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Plea deals in an age of witch hunts


Father Gordon MacRae (ABOUT), falsely accused and wrongly imprisoned, reveals the injustice of our broken judicial system and the terrible suffering of innocent people who have had no due process. It’s a witch-hunt judicial process: upon an accusation that someone is a witch, she is thrown into a river:

  • if she drowns she is declared to be innocent, but then she is dead;
  • if she survives she is declared to be a witch, and then she is killed.

Thus, an innocent person accused of a horrible crime is thrown into the same river that is the sewer of the present judicial system:

  • if the accused is innocent and cannot fathom taking a plea deal, he will die in prison;
  • if the accused is innocent and does take a plea deal, he will not die in prison, but will effectively live with a dead soul, besides being shunned as a monster by society.

Amazingly, those who are actually guilty couldn’t care less what society thinks, and effectively get off without any punishment for their crimes.

This is the first time Father Gordon has written in such detail of his plea deals and his rejection of them. But as he told me, this isn’t about him, it’s about the broken judicial system which must be fixed. Please read and share:

Plea Deals or a Life Sentence in the Live Free or Die State



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Cruel and Unusual: Noriega treatment given to USA citizens. Prison insanity.

Alfred Hitchcock The Birds comes to mind.

Remember what we did in playing bad music on blaring loud speakers 24/7 for days at the Embassy of the Holy See in Panama where el presidente Noriega, terrorist and drug kingpin was holed up way back in the day, trying to make him go totally crazy and leave the Embassy?

It’s not that, but the sound of a hawk screeching madly every thirty minutes day and night that’s being played over loudspeakers for thousands of prisoners.

The speakers are right outside the secure psychiatric unit but echos through the whole prison on amplified loudspeakers. The noise of hawks on the hunt are meant to scare away pigeons (in their thousands) but at night as well? Really? Every thirty seconds non-stop is driving everyone crazy, you know, also in the psychiatric unit. And that really is cruel and unusual. Sadistic really.

Prisoners in the secure unit of solitary confinement tie 12 foot pieces of fabric thread to pigeons they caught through the security grates of their windows by dangling a piece of cereal through the grate. They then fly the pigeons like a kite and they then fly to Father Gordon and he frees them of the kite string. In prison, he’s the PLO, the pigeon liberation organization.


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Update: The cruel and unusual punishment of Father Gordon J MacRae


Father Gordon laughs about it. But it’s deadly serious. But there’s nothing anyone can do about it. Not lawsuits. Not complaining. Nothing.

Last Thursday night the right side of Father Gordon’s face swelled up, sealing that eye shut. He was in extreme pain. He has had a severe sinus infection off and on for years. This time it seems to have eaten away to the skull. Friday morning they said, imho, facetiously, that it wasn’t a sinus infection affecting the root of a tooth, but rather the infection of a root of a tooth affecting his sinuses… so… no big deal then!

They said they would get antibiotics for him. But now, days later, the next week, swelling still there, no antibiotics. That kind of rotting infection can cause septicemia, which is fatal in 50% of cases (Mayo Clinic). This seems to be cruel and unusual punishment, a kind of death sentence inflicted by no-one-is-responsible-for-this-it-just-slipped-through-the-cracks way of going about things. The next step is for blood clots to form, clots which kill off internal organs, killing the person.

An example: A prisoner is only allowed to renew prescriptions such as heart meds 5 days in advance, though it takes 15 days for refills and so people just go ahead and die. This is known, and, therefore, it seems to me, is murder wrought by people who may well be paid to reduce the “tax burden” by reducing the inmate population. But if you want less prisoners, change the sentencing laws. Otherwise, we’re paying to watch murder.

The “solution” right now is that everyone who wants to complain that they are actively dying because of a lack of heart meds should go to sick-call at 7:00 AM for all 1500 prisoners, with only 15 seats and with 30 people waiting and you are cancelled or sick-call is cancelled altogether periodically.

