Democrats: Abortionists, MS13, Cartels

So, I won’t put up comparative pictures of D&C abortions and MS13 butchering of their victims. They look exactly the same. Democrats love abortionists and MS13 activities.

Are they all animals? No. They are less than animals. So say the great saints of the Church. Animals do what they are meant to do by our good Creator. Abortionists and MS13 members do not act like human beings, making them less than everything in creation, making them less than animals.

Sure, our Lord redeemed us. He would love to save us. But we should not praise sin nor the sinner. Our Lord wants us to repent, agreeing to be turned by Him to Him, away from sin, away from the way we were, so that we become one with God.


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Flowers for the Immaculate Conception (God is a mathematical God edition)


I think I read that over in the comments of a post about the stars and our ability to see the stars in all their meaning in the mystery of creation on These Stone Walls by Father Gordon MacRae (About).

If we were to do up a mathematical it would surely be utterly boring, utterly sterile, utterly… utterly… nothing, just imaginary numbers. We would never get around to love, to goodness, kindness, wanting to bring joy to others.

Look at that flower above. Is it dirty, nasty, imperfect? No. All those “stains”, if you will, are beasts of the animal kingdom, part of the ecosystem in which flowers thrive. Seeing that, and rejoicing in that, we see the enormity of the mathematics. Oh my God! Yes, that’s exactly right. And God saw what He had done and it was good, it was very good.

Those with some purity of heart and agility of soul and clarity of vision because of accepting the grace of a life of humble thanksgiving to our Lord and God will rejoice, as does the Immaculate Conception. And we can, in some small way, with her.

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Flowers for the Immaculate Conception (snake vomit barfiness edition)


Picking up garden snakes as a kid, I noted close up that their mouths sometimes had a bit of foam like that pictured above. So, in seeing this on plants, I always thought it was snake barf. Stupid me. My neighbor at the hermitage says that it’s actually a kind of mushroom. Yes, well, that reminds of a mushroom so named for vomit:

vomit mushroom

So, you might ask, even with me having given some pretty outrageous flowers to the Immaculate Conception, how could I with any kind of conscience give such as flower laden with, um, I guess, mushrooms, to the Immaculate Conception? Would she just not laugh, or perhaps turn up her nose at them? How dare I do such a thing !! How dare I !!

Well, it’s like this. If I should be able to gather a bouquet for our Lady, I would also include the yellow flowers with the foam above (because its super-interesting, at least to me), you know, to be in the midst of another outrageous collection of say, cattails, old milkweed pods, whatever. The barf mushrooms in the picture below would be crumbled up for a “floor” for handmade pottery wide mouth vase, with soil as a “holder”. Earthy.

Just my opinion, but I think it would make our Lady smile, and, perhaps, laugh a little.

Just my opinion, but I think she’s seen much worse with those who try to be just a bit too fancy in presenting her flowers, perhaps kind of congratulating themselves. I bet I’ve done that plenty of times, stupid as I am. But, hey, my barfiness isn’t overlooked by her. She sees my need and intercedes for me, for us, right? She’s a good mother. So, I just try my best, even if I don’t see how inept I am in doing all of this. :-)


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THIS guy? My hero. Like Thomas More fighting for his life. Awesome.


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Flowers for the Immaculate Conception (Foresters amazed by nature edition)


If you know what you are looking at above, you’ll recognize not just the purple flower, but also the leaves of orchids, etc., the whole wide variety you’ll find just about anywhere for many thousands of square miles in these back mountains of Western North Carolina.

I was with a bunch of Foresters last night and part of the discussion was about the relatively recent arson inspired fires in the multi-state reason. One lady exclaimed that she saw a trillium recently, and was ecstatic because, you know, it was where one of the fires had passed over. But, goodness gracious, nature is strong! God is the Creator! There are now arguably more trilliums than there were before. Anyway, there are zillions out at the hermitage, not to mention those orchids and such.

I’m very happy to see that nature is appreciated and provides such a thrill for people. That speaks, actually, of a yearning to know more about the beauty and goodness of the Creator, Jesus, without whom nothing that has been made was made. Just another step from there we have flowers for the Immaculate Conception.

