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Our diocesan priests retreat 2022

We had our canonical retreat this past week. This was the best attended retreat in all my years. The retreat director was a believer. He wasn’t afraid to speak of Jesus. Great priestly fraternity.

But the best part of the retreat was the rearranging of the schedule diversely from previous years. This time the Holy Hour was a bit more coerced, if you will. Previously it was on it’s own in the schedule. Maybe half or less of the priests showed up. Now there is also the Rosary and Vespers and a conference during the Holy Hour. Everyone came. Ha! There was less time for quiet adoration, but we were before the Most Blessed Sacrament nonetheless. All good.

This new schedule was especially helpful on Wednesday when, immediately after the Holy Hour, well, adoration instead continued while Confessions took place. My station for hearing confessions was right next to Jesus. He’s the One. He’s the only One. Non sum dignus.

Confession for priests? Here’s a blast from the past:

Thanks for that, Father.

Speaking of dearest Mary… surprise, surprise. Our Lady of Mount Carmel (discalced!), had been repainted and was without a title. However, she was presented during the retreat as Mary, Mother of God. I had a good few minutes in front of these two.

More in future posts, but here’s a gem from the retreat:

  • The less one prays, the less one wants to pray. The more one prays, the more one wants to pray.


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Adoration in times of persecution from within

“Blessed are you who stood by me in my trials.”

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Adoration and the Rosary

One day the Rosary will fully be a liturgical prayer. We pray it during Adoration.


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Adoration in thanksgiving

The parish is fearless, showing up whilst the world rages. And so many Confessions. Jesus loves us. He’s happy to be with His Little Flock.


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Adoration during times of revenge

Because the nations always rage against the Lord and His anointed, and we only have a short time before all eternity. The Lord, who is God, He is with us.

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More on Adoration and commentary by Saint Athanasius

From the first letter to Serapion by Saint Athanasius, bishop
(Ep. 1 ad Serapionem 28-30: PG 26, 594-95. 599)

It will not be out of place to consider the ancient tradition, teaching and faith of the Catholic Church, which was revealed by the Lord, proclaimed by the apostles and guarded by the fathers. For upon this faith the Church is built, and if anyone were to lapse from it, he would no longer be a Christian either in fact or in name.

We acknowledge the Trinity, holy and perfect, to consist of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. In this Trinity there is no intrusion of any alien element or of anything from outside, nor is the Trinity a blend of creative and created being. It is a wholly creative and energizing reality, self-consistent and undivided in its active power, for the Father makes all things through the Word and in the Holy Spirit, and in this way the unity of the holy Trinity is preserved. Accordingly, in the Church, one God is preached, one God who is above all things and through all things and in all things. God is above all things as Father, for he is principle and source; he is through all things through the Word; and he is in all things in the Holy Spirit.

Writing to the Corinthians about spiritual matters, Paul traces all reality back to one God, the Father, saying: Now there are varieties of gifts, but the same Spirit; and varieties of service, but the same Lord; and there are varieties of working, but it is the same God who inspires them all in everyone.

Even the gifts that the Spirit dispenses to individuals are given by the Father through the Word. For all that belongs to the Father belongs also to the Son, and so the graces given by the Son in the Spirit are true gifts of the Father. Similarly, when the Spirit dwells in us, the Word who bestows the Spirit is in us too, and the Father is present in the Word. This is the meaning of the text: My Father and I will come to him and make our home with him. For where the light is, there also is the radiance; and where the radiance is, there too are its power and its resplendent grace.

This is also Paul’s teaching in his second letter to the Corinthians: The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all. For grace and the gift of the Trinity are given by the Father through the Son in the Holy Spirit. Just as grace is given from the Father through the Son, so there could be no communication of the gift to us except in the Holy Spirit. But when we share in the Spirit, we possess the love of the Father, the grace of the Son and the fellowship of the Spirit himself.


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Adoration on Feast of the Most Holy Trinity

It is forbidden on this day in the TLM to make any commemoration whatsoever. We’ve emphasizing the equality of the Persons of the Most Holy Trinity, the fullness of the faith, the Living Truth, One God.

But of course we begin this feast day with Adoration. No distraction, this. The Holy Spirit so forms us to be members of the Body of Christ, as Saint Paul has it, that we are brought by the Holy Spirit through, with and in Jesus to God the Father. Jesus presents us as a gift to the Father through, with and in Himself, now by grace, then, in heaven, please God, by glory.

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Adoration. Pentecost’s Octave. Mater Ecclesiae.

The Sacred Heart of Holy Redeemer parish 6:00 AM Pentecost.

Meanwhile, the TLM Octave continues on Monday as a 1st Class Feast. Vestments are martyrdom red.

