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Pope Francis: The next bishop of Tulsa is Father David Austin Konderla

bishop david austin konderla tulsa

This is a kind of miracle. I’ve been using Father David’s article on marriage preparation for cohabiting couples first published in the days of yore in the Homiletic and Pastoral Review, even reprinting this article (ever so slightly edited), usually in five parts, in so many of my parishes right around the world right through the years. You can get a reprint of that article just below the page break of this posting. Such a perspective of Father David was considered by pretty much everyone to be terribly “rigid” and “not nice” blah blah blah. Instead, he shows great pastoral sense. I learned much from him because of this article. It’s what I always believed, but, I’ll tell you this, it was good to see a confirmation of my beliefs published in a respectable journal. Why? Because I believe those beliefs are consonant with the traditional praxis of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. Very happy he’s going to be a bishop. Pray a Hail Mary for him just now… Hail Mary…

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