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Catechizer Pigs of Rome

A couple of things to note about this short video:

  • In the Sacred Scriptures, these beasts are the symbol of demons.
  • Herds of pigs are called “sounders” because, if you’ve ever heard any pig scream, ever, well, you know why. It’s surely like the human scream emitted when that person is dropping into hell for all eternity. “Sounders…”
  • The word “catechesis” is from Greek, and speaks about instruction “being sounded down unto…”, an example of which we see an example in Luke 1:4 – ἵνα ἐπιγνῷς περὶ ὧν κατηχήθης λόγων τὴν ἀσφάλειαν.
  • As we’ve learned since the mid-1960s, catechesis can, depending on the teacher, be good, as with the Gospel of Luke, or evil, as with, well…

There’s an analogy somewhere to be found with the video above and the kind of instruction being sounded down from certain individuals in the Vatican, I dare say in the Holy See. I, for one, do not receive my instruction about all things good and holy from pigs, from demons, from those who…


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Our Lady of Fatima, abuse, children…


Fatima is all about… what? Some few points. How to choose? There are so many…

  • Real catechesis of little kids about such things as angels, Jesus’ good mom, prayer, the Most Holy Trinity, Eucharistic reparation for poor sinners.
  • Real catechesis of little kids about heaven and purgatory and… and… hell. Our Lady even shows the kids hell, not to be cruel, but to assist them in being enthusiastic about bringing poor sinners to Jesus with
  • Instruction on martyrdom, with political authorities throwing the kids into jail with hardened criminals, wherein the kids got the knuckleheads to pray.
  • Living faithfulness in pain and sickness and death, with little Francisco and Jacinta being examples for us all.

In other words, we see the capacity of even little kids to know and understand and live the faith in faithfulness, with lively reverence before the Blessed Mary’s Divine Son, in all humble thanksgiving.

Does not Jesus tell us that we ourselves will be condemned to hell forever if we do not become as little children. Adults tend to let themselves become jaded and dumbed down and darkened and cynical and arrogant, congratulating themselves that they have it all over all religion in their sophisticated cleverness. Horrific. That doesn’t belong in heaven.

Fatima is a stunning instruction on how our Lord and God is solicitous for the welfare of each individual, each child.

Oh! What’s that?! NOT pandering to children? Treating kids as idiots with dumbed down catechesis goes hand in hand with abuse of kids. Check out the timeline of malicious catechesis, when it started (1968), when it was at its peak (1973), and when it started to recede a bit in favor or actual catechesis (1978 onward), and compare that to a frequency graph for incidents of abuse, and you’ll find that they overlap exactly.

So, stop pandering to kids with dumbed down catechesis. Treat kids with respect.

But to do that adults must be believers themselves, must be participating in the faith themselves, including being penitents and doing penance for poor sinners, taking up the points of Fatima, living the faith we have be given by our Lord.

Jesus’ good mom leads us straight to her Son.


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