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Fr Altman: Best defense is good offense! Great LifeSite Interview, on FIRE


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Mount Rushmore National Repository, Trump’s Best Speech, Biden’s Hating

So, no wonder Joe Biden is forbidding any emphasis on Mount Rushmore on 4 July 2021. I get it. No fireworks to celebrate the Constitution that celebrates God-given unalienable rights. Dems what all rights to be repealed, trampled upon, given to whom they like as an act of politically expedient condescension. No. I celebrate the free exercise of religion, the freedom to assemble, to speak freely even when that’s unpopular, the right to defend the innocent from the threat of deadly, already being delivered aggression, etc. Let’s see… that fireworks celebration… Ah, yes…

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“I AM THE MAJORITY!” 2A must watch. Plus, follow the money.

This video is three years old. The situation is worse today.

The Demoncrats want a gun registry unto gun confiscation, except for those who don’t have any I.D.

Follow the money example:

The Sinaloa Cartel has owned Chicago for decades; it’s their biggest dumping ground for drugs. It cannot but be that they provide kickbacks to the Demoncrat politicos for the favor of ongoing attacks on gun rights so that the only ones left with guns are their scouts and runners and sellers and drug and safe houses.

And why is everyone incapable of following the money? Meanwhile, the “I am the majority!” crowd, like the guy above, is stripped of defense of self and the innocent from unjust violent deadly imminent aggression, even while guns are basically being supplied to the criminals.


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6 in 3 yrs: Police Chief Killer Town USA – Referendum needed?

We’ve been dubbed the Chief Killer Town many police chiefs ago. Not that I’m counting. It’s the paper that reports that we’ve now been through something like six in three years. We’re looking for number seven! We are often with no Police Department, or perhaps we have one officer, then two, or we’re taken over by the Sheriff’s Department. As of the other day, we have four officers plus one Chief. Great! That’s the most we’ve had in a long time. Oh, wait… Our present Chief, hired December 8, 2020, just resigned effective March 8, 2021, on his three month anniversary. Our anniversaries are in months for Police Chiefs, not years.

Hey! I’m not blaming the town in writing about all of this. I’m not saying that anyone in particular is to blame for the moniker Chief Killer Town. I’m guessing that came from other counties and precincts right across the state and in the tri-State area here, you know, perhaps without knowing any of the particulars, not that I know anything. We live in a rapidly changing culture. Respect for the Constitution and the Rule of Law is decimated.

But the real American Way is to encourage people to have their identity securely established by God, the Natural Law of the Creator being utterly consistent with the Ten Commandments, all that being a sine qua non, a without which not. Americans by and large police themselves with love of God and neighbor. The present national administration’s attack on religion on every single front is a bid to remove from souls the identity that they have in God. The only two ways to police a situation without God are (1) by fear and brute force (China, Russia, North Korea, etc.)., that is, by a Defund the Police movement that instantaneously turns into a Police State with puppet officers, or (2) by running from on high the developing war lord gangs and crime syndicates that flourish like never before as people turn to escapism and arrogance – entitlement mentality! – as their new identity apart from God.

In both these cases, honest police are smashed down, as are fire-fighters, as are EMTs, who are all part of the “establishment.” It’s the criminals against “The Man”. Anything or anyone who reflects even a smidgeon of civil society is automatically the enemy.

That’s speaking generally. Just to be clear: the outgoing chief resigned, and he himself super-highly-magnificently-wondrously praised the town officials. Great! So, the town didn’t “kill” him, right? I wish him well in his future endeavors which may well include law enforcement once again. He’s totally in good standing. Friendly guy. Very capable. He’s just stepping back for awhile. Considering the change in culture, I get that, you know, the stepping back of any LEO from all this lack of support, at least for a while. We all need a break to regroup. So, great! I respect that altogether. Good on you, brother.

