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“Idiots!” said I to myself being an idiot: Dangerous road for the wrong reason

road danger 8

Still on Communion calls yesterday, and traveling perhaps some ten to fifteen miles an hour, I was on a one lane National Forest (Federal) mud road when, well over 5,000 feet up, with windows down, I heard what sounded like a soft explosion of the left rear tire of Sassy the Subaru Forester and then immediately the unmistakable whipping sound of a cable through the air below and to the back side of the vehicle. At the same time, of course, the vehicle stabilization feature and the ABS failed. In that nano-second, the back of the vehicle popped up just a bit while whatever it was jammed itself right through the cables of the tire.

Being bad and evil, bad and evil things immediately come to mind. For instance, some months ago some knucklehead placed metal spikes on a heavily used hiking trail in this Appalachian wilderness, purposely trying to have people suffer spikes going right through their hiking boots and feet, destroying, then, the local economy as tourists then go elsewhere. Merely putting nails on a road usually means that a tire will flatten out gradually over a day or two. You don’t know where it happened. No big deal. But if it’s sharpened rebar sticking up like punji sticks which pierce a tire and then get ripped out -being tied to a cable, well, that means that the tire deflates instantly and, unless you’re a good driver with a really cool guardian angel [ ;-) ], the car goes tumbling down the mountain, hitting every tree along the way.

Another truck going super slow immediately edged his way around me while I was putting the “donut” temporary tire on, and went in the direction where the incident happened. I then went back to look for the offending rebar but couldn’t find it. Hmmm. Other trucks looked a bit frantic, getting right on my bumper and then zipping away in the opposite direction, then coming back, then heading on, then pulling off the road. Seeing a fresh cardboard target with a few bullet holes in it in the exact line with one of these trucks now stopped, and another stopped next to him, I stopped and asked if they were doing a bit of target practice. No, surely not them! Each bullet shot is a felony which will be prosecuted by the Federal Forestry crowd. I hadn’t heard any shots. I figured they were using silencers. They said their were running their transmitter collar dogs (tis the season) practicing for the bear season soon to be upon us. I thought they might be poaching bears that very day (which I think is perhaps around a $10,000 fine and many years in prison for each bear. The Feds don’t mess around with this kind of thing. The punji stick rebar thing, if them, was to keep people from seeing them butcher any bears on the road. Cute.

Grrrr. Subaru says if it’s over 2/32″ wear (which it would be the way I drive the 13,000 miles I’ve driven since I put new tire on), that means I have to get four brand new tires. Well, O.K. I’ll have three other emergency tires, but that means I’ll have to get a wheel as well, as the one I have is just the “donut” wheel.

P.S. Jesus says not to call anyone an idiot because we’ve all done that which has more idiocy than all other idiocy put together, which is by original sin and our own rubbish we’ve all crucified the Son of the Living God with our own sin. So, O.K. I’ll say a prayer for these guys! Hail Mary…


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Going to Guadalupe? Pay the Mexican Military Cartel cash or die. It’s that bad.

ak 47 ammo

We had a wedding last Saturday in the parish. The couple went to Mexico for their honeymoon. They reported back that there are now military checkpoints everywhere in Mexico. They don’t ask for documents or other useless rubbish. They want money, only. If you refuse, they let you go, but they call ahead to inform the drug cartel in whatever area that you refuse to donate to their cause. The cartel stops you, and simply kills you as an example for others. This makes me upset inasmuch as my identity was used for arms transfers to the Sinaloa Cartel just when Joaquín “El Chapo” Archivaldo Guzmán Loera (now imprisoned along with his “godson”) started to terrorize innocent civilians, the government, the politicians, law enforcement and, finally, the Church.


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Monkey see monkey do “off the road”

car in the ditch

Driving in the ditch looks benign enough until you end up in dangers which have few warnings besides the ditch itself being, after all, the ditch. Sometimes people fall asleep or simply drive off the road on purpose so as to park, not knowing the dangers they face. Sometimes there’s a monkey see monkey do effect at play with some drivers all too eager to imitate the drivers either ahead or behind them. A LEO can drive near the edge of the road to test the sobriety of the person in front of them and, if that driver is drunk, he’ll start driving on the edge of the road as well. Clockwork. Sometimes people who are talking on the phone or texting get on the bumper of someone and simply mimic the speed and even turns of the car ahead of them, without once fully looking up.