Meanwhile, in the Novus Ordo there is a recent liturgical calendar addition. Monday boasts the Memorial of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of the Church. White vestments for Mary, Mother of the Church.

  • You’ll recall that Benedict’s residence in Vatican Gardens is called Mater Ecclesiae.
  • You’ll recall that mosaic installed above Saint Peter’s Square by Pope John Paul II is Mater Ecclesiae.
  • You’ll recall that Pope Paul VI made a dramatic intervention during the Second Vatican Council (November 21, 1964), so as to declare that Mary is Mother of the Church. There followed a unanimous, thunderous, enduring applause of the Council Fathers, all of them.

Let’s see… where’s the exact quote? Ah, yes: AAS 56 (1964), pp. 1007-1018.

  • “Therefore for the glory of the Blessed Virgin and for our consolation we declare Mary Most Holy Mother of the Church, that is, of all the Christian people, both of the faithful and of the Pastors, who call her most beloved Mother; and we establish that with this title all the Christian people from now on pay even more honor to the Mother of God and address her [the Church’s] supplications to her.”

Meanwhile: Rosary, Rosary, Rosary.

[[ Meanwhile, did you notice? Despite all the bad actors in the world and in the Church, the Lord’s Little Flock continues to stand with the Lord in His trials.]]

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Adoration on Memorial Day Weekend

We are most in union with the members of the Body of Christ living on this side or already on the other side when we are in union with the Head of the Body of Christ Himself. Adoration early in the morning is good for the soul, good for the souls in purgatory, good for souls on this earth, good for the all too worldly souls to assist in their home-coming.


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Adoration prior to SCOTUS chaos

Just because we ask our Lord that individuals might respect the least of the brethren from natural conception to natural death doesn’t mean that we’re political extremists. We love one another as our Lord has loved us. That’s all.

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Adoration on Mothers Day

Jesus’ good mom always adored her Divine Son, setting a good example for us, praying for us. Let’s see… Ah yes, there’s she is…

The roses are from the First Communicants.

St Michael protecting Mary on Mothers Day.

The crucifix waiting to go back on the altar of Jesus’ Sacrifice.


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Adoration on Divine Mercy Sunday

The Life of the parish, the Life of the world, is…

Jesus, Divine Son of the Immaculate Conception.

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Very early in the morning…

Where is Jesus? … But then…


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Setting up the purple, but then…

Filthy Herod mocking Jesus clothed Him in royal purple. We can hardly see through our tears as Lent intensifies. But then…


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Adoration 6:00 AM, because its all about Jesus. The Eternal Word is who we want.

Only some pictured. Just about record numbers for our tiny parish, not that we’re counting…. but it’s raining a cold winter rain…

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Adoration during the night

In recovery from being sick, Adoration was able to be held last night at Holy Redeemer. I love my parish. My Rosary was for sanfilipe007’s brother, who is much sicker than I was altogether. For him: Hail Mary…

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Manger scenes in Appalachia

At Holy Redeemer, above. Mary and Joseph are happy to have their guard-donkey close at hand.

Below, at Prince of Peace, the guard-donkey keeps a close eye on early morning traffic. Great situational awareness.

Joseph’s Donkey by Anthony DeStefano and Juliana Kolesova. It made me teary eyed, especially the conclusion, entering into heaven. Thanks to Anthony and Juliana’s touching illustrations.

The wood of the manger, it is said, was used for the cross of our salvation. I wonder if we could get a relic of the cross for our altar of that Sacrifice, where Jesus is to be found. Such extremely tiny slivers were put into pectoral crosses. No longer, of course.

Holy Redeemer above, Prince of Peace below.

Thank you, Jesus, for being borne amongst us from the Virgin Mary, so that we might, please our Heavenly Father, be borne into heaven where we might thank you and dearest Immaculate Mary again.


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Insane CDW anti-Christ dubia responses? But my parish does this! Hahahahaha!

Above, at Holy Redeemer very early Sunday mornings.

Below, just a bit later, at Prince of Peace:

For those readers who are “stunned” at my appraisal of the CDW’s efforts, and there are some ecclesiastics who are, as they say, “stunned”, I say this: the dubia answers state that Jesus’ Holy Sacrifice has NOTHING to do with the life of the parish. And that, my friends, is not just evil, but demonic. Objectively, it’s blasphemy, objectively, a mortal sin of scandal over against the Lord’s Little Flock.

Imagine, at the last judgment, with Jesus, the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world, with His wounds still in His hands and feet and side, His Heart, in front of you, and you screaming that Jesus is irrelevant, that only you are important, even as you run into hell: feel the POWER!

