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Homily 2017 10 16 – There is one greater

solomon babies

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Homily 2017 10 15 The Ferocity of Jesus’ Marriage with His Holy Bride the Church

jesus faces


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Homily 2017 10 13 Fatima exorcising the world with Mary’s Immaculate Heart

sacred hearts

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Homily 2017 10 12 – Most Holy Trinity – Ask and you will receive

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Homily 2017 10 11 – God’s Holy Name

saint francis brother leo

Here’s the Wikipedia page of the fellow I mentioned at the beginning of the homily, and here’s something he wrote a few years back about not holding God’s name to be holy: Betrayal of Trust: David and Bathsheba Revisited.

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Homily 2017 10 09 – How to be the Good Samaritan

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Homily 2017 10 08 – Stephen Paddock: analysis of analysts & motivation profile

las vegas shootings aftermath

I hope I don’t get sued. It’s just my opinion. Free speech don’t you know.

Look, I know someone who was the head of security for a casino under the umbrella of Caesars, that is, number two to the owner. That one had been a special operator for the Department of Defense and in intelligence for that person’s branch of military service. A nice person, but even with that resume, simply not capable of the kind of analysis that needs to be done to prevent such attacks.

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Homily 2017 10 01 Prostitutes & Porn & me & St John Paul II (Yikes!)

I guess I should apologize. Perhaps I get a bit carried away. Super repetitive. It’s a little longer than the weekday homilies. The Sunday homilies are always a little longer.

I failed to mention that there was a story in the paper here about an epidemic of the local kids sexting and, with that, bullies right away doing the extortion and blackmail thing. So sad. So many hurt. So many drawn in and smashed down.

I also failed to mention that in another homily on porn way back in the 1980s and I was still a deacon. I was pretty ferocious then too. After Mass, I went outside the church and down the steps and down the walkway to the sidewalk down at the street. There were about five more steps down just before the street. I was there greeting people, who, instead, were pretty much ignoring me, looking a bit miffed.

Meanwhile, a girl, say, ten years old, came flying off the steps and threw her arms around my neck. She slid down to the sidewalk and everyone had turned and was glaring at me like I was a monster, until, that is, that the little girl started exclaiming loudly and exuberantly that I had given the best homily ever in the world ever, and that all other priests were cowards and never talked about this and it had to be done because it’s just everywhere and no one says anything and thank you so very much for being so brave as to say something and that was best homily ever in the world… and on she went.

Meanwhile, this out of the mouths of babes extravaganza was not missed by the Mass goers, who were now shamefacedly running away as fast as they could. Ha! Guardian angels set up this kind of thing. I hope it got a few people to heaven.

Also today there were many who thanked me wholeheartedly for saying some strong words. That’s encouraging, as I’m always thinking I’m too strong and too offensive. Perhaps today I was. I don’t know. Tell me what you think. I’m willing to learn.



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Homily 2017 09 29 – Archangels!

You’ll have to excuse me. I didn’t actually talk to much about the angels or archangels today, but rather followed the Gospel, which is always a good idea. I talk about figs, of all things. But you’ll be surprised that this is the key to being open to work of the holy angels in our lives. This is the key to understanding the exclamation of Nathaniel about Jesus and the exclamation of Jesus about Nathaniel. Humility brings us purity of heart and agility of soul. Both are necessary when dealing with the holy angels.



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Homily 2017 09 28 Identity Politics!

“Who are you anyway?” — Hahaha! Excuse the bad language of this video, which has nothing to do with the Gospel or sermon except by way of the most remote and ridiculous analogy, and it’s just that I’ve constantly heard this question proffered to me from about every government / military / intelligence services / Law Enforcement entity anywhere, and so it makes me belly laugh, although, again, the analogy is almost inverse as I’m about as inept at anything and everything as anyone can be:

The rough language is appropriate however because this is surely the spirit with which Herod asked this question about Jesus.