This reminds me the Gulag Archipelago by Aleksandr Isayevich Solzhenitsyn, who wrote about the scariest thing in his prison, not the torture, but the eyes of his torturers: no conscience whatsoever.

Update: He got his antibiotics the other night!


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Two friends: Father Gordon MacRae & Pornchai Maximilian Moontri

Pornchai Maximilian Moontri Gordon J MacRae

Back again in the same place, with Max again asking upside down questions to Father Gordon, that is, peering over the top bunk or a 4-tier bunk bed with Father Gordon on the floor bunk, this amidst a zillion other similar bunks out in the main top floor of a “new” pod to which they moved. The chances of this favorable development coming about are zero. “It never happens.” This is the direct result of your prayers. Miraculous. So, thanks go to ye all.


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Pornchai Moontri & Fr Gordon MacRae on the move, or not…

south 2

Father Gordon has moved to the top floor of “South” (3B). He’s a new arrival and so lives out on the main recreation floor on the bottom of multi-tiered bunk beds until such time as a cell just a few feet wide opens up.

south 1

Pornchai Maximilian Moontri was supposed to go there as well, but that somehow failed and failed again and again. We will see how that works out or doesn’t in the future. They’re working on some serious matters at the moment, so this disruption makes communication between the two much more difficult.

Prayers for success for what they are working on is much appreciated. Hail Mary…


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Fr MacRae’s request of Padre Pio: help!

Father Gordon J MacRae is not one to ask for prayers for himself, ever. But now, it’s different. He’s asking, with reason. For two reasons, actually. Continue reading


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Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, American puppet[?] treated like royalty

el chapo.png

Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman is in federal lockup, up on the tenth floor of Manhattan’s Metropolitan Correctional Center, second in security only to the ultra-super-max in Colorado. There are more than forty witnesses ready to testify against him. I’d like to add one more name to that list…

From prison, Guzman will continue to head up the world’s largest drug cartel (concentrating on cocaine, heroin and meth), which is, as expected, also by far the most violent. His Sinaloa thugs have killed more than 30,000 people, a third of the more than 100,000 people assassinated in the Mexican drug war. That’s not counting the millions whose lives were destroyed by his drugs right around the world, and millions more for succeeding generations. He is largely responsible for the rampant drug use in these USA, and is indirectly responsible for all the crime and murder and family sorrow related to the presence of drugs. Anyone who has ever helped him now has a debt of honor to work against him…

I would have some questions for our own government about all this, you know, why it seems that he was simply our puppet, someone who would destabilize a neighboring country so that it couldn’t possibly prosper. Remember how he was the hero assisting the U.S. government in the investigation of the assassination of Cardinal Ocampo? Remember how we supplied him weapons? Is he here in the USA because he won’t be able to talk much to the outside world about our partnership with him?

I would have some questions for the Mexican government along these lines, such as why Mexico, which wants to see Guzman convicted and imprisoned about 100,000 times more than these USA… why did they give him up to these USA?

Guzman enjoys 240 square feet of floor space. Multiply that by air space up to the ceiling and that’s 2,400 square feet. That’s one hundred times as much space as American prisoners in, say, the New Hampshire State Prison for Men, where inmates get a total of 24 square feet, that is, a coffin sized bunk two feet high, two feet wide and six feet long. That’s it. These USA treat Guzman like royalty. Why is that?


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My best friend Father Gordon J MacRae lives in a coffin sized prison-space


So, looking at this picture, double the amount of bunks, coming up with eight bunks, meaning every bunk is:

  • 2 feet high
  • 2 feet wide
  • 6 feet long

That’s 24 square feet of total living space. A normal coffin is actually a bit bigger.

The prison officials were in his cell the other day, measuring the bunks, apparently to see if they could fit in more bunks into the same space.