The purpose of writing this post is to say where we’re at before the town puts out tenders for the job of chief, as those applying should know what they are getting into. I say “tenders” because I’m guessing that anyone brave enough to apply has some room to negotiate about circumstances of employment. The one who is most fit for the job of upholding the Constitution of these USA and the Rule of Law for the good of the town is the one who will insist on a number of things before taking the job. I have a long list, but, in providing that I would be speaking out of turn. So, I’ll just offer one suggestion that all other law enforcement agencies that I am personally familiar with have accomplished or it was already this way since the beginning (because it is just common sense):

  • The Police Department is to be entirely removed from the campus of Town Hall and moved far away to another part of town. Totally separate campuses. Different parts of town. There is a long list of available properties. All my other unvoiced suggestions such as ending all truly hateful and self-destructive micromanagement from non-LEOs would follow from this. This is the most important non-negotiable. It’s a fail from the start if this is not accomplished from the get-go.

That’s not to say that Town Hall is not already pushing this agenda of separate campuses. I don’t know. Last I heard, which is now already something from “back in the day”, plans were to construct a new Town Hall with offices of town officials and offices of law enforcement occupying – again – the same office area. Again. Separate campuses is a non-negotiable. I would go a step further about this non-negotiable thing: properties for this end are not to be been acquired from and cannot be adjacent to any property that is owned by anyone employed at Town Hall or any politician of any kind. Period. Seriously.

I’m seriously thinking of having a referendum put on the ballot this November 2021 about all this if the powers that be don’t proclaim that this is what they intend to do right now. In saying that I realize that I’ve laid myself wide open. It is what it is. The more I see drugs and violence and kids lives being destroyed on any number of levels all over town, it’s just something that has to be done.

Having said all that, the officers who now remain are all good guys, extremely capable, ready – oh, so very ready – to do their jobs with enthusiasm and integrity and knowledge, with seriously over the top skill sets. They’ve already been doing that, of course. I would trust my life to them. I would hope they would trust that I have their six equally. There are so very many in town who feel just as I do.

Andrews is a great little town, but it is falling into the hands of violent druggies. But if any future chief is not deterred by a challenge, this would actually present a day-to-day that’s super interesting, always changing, that makes a huge impact on ordinary lives of the citizens, so very many of whom loudly voice encouragement for our officers and again, have their six, and are quite capable of having their six.

But we’re quickly disintegrating. It’s totally salvageable and able to be brought to an exemplary level of excellence. But we’re barreling to a point of no return. We’re looking for someone who can take the reigns and let their oath to defend the Constitution and the Rule of Law shine so brightly that even the criminal element will be set on their heels as they take note that what’s right is also good for them. And that’s what we want, right? Bringing also the criminal element back to a proper sense of identity before God is what will be good for all souls still involved with this sorry dark world. God is our Light. He is Truth. His love is honest.


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Thank you President Reagan 12 June 1987

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House Equality Act passes 224-206: All Dems + 3 Reps are getting matches to burn Bibles

Now it goes to the Senate. Sigh.

Anyone or anything which insists that marriage is to be between one man and one woman aspiring to be a family is to be outlawed. That’s sure to be a criminal offense, perhaps firstly a misdemeanor, then various levels of felonies which will end in prison.

What am I going to do about my Bible Study for the prisoners up in Graham County? I’ll already be in Jail. So…

The Dems are such fascist bullies. That’s always the case. Satan was a liar and murderer from the beginning.

The freakish, monstrous bishops and archbishops of these politicians who provide them Holy Communion… What are thinking?

Oh, I forgot.

We continue to pray. Ave Maria


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$17,500 hospital Covid payment per case. Stop that = no crisis. Guaranteed.

Fauci wants fear and masks well into 2022 even after “herd immunity”. India is already at that threshold. It’s pretty much over. Do some “cases” still get some symptoms? Rarely, but, sure. Is there a person here or there who needs help among them? Yep. And dying can be a fright for those with no faith. That’s what people are really afraid of. Fauci-fear mongering capitalizes on people having no “feeling” of security which stems from being without a bond with God that is stronger than death, stronger than any fear we might want to come up with.