Here’s the deal, in this tiniest of all parishes in North America, we who are nothing, all agree with this:

  • Credo in unum Deum, Patrem omnipotentem, factorem caeli et terrae, visibilium omnium, et invisibilium. Et in unum Dominum Jesum Christum, Filium Dei unigenitum. Et ex Patre natum ante omnia saecula. Deum de Deo, Lumen de lumine, Deum verum de Deo vero. Genitum, non factum, consubstantialem Patri: per quem omnia facta sunt. Qui propter nos homines, et propter nostram salutem descendit de caelis. Et incarnatus est de Spiritu Sancto ex Maria Virgine: Et homo factus est. Crucifixus etiam pro nobis: sub Pontio Pilato passus, et sepultus est. Et resurrexit tertia die, secundum Scripturas. Et ascendit in caelum: sedet ad dexteram Patris. Et iterum venturus est cum gloria, judicare vivos et mortuos: cuius regni non erit finis. Et in Spiritum Sanctum, Dominum, et vivificantem: qui ex Patre Filioque procedit. Qui cum Patre et Filio simul adoratur, et conglorificatur: qui locutus est per Prophetas. Et unam sanctam catholicam et apostolicam Ecclesiam. Confiteor unum baptisma in remissionem peccatorum. Et exspecto resurrectionem mortuorum. Et vitam venturi saeculi. Amen.

And… and… we’re belligerent about it, entrenched, rigid. [gasp!]


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Las Mañanitas and Adoration

Today, Tuesday, is the “Day Off”, nothing epic planned. I’m still recovering from Sunday, 12 December 2021, the Feast Day (somewhat displaced) of our Lady of Guadalupe. Awaking at 1:37 AM on Sunday, I opened the church 4:30 AM for the singing of las Mañanitas for an hour, then Adoration of the Most Blessed Sacrament for an hour. Everyone stayed for both hours! Thank you, dearest Mother Mary, for leading everyone directly to your dear Son. Really a lot of young men from the region, many kneeling on the floor for both hours. Do you want to do up some evangelistic outreach? Try Jesus with His dear mama. This is the most we’ve ever had so early in the morning in all the time I’ve been in this parish. Meanwhile, hidden from view in this picture:

That statue is temporarily from the shrine just outside the church.

Inside the church, on the other side, as always:

Then, racing across the mountain, Adoration again, again with Confessions before Holy Mass:

Then, racing back to the other side of the mountain, more Confessions and Holy Mass in Andrews, and then Communion Calls everywhere, even the Rehab/Nursing Home.

A thanks to the latter, which tweaked the rules in favor the patients and visitors and the sometimes too petite nurses: the patients can stay in their rooms and close family and clergy can visit in-room. Otherwise, oh my, getting the patient into a wheelchair when that might well be somewhat inappropriate for the patient’s health, and then bringing them outside or into a big common-area… too much. But now it’s better.


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Adoration and Hanukkah? Yes.

6:00 AM Sunday 28 November 2021, hours before Hanukkah would begin, we had adoration of the Most Blessed Sacrament, Christ Jesus, the Jewish Messiah, the Suffering Servant, the Lumen Gentium, the Light of the Nations, in this little parish of Appalachia. Jesus is Himself the Temple. Jesus is Himself the Light who is God. The Father loved the world so much as to send His Son into the world… (see Jn 3:16).

The Sacred Liturgy is worth fighting for. The great Maccabees did just that. Fighting. Without the free exercise of religion we’re all dead. Smackdowns of religion is always all about hatred of God, therefore hatred of neighbor and self. And that brings unlimited death in its wake. In more recent times here in North America, a revolution was fought against those who would suppress religion. We celebrate what is now the first amendment to the Constitution, the free exercise of religion, also in the public square. What we celebrate is God intervening to assist us with the free exercise of religion. So, to hell with the smackdown of the proper celebration of the Sacred Liturgy.

Hanukkah began in the evening of the 28 November 2021. It is a celebration of God’s intervention to assist in the proper rendering of the Sacred Liturgy, and that is appropriate for all to celebrate throughout human history, even after the Messiah has come among us, who is Himself the Liturgy. Why’s that? Because it’s always all about Jesus. Here’s a picture of the first night:

So, I need to do a couple of things here. One is to change out that rather weak “Shamash” candle. I have one ready to go, but it needs a bit wider platform to be constructed. The other is to take a magic marker and draw a cross in the stained glass Star of David, the seventh item proclaimed that perfection of God’s presence amongst us is fulfilled.

I recall Ben Shapiro’s great smack down of Kamala Harris on Hanukkah:

Hanukkah runs until late afternoon 6 December 2021.


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