Sometimes people imitate others for the sake of road-rage. Sometimes they do it just to be annoying. This was the case up in Graham County a while back, with the guy following others closely everywhere they went, that is, everyone, it seems, who was not born there, even if they’ve lived there for decades. This gets dangerous in this neck of the woods and so a sting was set up with the Sheriff’s office and the guy was smacked down.

This very following thing was happening to me the other day just at that point on that road in that county (same guy?). He had been on my tail for quite a long time, though staying back 200 yards exactly. The “exactly” thing, regardless of the speed I would go, made me put up my antennae. Meanwhile, I arrived at one of my shut-ins, a Communion Call, a 92 year old, and did a U-Turn some 10 feet into the ditch on the far side of the road so as to park, as is my practice, at that location. Meanwhile, I was watching the rear-view mirror, and the very nanosecond I started the maneuver, the other car did as well, like, without thinking, going fully right into the ditch where he was, but finding out that it wasn’t a great place to do that. Finding himself in trouble in the ditch at that point, he somehow got back on the road and drove past me all sheepish for being such a knucklehead. ;-)

Motivations become muddled with whatever is monkey see monkey do. Analogies can be made with political correctness, going along to get along, proving something to self or others as a reaction to whatever. Whatever! It reminds me a bit of what can happen at a Synod, one of those being on the road things. What we need are people who can just do what they are supposed to do in following Jesus, who went off the road into death, the Exodus (going off the road) in Jerusalem Jesus spoke about with Moses and Elijah during His transfiguration.

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The druggie girl strikes again: fried

fried brains drugs

A while back I wrote about the lady who almost T-boned me as she raced out onto the road without looking, how she then drove to a known alleged drug house, all without a licence plate on her car. Well, just yesterday, she was parked on the road outside the rectory (about 20 yards away), straddled across both lanes, moving a few inches when she saw me coming, but then staying there as if defiantly. I had to slam on the brakes to avoid hitting her. But, of course, I realize that she was totally wasted on drugs. She finally moved after a stare down inasmuch as that is possible: her vacuous blank stare really made me feel so sorry for her. I should have reported her but we don’t have a drug dog anymore in town and she would probably register no alcohol on a breathalyzer. I suppose our LEOs would easily see she was totally wasted, and could haul her in for a blood test after an easily made traffic stop, what with her being all over the road hardly knowing where she is. I really should call that kind of thing in…


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Assassin Game, suicide, the day I drew my gun for real. Solution to insanity.

the deer hunter

I saw this tv news story today about the game Assassin this time played on a defenseless woman being carjacked with a gun who wasn’t part of the game. The game is being played around the country at the moment in high schools, colleges and universities, also and especially off campus. It’s also called Gotcha, Assassins, Killing As Organized Sport, Juggernaut, Battle Royal, Paranoia, Killer, Guru Girl, Spy vs. Spy, Elimination, and Circle of Death. If you ask me, it seems to be a development of the role-playing “game” called Dungeons and Dragons, and came out just in those years that that dark game became popular among the same age groups.

Since it is also played in public, it quickly becomes not so much about any fake assassination, but about playing Russian Roulette as to whether you are going to be killed for threatening what for all intents, purposes and constructions is a murder/carjacking in progress as we see in the video linked at the top. Wikipedia has more about it here.

Just to say, if someone came up to my car smashing my driver side window and waving a gun at me screaming obscenities and threats, it would take me about a nanosecond to pump 16 bullets into him and any threatening accomplices, that is, whatever it would take to make the threat stop. I mean, how stupid and sad is that? It’s purposed suicide. Russian Roulette. I would really hate that. All of it. Terrible.

Just to say, I’ve already been subjected to one carjacking just down the road from my parish while taking a retired cop to the hospital for a surgery appointment. We came to a screeching stop right on the highway (lots of traffic in both directions) and, while the cop yelled at me to say the obvious, that this was a carjacking, I already had my gun drawn and racked when, as otherwise never ever happens, the police came screeching up at that very nanosecond, increasing in number to a total of nine cruisers. As you might imagine, this overwhelming force of the police distracted the perp. Game over. To warrant that kind of manhunt I have to think he was a pretty serious criminal. He’s one lucky perp. But, I mean, when does that ever happen? When are the police there at the very nanosecond you need them? Literally, just one second later could have been life changing for all involved. One. Second.