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Seeing goodness in all, even in…


Hanging from a spider web, very much alive, jaws ready to clamp down on anything or anyone who comes near. Some people would say, “Eeeeww!”, and have to deploy a parachute, you know, the kind drag racers use to slow down after a race. Some people, like me, would say, “COOL!” and examine whatever it is all the more closely, provoking this monster in particular to get its jaws moving. “COOL!”

I see goodness in all things, even in Satan. Does that make me bad and evil? Well, not in and of itself. One can appreciate how God created this once good angel with extreme intelligence, with infused knowledge. He hasn’t lost that, just the wisdom that should go along with it. That changes everything for him. But I can still praise God for Satan’s awesome attributes which Satan did not acquire, but were given to him, like, say, determination, like, say, well, it’s difficult to think of anything more than that!

This goes back to the clarity of Saint Thomas Aquinas, who insisted that evil was not something, but a lack of goodness that ought to be there, so that the good that remains, though out of context and bound to be unappreciated by that sinful subject, is still nevertheless good in itself. And in regard to Satan being in hell forever and ever (where he himself wants to be, with all the damned), we will praise God because of that, that is, for God’s justice and power and majesty.

Indeed, God’s love is everywhere. There are those who don’t like God’s love, those who suffer because of God’s love for them, such as those in hell, who perceive that love as incrimination and therefore their damnation, but it is only God’s love all the time, just like in heaven, but those in hell don’t see this. They lack the foundation of the wisdom they ought to have. But I can still appreciate whatever good it is that they have left in order for them to exist. That goodness comes from God.

Just to be clear, let me say this: Satan truly is very bad, and, so to speak, evil. Get it?

Saint Michael Department of Homeland Security


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“Pope Francis – A Man of His Word” – Take of “ultra-tradition-al-ism-ists”

The movie is released in theaters wherever it is today, May 18, 2018. The Trailer seems innocent enough. I haven’t seen it. I don’t think it will be carried in theaters in the back mountain ridges here where there are literally only a handful of Catholics.

I only do this once every year or two or three, but I looked at a couple of the video responses of the ultra-tradition-al-ism-ists, that is, until I didn’t. I could only stand a few seconds of each:

(1) The first I looked at for a few seconds immediately cut to sleazy soft-porn excerpts of other films which have nothing whatsoever to do with this film. So, yuck. No. That’s just so incredibly dishonest, lacking in integrity, soooo impure. Just. No. Never again. Again, all of that rubbish had nothing whatsoever to do with this film. So dishonest.

(2) The second one I looked at, presenting itself more as a documentary, opened with some video of the magnificent and traditional and indeed chanted-in-Latin with the traditional text Exsultet, you know, that long and glorious piece sung at the beginning of the Easter Vigil by the priest or deacon. The scenes in this case were from Saint Peter’s in more recent years, but still the Exsultet of old, beautifully chanted in Latin. The video kept flashing on the screen some of the final words of the Esxultet which twice include the word “lucifer,” used, however, not as the name of the fallen angel, but for what it actually means in Latin, which refers to the Easter Candle, which refers to Christ: “lucifer” literally means “light-bearer” in Latin much like “Christopher” means “Christ bearer.” The idea of the video was to make it seem that under Pope Francis the Catholic liturgy is singing to the fallen angel Lucifer, but that is not at all the case. That’s just so incredibly dishonest, lacking in integrity, sooooo impure. Just. No. Never again.

But, I’ll tell you this, those kind of presentations are about the only ones that conservative Catholics (I know; “conservative” is a mere political term, but is appropriate in this context)…. those kind of presentations are about the only ones that “conservative” Catholics will follow on the internet. If what is presented is full of hatred and vitriol and lies, that is exactly what will be followed. It’s says more about the “reporters” and their avid followers than about who the report is supposed to be on.

And, yes, I am also dissed and mocked by the ultra-tradition-al-ism-ists because – even if very rarely – I call them out on this kind of hatred which smells of the evil one.

Anyway, I’m guessing that this is NOT a documentary on Pope Francis. It simply amounts to whatever personal take it is that the director has. So, whatever. It’s not infallible, is it? No. I’m sure there are inspiration shots of meeting up with those who are suffering, who are in the darkest of existential peripheries, but even that kind of thing is totally mocked by the ultra-tradition-al-ism-ists. Why?