It seems they are trying to get him to lie about his innocence, in which case they would put him in the offender program in a pod with comparatively infinitely more space and he would then get out of prison as soon as the program was over. He could have done this any time in the last number of decades. He could have taken a plea deal and been out in a matter of months from the beginning. He hasn’t lied about being innocent until now. This kind of “space torture” won’t budge him either. Good for him. See his ABOUT page.

I wonder if those responsible (lay, civil, ecclesial) for putting him in such a situation live in a space that is bigger than 24 square feet for the few moments they are still in this world. I wonder how much space they think they will have in eternity.

Many forget, whether lay, civil or ecclesial, that regardless of anyone’s religion, or atheism, or whatever, Christ our God will nevertheless come to judge the living and the dead and the world by fire. Amen. Come Lord Jesus. Maranatha!

Oh, and on that note, I should add that once in a while some are horrified to find out that Father Gordon was accused, and they take that to mean he is absolutely necessarily guilty, even though the accusers get tons of money, don’t have to prove their case (just pocket money immediately), even though Father Gordon has not only not had due process, but has not been able to speak for himself in civil or ecclesiastical tribunal until this day, and even though the jury was criminally stacked against him, even though all have overlooked mind-numbing conflicts of interest by pretty much everyone involved, etc., etc., etc.

Those who have such pious ears are guilty of abuse as much as those who actually did it, for they promote a situation in which people will eventually get tired of cutting the heads off the innocent with no due process, and simply wont listen even to real cases anymore.

Did I say that Christ our God will come to judge the living and the dead and the world by fire? Now is the time to repent. Now is the day of salvation.


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Father Gordon J MacRae on the move


Above is most of the campus of the New Hampshire State Prison for men. Note the light colored building on the lower-left just above the baseball field. Father Gordon has been housed on lower-left of the bottom floor of that building for the last 17 years, after having been moved out of many years in much worse conditions.

Below is a view of that building from a perspective 180 degrees around. B-Bravo pod is the one with two levels, where he’s been all this time. He’s now sceduled to move to the part of the building with four levels, which includes 4 pods each with two levels (but not all the way across the building on the central door side): C-Charlie, D-Delta, E-Echo, F-Foxtrot. Father Gordon is scheduled to be moved to C-Charlie pod to the right of the central door (the two bottom levels but nearest to that door).


He’s been in a place with a two man cell, but is now going to a place with 8 man cells, which was always considered punitive. It’s unheard of a long term prisoner who has never had a mark against him to be moved to punitive housing after so many years, especially one who, like Father Gordon, is extremely involved in the life of the whole prison for the better. The little black building at the center bottom is called Checkpoint Charlie after the gate between West Germany and Communist East Germany. Here’s the perspective in 1986 from the Communist side:


We’re hoping that Father Gordon will eventually be moved to what is called “South”, which, in the photo at the top, is the three level building to the bottom right. Please pray that things work out for him. Here’s a generic picture of what a FOUR man cell is like:


The prison cell where Father Gordon is going was made as a FOUR man cell, but each cell in the pod now houses EIGHT men in one cell. Instead of 48 in the pod there are 96. Go ahead, try to figure out how to make an eight man cell out of a four man cell by using the picture above.

Here’s the deal. Father Gordon rightly insists that he is innocent. This is considered a failure of the prison system, as they want him to say that he is guilty. If he does, they would put him in an offender program and, after six months, release him. He has always been able to do this at will over these past decades, but will not, as he is innocent.

Here’s the irony. It is the offender program which is taking over the two man cells where he now lives. They are forcing him into worse housing. Incredible. Please pray that he have the consolation of walking in the presence of Jesus. Hail Mary…

P.S. Don’t think that a lot more faithful priests won’t soon be sharing the same fate if Hillary wins this election. She is intent on forcing Catholics to pay directly into the abortion super-fund by way of a side-payment along with insurance premiums. The faithful priests won’t do it. And then… imagine 16 in the cell above. It will then become like prisons right around the world:


And those on the outside will still have no clue, no clue at all. Oblivious. Hail Mary…


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