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Very Rev Canon Lawyer of Chicago Archdiocese subscribes to blog over Traditionis custodes

I don’t “out” my readers, but this is a special case. And anyway, I’ve hidden the name, right? He switched on a VPN (or is that the Archdiocese) before visiting, but he couldn’t but be noticed because of the subscription info. Let’s just say he’s very high up in the chancery, particularly amongst the Canon Lawyers of the Archdiocese. Whatever about the IP, he wants me to know who he is and what he does. Well, now I know. Chapeau to him. Perhaps he likes my blog. These were the top posts when he visited:

Let’s see… Oh! I get it. It’s the second one in the list above, along with the fourth. The second, based on the fourth, is about the canonical duty to carry out prescriptions of law and regards a hot-button issue in the Archdiocese of Chicago and around the world, the restriction and demise of the TLM. Cardinal Blase is set on a course to shut down the Ancient Rite.

As I say, perhaps this particular upper-echelon Canon Lawyer agrees with my reasoning. Great. Whatever the case, he certainly does want me to know that the Archdiocese is taking a look. Forewarned is also forearmed, and that’s a favor, right?

As with any enfant terrible, I’m terribly honored. Surely I’m amongst the grumpy old guys:

Canonical advice is always welcome. I won’t let any comment through moderation should any Canon Lawyer request such.


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