Carjacking of yours truly attempted right at the “X”. Note the guardrails on both sides. We swerved to the left, slamming on the brakes. Traffic was pretty heavy. Carjackers don’t care.

Anyway, this “game” has been going on in different forms since the early 1980s, but it’s catching steam apparently at this time, and the weapons are not only fake guns, but also bombs which waste the time of law enforcement, the FBI and BATFE. With all the real terrorism and violence on law enforcement that we have, this is all a really bad idea, and it can, in fact, be malicious. It’s a felony to purposely waste the resources of the Feds on idiocy like this. I’m all for people being given time in jail for this kind of stupidity, even pursuing felony charges if the circumstances warrant it, such as with a “fake” car-jacking or a “fake” bomb threat at a public institution. A felony would mean these people would not be allowed to possess a real weapon. Good.

Also, just to say, there are apparently “safe spaces” in this game where assassinations are not allowed. Have we ever heard of “safe spaces” for tender snowflakes before? The tender snowflakes are getting to be accomplished assassins. This kind of game quickly becomes practice for the real thing. It took only days for the tender snowflakes to go from giving a can of Pepsi to someone to throwing full cans of Pepsi at first responders. Right? This is no longer the dreamy 1980s. This is the age of total idiots. I really feel for the woman who was attacked in the video above.

Mass Lourdes Pius X BasilicaThis mentality has come about because people have no identity. For those with no identity, death is as good as life, death is better than life. An Opus Dei bishop was once asked what is to be done with youngsters like this, for those who don’t know where their parish church is, for those who are unchurched. His response was immediate: Celebrate Mass better. Yes, the sacredness, the mysterious otherness of God, the radical profundity of the creature worshiping his Creator, with serious, charitable, joyful people being the ones one meets at Mass. Yes, that will be a draw. Young people who are adrift, anyone adrift for that matter, without an identity, is so very thirsty to find their identity in Christ, to be found by Him. And here’s the deal: Jesus is already working on them. All we have to do is offer a little invitation here and there. What say you?


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Trip: Exorcism of a house (road danger)

road danger 2

Holding my phone camera to the passenger side window of Betsy the Nissan pickup. See the side view mirror. That’s straight down about 500 feet. You have to know that the trees here are abnormally tall, often 75-100 feet, with White Pines easily growing to 130 feet. The purple stole you see in the reflection of the window is extra long, which I had made specifically for exorcisms. It has the JPII Cross and M. Here’s the same place looking ahead:

road danger 3

And here’s a close up of where not to put your tire: just air for 500 feet.

road danger 4

A car passed at this curve and I overheard, “Don’t be scared!” I love it.

Before this point, there’s this, most of the way down, but still two miles so steep there’s a mandatory truck info pull off at the top and a number of emergency truck ramps on the way down.

road danger 5

Meanwhile, Betsy the Nissan Pickup was overheating repeatedly. That was fixed by my neighbor when I met him in town. Thanks!

road danger 1On the way back, there was this, worse than ever. You know it has to just collapse and avalanche down hundreds of feet into a reservoir sooner than later. It seems to have a foundation of sand over slippery bed rock.

Oh, and the exorcism? That went very smoothly, thanks be to God and Saint Michael the Archangel. I still have to resurrect the series of on exorcism, 40 some articles as I recall.

Sometimes my outings bring me to places where I wish I had a dog for protection, like if I break down (that happens quite a bit). Some of the places are really remote.  The rescued puppy might not cut it in some of the more difficult situations that I had to hesitate to go into but did. We had some small dogs, and some bigger ones when I was a kid. I know, I know, I should just trust, right?

Anyway, what if I did have a German Shepherd that rode along on these trips, and stayed in the bed of the truck chained from a shoulder harness to the center of the back of the cab with enough leeway to put their nose to the wind, I wonder if that would work, like at a supermarket. Someone said that people steal dogs around these parts for illegal dog fight gambling. And there is, in fact, a lot of that. I wonder if there are lockable leashes for just such a scenario. The orange dog is going to be shipped up to Connecticut for… um…




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