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Flowers for the Immaculate Conception (snowballs everywhere edition)


These are now absolutely everywhere in bloom in these back mountains, high and low, far and wide, cliffs and the flats, next to streams or out on the rocks, just a sprig or two or wildly spreading bushiness.

And this is what’s so cool about how Jesus created all this: It’s one after the other. Just when whatever is ‘over’, then some other takes its place, even while times change, temperature, length of sunshine, amount of precipitation, always something for the greater glory and honor of God because being given to Jesus’ good mom. Lots of love there. Lots of joy. But this is even in tough times. Nature has a way of just doing what it supposed to do, but we get scared of rough times, looking only for easy times. But with grace, we can become more like the lilies of the field.

Recall Saint Paul’s way of putting it:

Philippians 4:11 I have learned, in whatever situation I find myself, to be self-sufficient. 12 I know indeed how to live in humble circumstances; I know also how to live with abundance. In every circumstance and in all things I have learned the secret of being well fed and of going hungry, of living in abundance and of being in need. 13 I have the strength for everything through him who empowers me.

Or, to abbreviate that:

Romans 8:28 We know that all things work for good for those who love God.

It’s like picking whatever flower in whatever circumstance of God’s providence or God’s permissive will, whatever form that flower takes, and giving this to Jesus to give to Mary.

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Homily 2018 15 17 – Fired up. Yikes!

saint paul martyrdom

For some reason I was really fired up at the homily today. Just seven minutes or so for the actual homily. But… Yikes!

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Everyone’s a critic (It’s a donkey!)


Some parishioners were down to the Poor Clares of Perpetual Adoration down in Alabama and, when they saw this in the gift shop, thought of me. That’s very sweet. How dare I, then, presume to give the artist some pointers about donkeys! But, I cannot resist:

  • Palestinian donkeys are gray!
  • All donkeys have donkey ears (long ears!)
  • Donkeys are not unicorns…. oh, I see; that’s Joseph’s staff (which needs lilies sprouting from it!)

O.K. Well. That’s mean of me. In reparation, it’s time to come up with some good points:

  • The Holy Family is happy, peaceful, content even as they flee from Herod’s slaughter in Bethlehem trying to kill baby Jesus, even as they make their way through the burning desert going into exile in Egypt.
  • The donkey is super happy: look at that smile on his face. Very nice, that. I love that. This is why I think donkeys are great. They are always in the midst of the Holy Family.
  • The donkey is snarky happy, that is to say, look at the eyes in conjunction with the smile. Wow. The artist is super talented to get this across.
  • The kiss of Mary on Jesus’ forehead is the most gentle kiss the universe ever witnessed.
  • Joseph is taking it all in. Such a heart.

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Flowers for the Immaculate Conception (Bowing in reverence edition)


Not at all sure what this is, about an inch long, a kind of grass, I think. It looks like a cob of corn with each kernel sporting a microscopic flower almost like corn which puts out a tassel, the end of each “string” being the stigma. This picture was taken at the neighbor’s at the hermitage. He said he loves to see these pictures as they seem to make each tiny flower the most important thing in the world. And it is, of course, since this is Jesus giving his good mom a flower. Each one. I love that. Whatever they are. Wherever they are. However they be. They all speak of the glory of the God, the majesty of the Creator, the joy of the Son of God surprising His mother yet again with a gift.

Our souls, so seemingly insignificant in “grand scheme of things” are, instead, noted closely, individually, by God, who says that even the hairs of our head have been counted. Indeed. And they are noted all the more when we bow our heads in reverence before God, right? Kind of like that “flower” in the picture above.


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Unwinding old Glock grip for good


Lots of stuff going on. I was very happy to have a day off the other day to unwind a bit, have a bit of recreation with the carry, doing up the FBI and FAM courses.

I really had to unwind my old Glock 19 grip in favor of another, and was surprised to see it all unwind and then come together quite immediately with the new grip as pictured in the foam dessert plate target above. This is pumping out a full magazine (15 rounds) fairly quickly at the maximum distance for NC State Qualification.

