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“The Son of Man has no place…” and the Coalition for Canceled Priests

Coalition for Canceled Priests – The opportunity to purchase property has been given to the Coalition. They are entrusting this to St. Joseph and if this is the will of God they know that the proper donors will come forward. This property will be a place for canceled priests to live, go on retreat, and be a place of spiritual rest. contact@canceledpriests.org – Fr. John P. Lovell


It’s like every day that I hear of another (arch)diocese where un-“vaccinated” priests are being smashed down and cancelled, forbidden to provide the Sacraments to the Lord’s Little Flock. This is full-on atheistic communism. Priests were being cancelled before this “crisis” for all sorts of reasons, like just being honest to goodness believers.

Meanwhile, for over 27 years as of this writing, one of the most ultra-super-cancelled priests I know is Father Gordon MacRae, who singlehandedly tried to stop the abuse-crisis the way it has played out until this day with the bishops saying “We’ll pay settlements without any question, with no due process for the priest, as long as we bishop-friends of McCarrick are considered heroes!” He’s a priest after our Lord’s own Heart.


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Safety net for priests getting cancelled


That’s great. But I would not want to use their funds. I would want to leave that for someone more needy that I if I were ever to get cancelled by say, a replacement bishop if our bishop should become an archbishop somewhere else. But I’m happy they are set to help those being smacked down because they want to continue with the Ancient Rite, because they won’t get jabbed, because they won’t worship Pachamama, because they won’t bless homosexualist civil unions, and, of course, just because, because those who would cancel a priest for such reasons always do so for petty reasons, like using church bulletins to advertise Mass times in the Ancient Rite. There is no way to escape those who are petty. They have power and they feel the POWER! It is to laugh if it weren’t so sad.


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Cancelled priests. Humor, however sad.

In speaking with Father Gordon MacRae the other day:

  • Father George:The Coalition for Catholic Priests just held a rally in Chicago.”
  • Father Gordon: “I think they call it the Coalition for Cancelled Priests.”
  • Father George: “I think that’s the same thing.”
  • Father Gordon: “Hahaha! That’s right!”


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