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Ottowa’s Cardinal Lacroix cancels all Masses for entire Christmas Season

The Cardinal, not the government, cancelled all Mass from Christmas Eve until the close of the Christmas season with the Baptism of the Lord on January 9. But – Hey! – funerals are good to go (that’s so sarcastic, cynical), and individuals venturing into some church will be turned away unless they have their vax passport, and that latter bit is a government stricture. Just in case some rebellious priest offers Mass somewhere, the Cardinal reminds everyone that reception of Communion at Mass is prohibited.

It’s really tiresome to hear from these “shepherds” and the politicians for going on two years now that the coronavirus knows exactly, to the minute, to attack exactly at Christmas and the Easter Triduum, so that churches are locked down and the Lord’s Little Flock is locked out, just then, to the minute. It’s so sarcastic, so cynical. “Stunning”, really…

Meanwhile, the “boots on the ground” have let me know that more priests in Canada have been forbidden to provide the sacraments, even to the dying, because they will not get the abortion-tainted vaccine.

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