All the problems with the slide not locking back were, in fact, my “straight thumbs” grip (so that I was touching, even if just barely, the slide-lock), which I changed for a right over left thumbs grip. Wow. That was much quicker for aim, much more solid of a grip, and, because of not touching the slide-lock, the slide-lock locked the slide back when the magazine was empty. Finally. Surprising how habits can lock you into being entrenched in the wrong thing while you think you’re doing the right thing. It’s good to take the advice of others.

Putting up the FBI course, I was getting 100% until out at 75 feet. Then, as usual, some rounds went a bit wide for my reduced targets. So, only 90%. But that’s still a pass. I really should practice at that distance, but I don’t. It’s just so extremely rare than anyone would ever ever shoot at that distance. If someone is that far away, the question is whether you can’t just remove yourself from danger, though, of course, circumstances vary wildly as to why someone would ever do that (mass shooter, etc.).

Putting up the pre-2001 Federal Air Marshall course, I finally got 100%. However, it’s all invalid, I think, because I may have gone over some hundredths of a second on some parts of some stages (part one longer than the average, part two shorter, not bothering to do the average). More stages were way under the clock. What surprised me is that the thumb over thumb grip causes one to use more muscles in one’s forearms, so that there is actually noticeably much more control when doing, say, the one stage of the FAM course that had always been an extra challenge for me to do under the clock: at 21 feet out, one round in each of three targets each three yards apart (18 foot spread), starting by spinning about from 180 degrees (looking away from the targets) and from covered holster, spinning in one direction and then another (six rounds total) with 3.5 seconds for each sub-stage. [Disallowed in multiple ways on all non-private ranges.] This time all six rounds found the little foam dessert plates. But, there’s nothing smooth about it, confident about it, consistent about it. A good course is an anomaly. Unless this new grip really did do me some good.

I took a look at the FOIA provided MCOLES Firearm Standards for annual qualification (lots of great studies and advice) since it was mentioned by Mike the Cop. I wasn’t going to bother with it as it can offer stages that can be something like 1/3 the distance with a much larger target with two or three times the timing. But it does offer some some differences and those are always good. We’ll see.

I don’t know at all about the new police in my town, but the previous group, great guys, were all firearms experts with a wide variety of weapons, which is really good. Unprovoked aggression against police such as ambushes and assassinations is on the uptick, and more exposure to firearms practice, scenario training, and especially in situational awareness is essential.


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Flowers for the Immaculate Conception (St George vs Κηλεος Dragon edition)


Can you see the challenge to Saint George in the picture above? It has to do with the breath of dragons:

saint george fire breathing dragon

Let’s get a bit closer, but don’t get burned:


This fiery color of fuschia (pronounced with the Bavarian soft “sh” sound[!]) is of a flower called “Dragon’s Breath” taking a hint from the original Greek name Κηλεος (burning). Sorry about the blurriness; digital cameras just can’t capture anything with red except, oddly, the pupils of eyes.

Parishioners from Florida (half the year) and here (half the year) have finally returned for the cooler mountain temps, and went to buy flowers the other day. They saw this Dragon’s Breath flower and thought of me, you know, Saint George who slew the Dragon and all that. I guess this is an appropriate parish for me to be in, what with the world-famous “Dragon’s Tail”, quite the ride for motorcycles and mini-cars. [Riders beware. I hear the lead-up road speed limit just dropped from 55 to 40.] If you look at the very top picture, you’ll see it planted directly below the Saint Anthony of Padua statue by the front door of the rectory.

Going back up to the Icon, take a look at Holy Mother Church (the woman) and the Lamb of God. Do they look scared? Nope. Is George really saving Her or is She calmly praying for George, you know, so that he is successful in bearing witness to Jesus even as a Roman Soldier? George is being given the opportunity to be Saint George. He’s thankful for the support and encouragement of the whole court of heaven. It’s the one Body of Christ at work. His being a good Catholic was a capital crime for which the Dragon, the possessed-by-Satan-Roman-Emperor, would have George put to death, the very manner by which, persevering to the end, George would become a martyr, a witness, laying down his life for his friends, for Holy Mother Church, Saint George.