SORRY! The audio level on the homily is pretty low, so you’ll have to turn up your speakers to max. I forgot the recorder, so recorded on the phone, uploaded that to Google Drive, downloaded it to my computer, put in in “Audacity” audio program to dumb down to a lower grade MP3, uploaded it to WordPress and finally in this post. That’ll teach me not to forget the recorder.

What’s a good podcast audio program to use?

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Homily 2017 09 27 Forgiving Priests!

This is what our Lord thinks about having patience with priests and bishops and Apostles. Yikes!


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Homily 2017 09 25 Heaven and Hell

Heaven and Hell. Justice and Mercy. Yikes!

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Homily 2017 09 22 – Priests thankful for women who are thankful

women of the gospels


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Homily 2017 09 20 – Jesus, John, wisdom’s children: NOT politically correct


Yesterday was a breakneck day. Lots going on. After sending off Father Gordon’s TSW post, and after putting up some things on Serbia, I went, for my day off, to do a little target practice and tried some speed drills (from holster: 2 heart, 1 center eyes, all in under two seconds) and a couple of runs through the FBI qualification course.

Then it was off to do some errands in Brevard. Some friends invited me to stay for Galumpkis and then peach cake and coffee. I then chased off to solve all the problems of the Church and the world with a priest friend in the mountains. We wound our way through some of the most complicated and controverted points in Canon law and then settled into a long back and forth about how best to set up a theologate, who the priests would be to teach which courses and take which administrative positions, where the seminarians would stay and how they might be supported, on and on it went.

As it turned out, I only had two hours sleep when I got my usual hour long conversation with Father Gordon MacRae. After that, it was off to bring someone to their medical appointment on the other side, of course, of one of the tallest mountains in the Eastern United States. By the time I got back, just in time for Mass, I was about ready to drop dead from exhaustion. That’s my excuse for a very tired sounding homily.


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Homily 2017 09 15 – Our Lady of Sorrows

Mary pieta

Word-carved Pieta from Austria 1420 AD, not the one I speak about in the homily, but similar to it in a remote kind of way.

I’ve been recording my homilies these past days, but it never worked, until I realized that I have to but the little flash card in the recorder for it to work. Sigh. But I did it today.

About today. Here’s something humiliating but great for improvement. I realize in listening to this – it is so very painful – that if I’m thinking out a homily on the spot, you can hear me thinking kind of like hearing the grass grow. Sssssllllloooooooowwwww.

Well, now I know. Glad I know. Anyway, I tell two stories, one about my mom and one about Lourdes. Kind of. I need to be more prepared.

I also learned I’ll have to keep the recorder closer to me while I speak. It’s a little fading here and there. So I learn. Anyway, hope you like it.


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Homily 2017 09 11 – Preaching angry like Jesus [My very first upload]

Saint Augustine donkey icon

Sometimes Jesus was rather fierce when he was preaching, or even when He was working a miracle. In curing the man with the withered hand you have to wonder just how it is that all others present didn’t whither up when Jesus cured the fellow.

In this case, the challenge was more instructive than the cure. They were angry enough with Him to have Him put to death. This is rather instructive for those who would disrespect others by not acting in goodness and kindness and truth, you know, for the sake of being be politically correct, being ‘men of consensus’, you know, sophisticated and up to date, balanced and polite, never rough, never instigating, always team players.

But, it’s gotta be said. Those who reject goodness and kindness and truth are also effeminate, never manly, lacking in fortitude, cowardly like a pack of dogs, scared on their own, but willing to put even Jesus to death if they got the chance in a crowd.

So, I’m trying out Audacity, a free program that dumbs down the bit-rate so that digital recordings, say, of homilies, can be uploaded more efficiently. Let’s see if it works. I have no idea. I’m sorry if I sound angry in this homily. I tend to be like whatever Jesus is like in the Gospels. He’s rather fierce today. That’s the word: Fierce!

O.K. O.K. I’ll have to work on getting to the point quickly without repeating myself. Work with me. Give me pointers!



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