charity.
  • In summary of long reprimand of one parishioner, this sermon was an abject, total failure on my part, and was a perfect example of division instead of unity, horribly depressing and dark, but that I should be of good heart, as I can use this as an occasion for learning.


  • I still see the “great faith” of the “Dog-Woman” in all her hellish suffering as the brilliantly shining glory of God among us as grace upon this earth.
  • I still see the crucifixion of Jesus as the manifestation of glory upon glory of God’s truth in all charity upon this earth.
  • I still see the Woman under the Cross as the manifestation of God’s glory upon this earth in a mere human being, although the Woman of great faith, the ever holy ever virgin Immaculate Mary now assumed into heaven.

Perhaps I am to be anathematized for what I say, but this sermon is what I consider to be the best of my entire life, bar none. Of course, I am biased.

Again, it’s a little long, but I’m speaking about Mary – OUR MOTHER! – throughout, regardless of whether or not I mention the “Dog-Woman.” I can’t help but speak at length about my mother and yours, Jesus’ Good Mom…


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Homily: Multiplication of the Loaves – Remember the gushing blood…

martyrdom of saint john the baptist

Perhaps like you never heard it presented: Remember the gushing blood…

I guess I got a bit passionate with this one. No apologies to the ever-naive. Grow up.


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Lenten Transfiguration of Jesus. Arise! Let us be going!

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