Giving a flower to the Immaculate Conception isn’t so much about us doing something; it’s about the support and encouragement of Holy Mother Church for us to follow through with an occasion to do just that. We’re one big family. We rejoice together, even in adverse circumstances.

BTW: As you see from the very top picture, no flags are out as there are torrential rains predicted, but I also need to work on the flags. The 3×5 American Flag is in tatters and needs replacing. I’m thinking, though, of putting up a 3×5 blue-line flag.

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Gina Haspel and Cardinal Ratzinger

gina haspel cartoon

Gina Haspel, by far the most prepared candidate ever for Director of the CIA inasmuch as she was able to follow just about every important case for decades. That reminds me, in a good way, of Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, by far the most prepared papabile ever, who followed perhaps every single important case in the Roman Curia for decades. Why wouldn’t you choose the most capable?

In the past, the CIA was nicknamed the Catholic Intelligence Agency, with good reason, on so many levels.

Yesterday I took the CIA aptitude indicator for a bit of recreation. I’ve done that a few times before. Always fun. This time, emphasizing different things, as they recommend, I ended up being most apt as counterintelligence working out of the Directorate of Operations. Haha. Recreation is important! So much so, in fact, that the Cardinal wrote of the Sacred Liturgy as “playing” before the Lord. A good analogy, if we understand the purity of heart and agility of soul of child learning to pray in all wonder and awe before the Lord.

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Homily 2018 05 14 – Everything I heard

guardian angel

When I listen to my own homilies I feel embarrassed, slow-witted. I think: “Just spit it out!” When in Rome recently, perusing the Catholic bookstores, the usual books of homilies were to be seen, excitedly proclaiming in their titles that this is finally the volume we’ve all been waiting for, the homilies that are “unedited,” you know, because no one in their right mind just publishes their homilies without being edited first, not even Pope Francis. And who would record their homilies and put the audio online? That’s just embarrassing. It is. But it is what it is. It’s what I said, not well thought out, disconnected, un-understandable, missing premises, missing the conclusions to which I was leading. That’s always the case.

But here’s the deal, the angels take even such homilies as this and, because they are given in the context of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and sincerely presented as a help to eternal salvation (imagine that)… the angels take such words and help people to get something that will be of help anyway. I don’t know how many times people have come up to me after Mass and thanked me for saying something, which they then “repeat”, though I never said anything remotely like that, though I wish I had, because it was really good! Angels are so cool. So, having said that:

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Homily 2018 05 13 – Looooong homily

fatima pope john paul assassination

john paul ii fatima


church of the ascension

After I apologized for the length of the homily, responses were along the lines of “That’s O.K., Father. It’s entertaining.” Maybe preaching is therapy after a rough week.


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Lovely Lady Dressed in Blue…

The above video is the most amazing, amazing, amazing, amazing, amazing recitation by the Venerable Archbishop Fulton J Sheen.

Lovely lady, dressed in blue,
Teach me how to pray
Cause God was just your little boy,
And you know the way
Did you lift him up sometimes,
Gently on your knee
Did you tell him stories of the world,
Like Mother did to me
And when he fell, did you lift him up,
And make everything alright
And did you tell him his prayers at night

I want to know my lovely lady, lovely lady,
Dressed, dressed in blue
Oh, God was just your little boy,
Your little boy and you know the truth
And did you whisper in his ear sweet lullabyes,
I want to know, I want to know,
I want to know, did he cry

Lovely lady, dressed in blue,
Oh won’t you please teach me how to pray
Cause God was just your little boy, and
I want to know, I want to know,
I want to know, so teach me how to pray

Teach me how to pray

Monstra te esse matrem!




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Flowers for the Immaculate Conception (There’s a donkey somewhere edition)


It’s the perspective. You’re looking at these flowers from Jesus’ perspective. Through these flowers, do you see the donkey, there, out in the field far below, looking up, there, to the left half way up the picture? We’re all that donkey. That donkey is giving these flowers to Jesus to give to His good mom, right behind you, so that it’s all like, you know, Jesus receiving “flowers” from this little boy to give to His mom:

shepherd boy


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Math equation priorities: rules for life UPDATE: Pornchai Max to the rescue


  • I would say 60. I would say, in this case, to do things linearly.
  • Others would say 15, citing a “rule” that multiplications are operated before all else.