Is Fauci creating fear to make sure there is mail-in balloting for the mid-term elections in 2022? That’s most probable, like 100%. Are the vote counting “irregularities” to be corrected by 2022. Zero chance of that.


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Gun confiscation fingerprints? I kind of lost them in a boating accident…

Just the other day the druggies in my neighborhood were readying themselves to do up a home invasion on me, but my fearless neighbor, risking life and limb, chased them away. This happens quite a bit. Andrews, NC is the drug capital for WNC, for East TN, for North Georgia. The crime has transformed and increased to crazy levels. But we don’t have stats because, you know, why should they be sent in to state level anyway? We’re a nice town! But the State is on to us now, so I imagine something might be sent in, maybe for parking tickets or the like. So, speaking of the Second Amendment…

We hear much about HR127 which in effect is tantamount to removing the Second Amendment from the Constitution of these USA. I doubt that will proceed very far. But more recently, an interview with Wuhan Joe was published (now post-inauguration), which presents something even more far reaching in its simplicity. Wuhan Joe wants to confiscate all guns, though providing his personal permission[!] for having a sidearm if there are biometrics involved, so that, for instance, a self-defense tool will not operate unless any involved fingerprints are those of the registered owner of the self-defense tool. This, of course, requires a new purchase on the part of citizens in good standing. Surely there’s no kickbacks to be involved there… Um… Also, technology for framing individuals for crimes by way of fingerprint transfers has been around for decades.

Fingerprints… I’ve submitted to that process by way of black inkings and by way of all sort and manner of glass-plate scanners right through the years right around the world and right across these USA. The fingerprinting events of whatever method have always been frustrating, with whatever law enforcement techs becoming visibly annoyed and even somewhat aggressive with my lack of viable fingerprints. Hunted criminals try to “erase” their fingerprints. No fingerprints = suspicion. The meme question to me is then: “Who are you, anyway?” This blog has sported many accounts of this occurrence which, being so frequent, is humorous.

The last fingerprinting event came about as part of the process of getting permission for second amendment Constitutional rights here in what the Sheriff has declared to be a 2A sanctuary: Cherokee County of North Carolina. The nice officer worked it seemed for an exaggerated amount of time in an attempt to acquire something, anything of recordable data for any would-be fingerprint so as to send these off to the State Bureau of Investigation. “Maybe two or three partials, maybe,” she said after many repeated attempts, exasperated that she had reached the limit of attempts possible in the law. “I’ll send what I have to the SBI, but they will reject this immediately and we will have to go through this multiple times, setting up more appointments on this end and waiting possibly for weeks each time, and then sending it all to them and waiting. This may add months to your request for getting permission. But after many attempts they also will have to accept what is there and send whatever it is off to the FBI. And then we’ll wait again.”


“No worries,” thought I. “There are other ways of ascertaining who I am, and there will be no problem at all,” thought I, smiling with sardonic contentedness. Indeed, the SBI instantaneously approved me first try – instantaneously – but not because of any viable fingerprints. The nice fingerprinting officer was shocked about this, once again giving me the “Who are you anyway?” look, and offering comments of amazement. It is to laugh.

UPSHOT: I could never fire a gun that wouldn’t fire without immediately viable fingerprints, which wouldn’t work anyway except in perfect laboratory conditions regarding temperature (cold and hot not working), no gloves (which are common when working, and/or when in cold areas, like from Texas to Canada), no sweat (that you otherwise would have even in cold weather when there is an adrenaline pumping situation), no mud, no dirt, no new scrapes since the last fingerprint scan, no blood, and no switching of hands when your own fingers of your strong hand have been shot off (a not super-infrequent occurrence as you draw up with your self-defense tool right in front of you), a bad grip for reason of broken fingers and you shove a trigger finger into the trigger guard all the way to the palm of your hand to get some viable muscle to pull the trigger (no fingerprints there), and so on.

But I don’t have fingerprints to begin with. So, how is this Constitutional? I’m a citizen in good standing, and I’m being infringed. And, yes, I have a many reasons for carrying my now permitted concealed carry tool, also openly carried here in North Carolina and in this 2A sanctuary of Cherokee County.

