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If USA declares war can we be drafted, conscripted? Yes. Ready?

Men, 18-60 for sure. Women can sign up, but maybe they’ll be drafted too.

When I was a kid I got my draft card at 16 years old. I went that very day. He took my info but said to wait for a call, but everything was changing, that there’s about zero chance I could go, that everyone was immediately being sent back home. The war was over. But we might have one heating up right now.

  • Conscription can be immediate, even today. If you’re a no-show, not bothering because you think you could prove that medically you can’t go, you will be hunted down and you will go to prison, and then you’ll go anyway.
  • Censorship is legal. It’s easier if everything is taken down. That might be a good idea anyway.
  • Depending on artificially created supply crises, watch for there to be rations, not only for those serving, but those at home, just like during WW2.

I’m 62. But this time around I could probably still enlist as an officer, as chaplains do.

If you’re reading this outside the USA, what are the laws where you are?

  • In Switzerland I think there’s a two year tour everyone does.
  • In Israel I think that now the guys do four required years, while the gals do two.
  • Let us know what happens in your country in the comments…


  • Are your worldly affairs in order? Banking, debts? Do you have a will?
  • What about if you own a house and you live alone?


  • Go to Confession. Get a Rosary if you don’t have one, and use it. Be ready to go to heaven.

Meanwhile, dad:


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