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Catholic Media Association: Bias-Toadies’ Double Standard

  • Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Fr Walter Ciszek, Thomas More, Cardinal George Pell all inspired us from prison but the Catholic Media Association silences Fr Gordon MacRae. — By Ryan A. MacDonald

Here’s a taste from Ryan’s blog:

“The Chicago-based Catholic Media Association (CMA) publishes in its preamble that it exists “to spread and to support the Kingdom of God” with “principles derived from the Catholic faith.” Many Catholics might be hard-pressed to comprehend how that is accomplished by the creation of a new class of lepers in the Church, Catholic priests judged guilty for being accused.

“The Catholic Media Association invites those engaged in writing and publishing regarding the Catholic faith – including Catholic bloggers – to apply for membership. In a review of Fr Gordon MacRae’s blog, Beyond These Stone Walls, Catholic Culture gave its highest marks for fidelity to the faith and for fairness and content. Our Sunday Visitor cited it as its Readers’ Choice for the Best of the Catholic Web.

“About.com awarded it second place in its “Best Catholic Blog” category. The National Catholic Register has cited it in various online and print articles. Catalyst, the Journal of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, has cited it on numerous occasions and has published two centerpiece articles by Fr MacRae who is also a member of the Catholic Writers Guild. But none of this was sufficient to overcome the prison “leper” class into which Father MacRae was relegated by the Catholic Media Association with this terse dismissal from CMA Executive Director Timothy M. Walter:

  • “Mr. MacRae: I appreciate your interest in the Catholic Media Association but I’m sorry to inform you that the Membership Committee has denied your request for membership at this time.”

I’m indignant at their usage of “Mr.” As it is, Father MacRae has always been in good standing with all priestly faculties. You can read Ryan’s great comment in continuation of this article over his blog: http://araminthethicket.blogspot.com/2021/11/at-catholic-media-association-bias-and.html

Ryan is much more polite than I am. The usage of the word Toady and the picture above is mine. Fun fact from Google dictionary about “Toady”: “Early 19th century: said to be a contraction of toad-eater, a charlatan’s assistant who ate toads; toads were regarded as poisonous, and the assistant’s survival was thought to be due to the efficacy of the charlatan’s remedy.” Pope Francis renders this multisyllabicly: coprophagia. Pope Francis doesn’t like coprophagia. Nope. Not one bit.

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