The joke in these days about any gun confiscation is to say: “Oh! I’m so sorry dearest confiscation officers! I would hand over all my guns but I lost them in a boating accident!” But let’s update that for my situation:

“I lost my fingerprints in a boating accident.”

Go ahead and laugh at my stupidity, as I got what I deserved: While I’ve always had trouble fingerprinting, this intensified when building the hermitage now many years ago. I needed to fill in gaps under the rafters and I used expanding foam. I didn’t read the directions and so didn’t wear gloves. This was like a gorilla glue in the hair experience. My hands had glops of foam all over them. I’ll just wash that off before it dries, thought I. Nope. Rubbing alcohol? Nope. Gasoline? Nope. I finally read the warnings on the spray-can. Uh-oh. I then tried an abrasive pot scrubber. Nope. My heart fell. I entrenched. Steel wool? Yep. After many sessions, many hours each, my hands were entirely raw. It worked, but…

“You see these marks?” asked the nice law enforcement fingerprinting officer, showing me printouts of my non-fingerprints. “The story is embarrassing,” said I, but then I recounted the story above. There was deserved rolling of eyes. I laugh at myself as well.

But should I lose my second amendment under Wuhan Joe just because I didn’t read directions on a spray foam can while going a zillion miles an hour in just getting things done in my construction tasks, even triple tasking? Even someone who makes a mistake with a spray foam can still has second amendment rights, right? Believe me, that mistake will never be made again. We can learn from mistakes. And this wasn’t criminal and there was no criminal intent.

Having said all this, I still have two requests for Diplomatic Security.

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Unrelated, surely

Interesting, that, coming from the Dems. Just a little irony there. Or maybe this is hypocritical.

Oh wait! What’s this? Ilhan Omar is now the U.S. House of Representatives Vice Chair of the Foreign Affairs Subcommittee.

Ilhan Omar is the one who entirely dismissed the terrorist events of September 11, 2001 as “Some people did something.” But, we shouldn’t read anything into anything, right?

But, wait! Then we have this:

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Awarded by the U.S. Census Bureau (disingenuous baiting)

Hmmm… thought I. Very expensive folder. What could be inside?

That’s all a calculated lie, of course. Holy Redeemer Catholic Church in Andrews, NC had nothing to do with the U.S. Census Bureau. That’s a paradigmatic shift from what actually happened. I’m the pastor of this church, but I did not involve this 501(c)3 with the Census Bureau in any way. I myself talked with the Census Bureau’s representative who is beholden to the Census Bureau’s Regional Office in Atlanta. She proclaimed that I was very first contact who would be ever so important in gathering information on the Latino community. I didn’t cooperate. I was sent numerous invites to regional conferences indoctrinating valued partners. I never went.

In fact, the very second I met this lady I asked her if she was degreed out in gaming theory (one country gaming another into non-viability). Yes, she was. She had a doctorate in the matter, you know, from a Jesuit university up in WV. I immediately asked if she had therefore been employed among the U.S. Army’s terrorist intelligence mathematical engineers for the DARPA COMPASS program. Yes, she was. That would only make sense. Being employed also by the Census Bureau would mean that stats were her forte. That’s what DARPA COMPASS does in their effort to do up extra-judicial killings also of American Citizens in what they call a gray-war, you know, to make it all better.

I then asked her about gerrymandering political districts. She demurred. I asked about purposed engineering of answers so as to anonymize individuals but entirely compromise any promise not to gerrymander political districts so as to sway elections. She super demurred.

I didn’t cooperate with her repeated visits, telephone calls, emails.

