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Road danger: invisible is for angels

road danger cop blocks road

This State Trooper is a nice guy. He’s been helping out with some too rambunctious drivers since we don’t yet have a North Carolina certified Police Officer, just a Chief certified down in Georgia. He’ll be regularized soon.

The Trooper suddenly pulled out directly in front of me on the highway, perpendicular, as if he were going to try to cut across the median, but he changed his mind and raced to the U-Turn just a couple hundred yards up. He was frantic.

My first thought in seeing this is that he had been shot by the guy in the truck and needed to rush to the EMS station which is right nearby. There was no one behind me, so I just stopped dead right there on the highway and out-waited the guy in the truck who had been taking off at the same time as the Trooper, until he saw me. Sorry, but in these circumstances I just didn’t trust him. He finally took off.

All this happened because I guess I was invisible to the Trooper. It happens. I guess the Trooper had a long day. “Routine” traffic stops can be exasperating when people have guns, are drunk or on drugs, have warrants, are uncooperative. Who knows. Anyway, I figure this Trooper owes me one for wearing down my brakes and not T-Boning him on the driver’s side. ;-)

Perhaps I need to ask my ever invisible guardian angel to make me more visible to others. Being invisible has its benefits, but not always. The angels always see us, as does God Himself, of course, He being the One who holds us in existence.

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