Just to say, that latter “rule” seems stupid to me, as there are a thousand and more analogous situations. Is “addition” to be trumped just because it is a simpler operation? I bring this up on behalf of a friend.

UPDATE:  I asked Father Gordon to ask Pornchai Maximilian Moontri about this, seeing that Max is a noted world class mathematician:

Dear Fr. George

Considering your equation quandary, I have consulted with a noted mathematician, Pornchai Maximilian Moontri. He says that the answer to 5+1×10= could be either 60 or 15 depending on where you are in the West, we read equations from left to right. And in many Asian cultures they are read from right to left, so in China 1×10=10 and plus 5 would equal 15.

There is also a view from quantum mechanics which would be my cup of tea. Of course you probably think that quantum mechanics may refer to guys who can work on more than one car at a time.

Fraternal blessings,
Father Gordon

Back to the original post:

Mind you, I have a total mental block with math after my experience as a junior in high school when the teacher prepared a kind of public cage-fight to the death between he and I without letting me know it would be me in the cage. I think I mentioned this previously. For a month or two he told the class, every class (I think three or four times a week) that on a specific date no one is to miss class, even in the event of a family death. Everyone came. “All books, notes, everything on the floor,” he said.

Then he presented a super-complicated math problem, you know, with all sorts of numbers and letters and parentheses and square roots and symbols on both sides of the equation. He didn’t write this on the board, but in the air. We just had to remember it as he “wrote” it out while he described the invisible formulae. Then he called on me for a solution.

I was as sick as a dead dog, but, since I was somehow alive, and death was no excuse, I was present. Other students objected, telling him to leave me alone, that I was obviously sick to death. He insisted on me and only me answering. “54” said I. It was correct.

This was repeated twice more, with the second time seeing more of my classmates object, with the third time the class being an uproar against the teacher. But I said, “27”, and was correct, and “9” and was correct again. Something like that.

It was a bit of a Will Hunting janitor doing math at MIT experience. But, confused teenager that I was, I didn’t know if this was meant to encourage me or meant to have definitively smashed me into the ground. That’s when the mental block for math was dropped on my head. It might as well have been made out of cement:

crane cement block.png

I guess I’m altogether too sensitive and entitled or whatever. But that blindsided me. Never again, thought I. The usual being naive vs a general mistrust kind of dynamic turned into a much more helpful situational awareness, which looks for the best and is always prepared for the worst. I’m still learning about that.

Doing up addition of facts before escalating a situation by multiples of whatever is, I think, important. But, back to that equation:




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Flowers for the Immaculate Conception (“I’M SPIRITUAL” edition) Pffft


Whenever I hear the exclamation “I’M SPIRITUAL!”, you know, with a superior, bullying, brow-beating, I’m more sophisticated that you damn religious people” attitude… whenever I hear that exclamation I immediately feel indignant for our Lord Jesus, who was born with a very corporeal body of the Blessed Virgin Mary, who suffered in His corporeal body under Pontius Pilate, who was crucified, died and was buried, but then who, and this is important, rose bodily, a true resurrection from the dead, not just spiritually, what the “I’m spiritual!” crowd would say is hysterical imagination, but actually bodily. The “I’m spiritual” thing allows one, one pretends, to ignore Jesus and the commandments of love of God and love of neighbor, you know, because one is more sophisticated. Clever, that. But not good enough. It’s like taking flowers for the Immaculate Conception and, with real malice darkening that ever so spiritual spirit of the “I’m spiritual!” person, and then throwing them at her as if they were stones. They ain’t a gonna hurt her, only oneself.

It’s great how the great Ezekiel (36:26) says this:

And I will give you a new heart, and a new spirit I will put within you. And I will remove the heart of stone from your flesh and give you a heart of flesh.

Notice how he does NOT say “a spiritual heart”…

Here’s the deal: a spiritual heart cannot suffer, but a heart of flesh can suffer.

sacred hearts

That’s what those flowers at the top of this post remind me about: hearts of flesh that can love with reality. You couldn’t even see a “spiritual heart.”


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