But perhaps I’m wrong about this award. Maybe it’s a gesture of peace after what happened a short time after I myself sent in my correctly filled out Census card on time. Three thugs from the U.S. Census Bureau Regional Office in Atlanta flooded my phone with messages about a question they had about an answer on my Census card. I had correctly stated that I was the only one living here, ever. They mocked all Catholic priests and the entire Catholic Church by saying (and repeating multiple times) that since this was a Catholic rectory, therefore it must be that I am keeping women and children here. Just. Wow. What does that mean? Human trafficking? Illegal immigration? Prostitution? Abuse? Just. Wow. You know, precisely and only because it is Catholic. All these thugs and buffoons should go to prison. What they are doing is felonious.

And don’t get me started on the American Community Survey which this year is heavily pushing gender theory, identity politics, same sex marriage, promiscuity, and, it seems to me, much worse.

This crowd couldn’t care less about religion or sexual perversion or inversions or whatever. No. What is so hotly desired is that consciences be compromised. Once you rip out the conscience of an individual, you own their soul. They will be compliant with whatever agenda no matter how anti-religious, no matter how anti-American.

They send an award for my cooperation. Did I cooperate? Actually, I did. I dare say I went along with the program more than anyone else by explaining my disgust. They also appreciate that very much. They dismiss my viewpoints, thinking they will win conscience and soul in the end. What they don’t realize, however much they congratulate themselves for having gone to Jesuit universities, is that Jesus will win in the end. No one will rip the faith out of His little flock. And He, Jesus, will come to judge the living and the dead and world by fire. Yes, He will. And not even these thugs and buffoons who think they are so powerful will be able to avoid that judgment. I hope they go along with the grace Jesus does provide them to repent and be forgiven and be saved. Amen.

P.S. Oh, I forgot! They are surely judging how many people live in this rectory by way of tracking credit cards and seeing the huge amount of food I buy. Pfft! I do that on my own personal credit card, buying groceries for the elderly Covid-19 comorbidity crowd. Does the Census Bureau hate me and all religion for acts of charity? Pfft. These guys and gals in the Census Bureau are more monstrous than I thought.


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We’ve done nothing. We’ve not yet been murdered with the little ones.

“What you have done to the least of these, you’ve done to me” – Jesus.

Witnessing to Jesus by respecting the least among us, children in the womb, from conception until natural death, demonstrating the goodness and kindness of Jesus by protecting them as best we can according to our circumstances, is witness in which we must all participate if we are to make it to heaven.

Jesus hesitated not for a nanosecond to be so entirely in solidarity with the least of His little flock that He Himself was murdered.

The U.S. Constitution has been trashed in practice. Our Law Enforcement and Military are trashed. There are double standards, one for the bully State, the atheistic Marxist Dems, another for “the people”, “the proletariat”, who jobs are taken away, whose wages are gutted by demographics, by violence and arson and looting that is encouraged. In the midst of this, the ongoing slaughter of millions of innocents in the wombs of their “mothers” continues not only unabated, but now funded.

The great Father Altman once studied the percentages of Catholics who voted for the most pro-abortion administration ever over against the most pro-life administration ever. After weeks of study and agonizing over math, he reported his answer: Zero. There is no Catholic who voted for the most pro-abortion administration ever because anyone voting for unlimited death mongering is NOT Catholic.

Of course, anyone standing up for life, for the least among us, for Jesus, makes him- or herself a target for the new Marxist death squads. If you’ve been watching the legislation being proposed in the all-Dem Congress you know what I mean. If you’ve been watching the Executive Orders being signed by Wuhan Joe, you know what I mean.

So many of my fellow (Arch)Bishops and priests are playing friends with this world game, friends with the prince of this world (Satan) mind-game: “We’re nice! We think you’re nice! Be nice to us!” That never works. You just go straight to hell.

I remember the account provided by Archbishop Fulton Sheen, when the American soldiers were liberating the death camps. It would be quite impossible to face the evil rendered in those camps, the horrid scene of bulldozed mountains of corpses, but then a soldier saw one of those corpses moving at the very top of such a heap of corpses. It was a young lady who was relatively healthy. The soldier asked her what she was doing there. In incisive Jewish fashion, she answered with a question: “How can I live when so many of my people are dying?”

How can we keep silent when so many of the least among us are being murdered?

