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Continued slaughter of the police – some recommendations

LEO Baton Rouge

From left to right (all were married, all with kids):

  • Montrell Jackson was one of two Baton Rouge police officers killed in a Sunday morning shooting.
  • Matthew Gerald was one of three law enforcement officers killed in a Sunday morning shooting in Baton Rouge.
  • Deputy Brad Garafola was one of three law enforcement officers killed Sunday morning by Gavin Long.

There is another officer in “extremely critical condition” and two others wounded.

LEO montrell jackson

R.I.P. Police Officer Montrell Jackson, among so many others, a victim of terrorist Gavin Eugene Long.

So, a “black separatist” walks around shooting indiscriminately at people, baiting police and deputies to the scene. He then commences assassinating them. He knows that, as an active shooter, he’s going to get taken out, at least eventually. It’s terrorism. Suicide terrorism. It’s not “senseless” to the shooter. He plans with weapons, with an armored vest. Premeditated all the way. He studied up. He gets what he wants. Now he faces his judgment by Him who will come to judge the living and the dead and world by fire. Please, pray for the police officers who laid down their lives that we might live, and pray for their families.

Take a look at this facebook post by assassinated Officer Montrell Jackson the day after the assassination of Dallas Law Enforcement Officers:

LEO Montrell Jackson facebook

I bet “some family, friends, and officers” regret their foolish comments now…

A few things:

  • Immediate review of response methodology and communications is needed. I’ve long said that advertising incidents on emergency channels able to be followed by everyone who knows how to go to Radio Shack is imprudent: “Hey! Let’s tell all police assassins where the police will be going so that the police can be ambushed!” I’ve argued till I’m blue in the face (pun intended) with a guy who spends his life doing just this, thinking that he’s doing a good thing. What he does would have been good in the days of Bonnie and Clyde, but NOT NOW. Now it’s aiding terrorists. He says that it’s up to them when they put up the information. But I say that any information only helps the assailants. War is won by info. Ask the CIA, FBI, USAIC, NNIC and the rest of the alphabet soup.
  • Take appropriate steps to be able to seriously interrogate and penalize those who know of such attacks beforehand but don’t say anything or otherwise aid and abet.
  • Take appropriate steps to outlaw groups which celebrate the assassinations of Law Enforcement Officers, creating servere penalties for membership in the same. This would include groups who allow their social media apps to go wild in pushing for the deaths of LEOs without “moderation of comments,” even while they claim they don’t celebrate such assassinations.

And then:

“To me this is not so much about gun control as it is about what’s in men’s hearts.” -(East Baton Rouge Sherrif Sid Gautreaux).

Yes, that’s right. What’s in men’s hearts.

There’s a lot of black on black violence. The stats are staggering.

The lack of fathers in black families is totally insane.

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“I have a dream” amidst church burnings and dragging deaths

mlk jr

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