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Church and sanctuary renovation continues with the Altar of Jesus’ own Sacrifice and roofs!

Two marble pillars have been added to either side of the altar of Jesus’ Sacrifice. I’m looking into getting a monochrome bas-relief Last Supper 27″ wide for the front, or perhaps a mosaic of some kind. 22″ is too short. We’ll see. I’m very particular. Don’t send any funds for the ongoing renovation. We have plenty in a restricted donations account! Thank you!

Meanwhile, those altar cards are SSPX. The podium on the Gospel side is for reading translations of the lesson and Gospel before any preaching. We firstly read the Latin to the East and then to the North. Slowly but surely.

Meanwhile we have entirely new roofs at the Robbinsville, Prince of Peace campus (church and social hall), and now we’re getting a new roof for the church/classrooms/office:

Of course, besides Holy Mass and Confessions and other Sacraments, the churches on both campuses are used for adoration of our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament. We’re all entrenched rigid believers of Jesus’ Little Flock that way. I love it.

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Adoration followed by destruction. Respect for Jesus, Altar, Priest, Sacrifice. Report.

Hopefully Governor Cooper won’t do a SWAT raid on our little church. Socially distanced. Masks. I think we’re good to go, but the rules for curfews change wildly without notice. I was up at church at 5:30 AM Sunday morning. Hours later, after 11:00 Mass, destruction ensued.

This morning, after having a chat with Father Gordon, we’re off to make a payment for the slab of granite we’re wanting for the altar. It’s all going pretty quickly. The makeshift gorilla tape altar we’ve had for so many decades will still be used for the foreseeable future as we make a proper oak base to support so much granite. I’m thinking it won’t be too heavy for the already existing floor, as the removal of the platform lessened the weight some 500-600 pounds easy, which is the weight of the granite we’re reserving for the altar top.

I think I’ve found a great site for actual altar linins here in these USA, a lady who is really clued in to all matters altar and liturgical and traditional. We’re going to be ordering a made to measure “cere cloth”, which will be first over the newly chrismed and sepulchred and consecrated altar. Liquid wax is poured abundantly over the top as it’s on the altar. This makes for an impermeable surface. No accidentally tipped chalice with wine or after the consecration with the Precious Blood of our Savior will seep into the altar. Above that cere cloth goes another of the exact same dimensions. This will stick to the cere cloth, of course, which is convenient. It’s also a permanent cloth. The top will be clean, if you will. On top of this goes the changeable and embroidered and draped over the edges seasonal altar cloth.

We’re redoing what we are discovering only now is an inappropriate base for the tabernacle. We’ll be using the same slab of granite that we’re using for the altar. Before any altar rails, as they are somewhat wrongly nicknamed, we’re going to be installing a new tile floor. I’m wanting to find out a way to make this tile floor also impermeable. Perhaps a type of floor wax that will also fill over the most minimal grouting we can get away with…

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