“You’re playing politics, Father George! You need to be cancelled!” Yep. That would be right in the eyes of this demonic world from which our Lord has come to save us.


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Mother Teresa 1994 vs POTUS Joe Biden 2021 at National Prayer Breakfast

Thank you, Mother Teresa, for standing up for the least of the brethren in the womb, for standing up for Jesus who said, What you have done to the least of these you have done to me.

Then there’s the monster POTUS Joe Biden, who hasn’t gotten the message fully 25 years later. For Wuhan Joe, no babies in the womb are our fellow human beings. Get a barf bucket ready…


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DeSantis and Cuomo duke it out. Yep. That would be right.

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2021-02-04 · 6:55 pm

Covid “vaccine” misinformation campaign foibles but not

The move to give vaccines to GTMO terrorists would get attention. This would be a forced vaccine, btw. Attention was to be had, for sure, but not what was expected…

So, predictably, Biden backed off for a moment, meaning it’s still going ahead, the forced vaccine part, and because it’s in the future, just not today, it’s all good, you know, the forced part…

As this is carried out in future, all Federal, State and local prisoners, whether citizens or not, will receive the vaccine, except that it will be forced.

This will set a precedent for forcing the vaccine on everyone. Mark my words.

And remember, the vaccine is not a vaccine, not an inoculation. It is technically a “medical device” and falls under “medical device” law. It is gene therapy. When your genetics are changed that change can be easily manipulated by the very people who changed your DNA structure. You are more manipulatable in your health. But we are supposed to trust the Chinese Communist Party at Wuhan Joe’s word, right?

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“Wuhan Virus” reference outlawed by China-Joe POTUS

Upon the executive order of China-Joe POTUS – “that vixen” (Luke 13:32) – all Federal documents are being scrubbed of any reference to “China Virus” or “Wuhan Virus”, and no Federal employee will be allowed to speak such words since they are racist words, he says, spoken only by xenophobes who are intolerant.

I recall Archbishop Fulton Sheen’s words on being tolerant. Those promoting absolute tolerance only of their own views, such as demanding the promotion and protection of the most blood thirsty of the Chinese Communist Party, congratulate themselves as being broadminded. But the Venerable Sheen quipped that those who are so broadminded are themselves flat-headed. He’s on his way to being canonized. Those who agree with him are on their way to being martyred.

Just to be nice, let’s call it the Chinese Communist Party Virus, or CCP Virus for short. That exonerates 99.999999999% of the great Chinese people suffering the murderous oppression of the CCP and places the responsibility on just a few people of a political party promoted and protected by Vixen-Joe.

Does the Biden family have any connection to the CCP? Just wondering. Just a question.

Anyway, I doubt that my limited reference to the CCP Virus will stop me from getting arrested by the Feds should I travel through the Federal Forests everywhere in my church-parish territories here in WNC and then make brave, while doing so, to mention the CCP Virus, like, out loud and everything, as the Wuhan Virus, or the China Virus. Indeed, I might just be accused of the same even if I didn’t do that. Same difference, right? Accusation is guilt. One is guilty until one proves oneself to be innocent (which can’t be done with such people, you know, the likes of a Pontius Pilate and his Kangaroo court).

The coddling cuddling of American politicians turned Chinese spies and operatives speaks to the brutal suppression of the American Constitution and the Rule of Law.

If any Federal agent, operative, worker can be fined and jailed for hate crimes such as saying “Wuhan Virus” or “China Virus”, then, by analogy, by precedent, so can any citizen otherwise in good standing in these USA be fined and imprisoned as well.

Why should a priest be worried about such merely political things? Because they are not merely political.

When free speech is attacked, all rights are attacked, including the free exercise of religion. It all happens very quickly.


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Too Tall Trees and Green New Deal. Excommunicating Joe Biden

The tree above was to be seen just behind the backyard of the rectory. This too tall tree was threatening many homes and many lives. It had to go. It was barely alive anyway. In some of the more marxist regions of these USA to cut down such a tree would be an offence that could send you to prison. People don’t matter.

