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Old church sanctuary up in flames with two bonfires in rectory backyard

After about 1/8″ of drizzle fell during the other night, conditions were perfect for a bit of pyromania. All is safe, but I had a fire extinguisher and a water hose at the ready anyway. Also, both neighbors are at the top of their game in the town’s fire department.

The picture above shows the platform which was added to the step-up sanctuary floor. The rule in the diocese is that Holy Mass must be able to offered from either side of the Altar. Our sanctuary is so small that ad orientem was extremely difficult with the platform that had been added in post-Conciliar times. That platform had to go. That meant that we were able to rip up the cardboard Pergo flooring or whatever it’s called. Above is bonfire number one. Below is number two.

You gotta do what’cha gotta do. Soon to meet this fate a few late-1960s vestments, you know the kind, gaudy polyester and such. A very generous couple has provided us with extremely beautiful vestments that would be a joy for any church in Rome say, in 1962, or 1955, or during the time of Pope Pius X… More on that later.

Also, just to say, no puppy dogs were injured in these fires. They were locked out of the main-back-yard so that they wouldn’t step on any hot coals. :-)


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