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The Blah Blah Synod™: Why in hell do you want a voice when the Eternal Word is now Incarnate?

And the pressure is still on for me to participate in The Blah Blah Synod™. When I’m under enormous pressure like this, I get nostalgic and then entrench with the ferocity of the rigidity of the cross, you know, the old crux stat dum volvitur orbis: the cross stands steadfast while the world wildly spins away in its madness.

Some nostalgia: About 25 years ago, when I was pastor of a parish in a diocese on another part of the globe a bishop had written to me with bullying attitude, really pushing hard, extremely critical of my standing with the unmanipulatable Living Truth, Christ Jesus, it being that I was in solidarity with Jesus in His trials. I was literally insisting in my parish bulletins that any gray-area permitting abortion, euthanasia, or stating stupidity that God wasn’t really God, etc., was not to remain a gray-area in doctrine or morality, for that grayness would soon be colored blood red with the murder of Truth Himself, Christ Jesus. I wish I had kept my bulletins and the bishop’s letter, but I filed it away in a circular container so as to give it the attention it deserved.

Back story: This bishop was high up in the hierarchy of the top-down, not classless society, “Common Ground Initiative” of Cardinal Joseph Bernadine. He was extremely proud of being considered one of the greats of “The Initiative”, as it was nicknamed by in-the-know Prometheans. The Bishop insisted that all truths were automatically discredited in favor of dialogue, even those self-evident truths without which there is no communication possible, such as the principle of non-contradiction. Methodology, which is also (non)doctrine by the way, was that of the tyranny of relativism. With no reference to truth or logic, the only admissible absolute truth from which to begin was that there was no such thing as absolute truth, that being an absolute truth dictated to you by these relativistic tyrants.

The Blah Blah Synod™ is the reincarnation of The Common Ground Initiative.

Both are reincarnations of the Hegelian dialectic. Both are run by self-absorbed tyrants. Both utilize “the people”, who, however, don’t count, as they are cowed into a methodology that actually takes away their voice. “It’s dialogue!” the cows moo. “We have a voice!” It is exactly this which is clericalism in most refined form, at it’s most dangerous for the salvation of souls.

But look at that “We have a voice!” statement. Stare at it. “We have a voice!” Really? If you actually have a voice you just use it. You don’t waste your time announcing you have a voice, or get permission to have a voice. Why would you do that? To whom are you trying to prove something? Yourself? Someone else? To the tyrant? That means you’re fooling yourself and that you have no voice at all. But you’re soothing yourself in insisting you have a voice. But while you insist, you are actually making yourself voiceless. You are fitting in, conforming yourself to the lie that you have a voice in the hearing of the tyrant. It is still the tyrant who says you have a voice or not.

I’m going to use theological language here: What in hell is that anyway. Why in hell would you want to have a voice? Who in hell are you to think that having a having a voice is some kind of fulfillment? Christ Jesus is the Eternal Word spoken by our Heavenly Father. Get that? Our Heavenly Father is the One who has a voice. When our Heavenly Father speaks the Eternal Word, His dear Son, our Heavenly Father speaks the Truth, the Living Truth, unmanipulatable Truth. And you think your own voice has to be heard? No. Just speak the Living Truth of Jesus, but not by getting permission from some Hegelian dialectic tyrant, just do it. Speak the Living Truth of Jesus. Don’t submit yourself, don’t submit Jesus to someone’s yes or no. Don’t allow what you say to be cut down by the abortionists and homosexualists and the Women’s Ordination Conference and the demon-idol-worshippers by saying: “Now I finally have a voice in the dialogue!” That’s caving in. That’s rejecting Jesus, denying Jesus to His face.

The absolute and Living Truth who is Jesus Christ is not to be subjected to the approval or nuancing or changing or adding to or taking away from wrought by some soon-to-be-dead-anyway tyrant with tyrannical sycophants in his entourage.

Jesus Christ is King of kings, Lord of lords, Prince of the Most Profound Peace, Absolute and Living Truth. He cannot be manipulated, thrown away, then reconstructed on some killing fields “common ground”.

We are to proclaim and fully live and express in our lives without apology not our mind-game-reconstruction of tyrannical relativism, merely our fake-love, merely our fake-truth, but rather Jesus who is Living Truth is to be lived and expressed in our lives. We are to die to our own lust for our own tyrannical relativism and live for Christ Jesus. Forget our own voice submitted to liars. Let us be the megaphone for the Voice of our Heavenly Father who speaks Jesus through, with and in us to all so that we might go through, with and in Him to our Heavenly Father.

This unmanipulatable Living Truth of Jesus Christ does not fit in with the Hegelian dialectic, not even when it is sugar-coated with any Rahnerian evolutionary it’s-all-pantheistically-coming-together-on-the-horizon self-referential idiocy.

Jesus, in fact, does not make up any part of any dialogue. He is, by that very methodology, cast away. He’s a nothing, irrelevant, to be marginalized outside even of any existential peripheries.

Participating in The Blah Blah Synod™ is to participate in a methodology that in itself by definition rejects Jesus. The methodology is heretical. The Blah Blah Synod™ is heretical in and of itself.

People think that we should participate because we’ll at least have a say, have a voice heard, make our ♬feelings♬ ♬felt♬, because we’re entitled to do that and it makes us ♬feel♬ better because then we’ve done something.

Nope. All you’ve done in becoming part of the Hegelian dialectic is to smash Jesus down to the level of Hegelian dialectic, crucifying Jesus, saying that His Truth isn’t worthy of being proclaimed as Truth.

I will not comply. I will try to stand my ground, that blood red ground of Calvary, in solidarity with Mary, in solidarity with Jesus. I don’t want to go to hell for denying Jesus. I want to hear Jesus say of me, wretch that I am:

  • “You are the ones who have stood by Me in My trials, and I bestow on you a kingdom, just as My Father has bestowed one on Me” (Luke 22:28-29).

And I with for all y’all the same. Hail Mary…


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