It seems to me that the Green New Deal crowd have been staring at the trees of this world with the dumbed-down-vision epistemologically appropriate to the those who have eaten from the Tree-of-Knowing-Good-Dumbed-Down-by-Evil (to provide a better translation of that phrase in Genesis).

The Green New Deal purveyors cannot possibly hold human lives to be in need of protection over against an aging tree ready to crash down and crush their homes. Dems’ GND: It’s the human lives who are the enemies of the State, the enemies of the Green New Deal, you know, just because those human lives are now living. Yep.

Actually, what the Green New Deal comes down to is forcing abortion of human lives. If you’ve been following the interventions of Dem administrations at the United Nations over these last few decades you’ll know what I mean. I have many stories to tell, one in particular though, about Mr Environmentalist himself, Albert Arnold Gore Jr., outside FAO in Rome. Even tough ol’ Al acted out his over-compensation in front of my “spies”, among whom papabile are numbered. :-)

No matter what the “policy” [one letter diverse from “police”] the Dems inserted “language” about reducing populations whom the dark powers want eliminated, you know, all those Catholics, all those black and brown lives. Yep. “Is this a statement on agriculture and food supply? Make sure there is no population that needs food and it will all be good.” Always something like that, from a thousand different directions. These Dems feed on the demonic power of murdering the helpless in the womb. They are puppets for the demonic lion raging about looking for whom he can devour.

Check out the elimination of the Mexico City Policy by anti-Catholic pro-Green-New-Deal Joey Biden just now: “Let’s force abortion on all black and brown lives!”

Why is Joey Biden not excommunicated? “No, no! Not that! Give Joe Biden Holy Communion!” the anti-Catholic Archbishop of Washington D.C. screams at his priests.

Meanwhile… meanwhile… This priest is enthusiastically looking forward to the persecution to come. I only pray I am worthy to suffer for the honor of Jesus’ Holy Name:

  • The Apostles were “rejoicing that they had been found worthy to suffer dishonor for the sake of the Name”(Acts 5:41).

Remember, excommunication is the discipline used with truly fatherly church governance to medicinally bring back to the fold those who have by their own choice taken themselves out of communion with the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.


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FIERY homily against Biden! Who is this priest anyway? Fr Nathan the Prophet

No, really, you gotta watch the whole thing. Follow into the crescendo. Just a few minutes. It’s like you can see the fiery Holy Spirit. YES!!!

This priest IS the prophet Nathan thundering against King David (Biden):


Who is this guy and where? I so want to reach out to him to thank him, bless him, encourage him.

Update: whenever I myself want a bit of encouragement, I’ll listen to this.

PS: As Father said, we want Joe to convert.

PS: I’m listening to this again… ;-)

PS: Full confession: I’m listening to this yet again! I love it! Thank you, Father.


The following was King David’s response. We pray that Joe Biden will follow.

[Psalm 51:1 For the leader. A psalm of David, 2 when Nathan the prophet came to him after his affair with Bathsheba.]

Have mercy on me, God, in your goodness; in your abundant compassion blot out my offense. Wash away all my guilt; from my sin cleanse me. For I know my offense; my sin is always before me. Against you alone have I sinned; I have done such evil in your sight That you are just in your sentence, blameless when you condemn.
True, I was born guilty, a sinner, even as my mother conceived me. Still, you insist on sincerity of heart; in my inmost being teach me wisdom. Cleanse me with hyssop, that I may be pure; wash me, make me whiter than snow. Let me hear sounds of joy and gladness; let the bones you have crushed rejoice. Turn away your face from my sins; blot out all my guilt. A clean heart create for me, God; renew in me a steadfast spirit. Do not drive me from your presence, nor take from me your holy spirit. Restore my joy in your salvation; sustain in me a willing spirit. I will teach the wicked your ways, that sinners may return to you….


