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$17,500 hospital Covid payment per case. Stop that = no crisis. Guaranteed.

Fauci wants fear and masks well into 2022 even after “herd immunity”. India is already at that threshold. It’s pretty much over. Do some “cases” still get some symptoms? Rarely, but, sure. Is there a person here or there who needs help among them? Yep. And dying can be a fright for those with no faith. That’s what people are really afraid of. Fauci-fear mongering capitalizes on people having no “feeling” of security which stems from being without a bond with God that is stronger than death, stronger than any fear we might want to come up with.

Is Fauci creating fear to make sure there is mail-in balloting for the mid-term elections in 2022? That’s most probable, like 100%. Are the vote counting “irregularities” to be corrected by 2022. Zero chance of that.


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Cloroquine & Covid

So, I took Cloroquine for months before and for months while in Bangladesh and India as a prophylactic over against malaria. I didn’t notice any side-effects. Worked great! Meanwhile, I understand that the “even milder derivative hydroxycloroquine” works fantastically over against Covid. This is an ethically good medicine is it not? I mean I don’t know. Lemme know.


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