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Flores for the Immaculate Conception (rorate caeli and conscience edition)

flores rorate caeli

Another, more wild rose out front of the rectory under the papal flag, offering symmetry to the other rose bush to the far side of the statue of Our Lady of Grace up top of the steps of the main but unused entrance. Infused sanctifying grace is like gentle dew from the heavens above. We cannot know it with our natural brain power as this grace is, of course, supernatural. However, in giving a close reading to the relevant questions and articles in the Summa Theologica, almost parallel, in the sections on theology and then much later on faith, one sees how supernaturally infused faith works on the conscience so that one might make a correct judgment in conscience to assent or not to what one otherwise perceives with one’s merely natural gray matter. Grace in this way offers purification of the intellect in the sense that one is less likely to run away in idiocy into escapes from topics such as sin and suffering and free will so that we might face who we really are before God and what the wounds on the body of Christ (also His mystical body) manifest in all truth, in all charity.

Besides this teaching of the conscience by way of Sacred Tradition, conscience is also informed in a more mundane manner by the teachings of Sacred Scripture and then, as another essential leg of the tripod, the Sacred Magisterium, while making the necessary distinctions, of course, regarding the unanimous teaching of the Fathers (when this is demonstrated), the teachings of the great ecumenical councils, the ex-cathedra pronouncements of the Holy Father. And then there’s this:


This, of course, is to be taken with the necessary distinctions outlined above. We are not sycophants. We are not idiot ultramontanists who only ram a psychological “transference” of their rotten selves down the throat of the Holy Father, quite the opposite of what they say they do. Instead, we are to offer all the deference to the very person of the Holy Father that we can, all the reverence to the office that there is never an excuse not to manifest. We are to love the Holy Father to pieces, always and in every circumstance, remembering that the Immaculate Mother of God does not ever fail to intercede for him with the most tender maternal solicitation for his welfare and that of the entire Church.

The barque of Peter is not a ship without a rudder. It is not a ship that can be sunk. And if we are bidden to walk on water as Peter once was by our Lord and Savior Himself, we do so, with Peter, reaching out a hand to help him as we would hope he would do the same for us, that help not coming from us but from the goodness and kindness and truth (btw) of Jesus being manifested in the one giving the help, as we hope, though always, of course, always looking to the Divine Son of the Immaculate Conception, who will come to judge the living and the dead and the world by fire, He never accepting any lame excuse that the devil made me do it, or weak human beings made me do it, or weak just myself made me do it, with “it” being the spirit of schism and rending the body of Christ asunder, torturing Him to death on the Cross while the Immaculate one looks on.

We have the faith, like the dew from the heavens, like a flower for the Immaculate Conception. And with that we understand that we are not fighting one another but intercede for one another. We are instead fighting the fallen spirits, but not us, really, it is Christ Jesus fighting for us, and Saint Michael leads the way under the direction of the Immaculata. Saint Michael, the Archangel, defend us in battle…


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