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Dems HATE Martin Luther King Jr

MLK Jr made a pitch against identity politics. His dream was to overcome identity politics. He wanted black kids and white kids to grow up together. Forget the skin color. He would be horrified at BLM, at the Dems. They are against everything he stood for. The only ones actually quoting MLK Jr in context are not Dems.

Also, just to say, would he not be horrified that we are missing something like 20 million black lives, so to speak, because of abortion being targeted on black neighborhoods? The Dems and their abortion is so very racist, so hateful of black lives.


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ISIS U.S.A. Solider wants to bomb NYC Sept 11 Memorial. But 6 January…

But then there’s this guy:

Or the zip-tie guy:

Here’s the deal: terrorism and inane acts never get anyone anywhere. It’s only emotion. Sad that people die, sometimes a lot of people, sometimes just a few. In either case it only makes things worse right around the world with untold numbers of deaths.

September 11 only made these USA more resilient even amidst the wars spawned. January 6 only occasioned people to forget about being upset about incidents of voter fraud, so that now what we have is a concerted destruction of the Constitution, the voiding of the Rule of Law, the might makes right of the deep-state now becoming a police state.

What I’ve been telling people for very many years is that back in the day, a “militia” for, of and by the people could in fact go up against an abusive government that is not for, of and by the people, since that government, back in the day, only had a militia on the same standing. That is NOT the case any longer. You simply cannot go up against the U.S. Military apparatus, especially when Military Brass is quite entirely in lock-step with jackboot fascist Dems, the very ones who are so against the free exercise of religion, the freedom of speech, the freedom of assembly.

All that is going to be accomplished is a lessening of rights of citizens in good standing in these USA. Period. Look, I’m not insulting anyone’s thirst for justice and righteousness, but this is not the way to go about it.

First of all: merely with some hundreds of drones kitted out with directional EMPs or all lasered up and programmed with coordinates, set out on a grid from sea to shining sea, the military can take out any dissidents who are merely perceived enemies of Dem ideology, like, within hours, literally. All ready to go. This is already old technology. We’ve had this for many years. You gonna go up against that? Really? That’s one example.

Second of all, and much more importantly: the only way to get back true patriotism is to recognize, by definition, that God is our Father. If we’re all just playing identity politics, it’s over. Everybody, get on your knees before God.


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As Trump departs to Florida, Comey promotes burning of Republicans

Oh! He meant the Republican Party! Sorry! Oh! I forgot! The Republican Party is made up of American Citizens, about 100% of whom are citizens are peaceful and are in good standing, but who are now considered Domestic Terrorists along the lines of ISIS. And you know what happens to terrorists, don’t you?

Oops! No surprise: Joe Biden has already reversed the Mexico City Policy. Our Lady of Guadalupe is not pleased. Nor are the angels. Innumerable children will be put to death because of what Joe Biden has already done with his presidency.

Oh, but wait, there’s more that I forgot, stupid Catholic priest that I am: the Holy See gave Joe Biden 100% praise, forbidding any critique of his pro-abortion, pro-“gay-marriage”, anti-free exercise of religion, anti-Catholicism until the Holy See got into the messaging game first with their 100% praise.

That’s a photoshop from quite a while back. But it seems to me that the purpose of the Holy See being joined at the hip with Joe Biden, stomping around in jackboots, kicking faithful Catholics in the face, is to make you depressed, go into despair, specifically so that you lose your soul. This is Satan’s trick. Always. I’ve seen this 100% of the time I’ve been called upon to do an exorcism in any of these past decades, in people of every age, race, background, culture, country. Satan wants you to lose hope, because then Satan wins.

So, instead… be hopeful, doing your best to carry the treasure of God’s good grace and love and truth in broken vessels in this world as Saint Paul has it. The fiery Holy Spirit to make us members of the Body of Christ, with Jesus. Jesus is stronger than death. He means to bring us to heaven. But we have to agree to let him do this. We have to have the integrity and honesty in His grace to keep the commandments in all truth. We’re weak, but all things are possible with Jesus. Set your sights on heaven, be hidden with Christ in God.


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