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Not working from home. Never. No. Coronavirus risks? Pfft. It is to laugh.


These guys and gals don’t have any time to go panic buying. That sets things in perspective, doesn’t it? Say a prayer for them. You gotta know, they are each individually blamed by some of those who feel entitled not to get the Coronavirus[!] as if – just because they have some authority and are in a position of service[!] – it is those heroes who are to blame for the virus itself. Again, say a prayer for them all. Please share.

Meanwhile, there are also clergy. I suppose people are upset with me travelling as I do to bring people the sacraments, the last rites. Yesterday was no exception, with hundreds of more miles. It is what it is. Here’s the deal. I’m in my car. And I wear CDC provided Coronavirus risk reducing items. How’s that, you ask?

Mike Pence mentioned the other day that the CDC is making exceptions for visits in end of life situations. So, I’m taking advantage of that. Also, I’m getting tons of usage out of what I already use for the law enforcement chaplaincy. Double duty for those items. It’s not forbidden. It’s a public health and security issue.


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*My Corona* rock rap video


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Coronavirus toilet humor

Sent in by a reader in Minneapolis…


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Coronavirus: 2,500 miles in 2 1/2 days


How strange. The neighbor to the hermitage reported to me a compliment I received from a common friend, who said that I would go half way across the country so as to give someone the last rights. Reported by him, I wasn’t quite sure what to make of that. As it turns out, like clockwork, that’s exactly what happened. Sassy the Subaru did up about 2,500 miles in 2 and 1/2 days. I blame my Guardian Angel for removing otherwise impossible barriers so that I could get the job done. Thanks, Guardian Angel!

The above picture was Sunday evening. The picture below was further North the next day:


Then, later that day, a picture of where I would do up absolutely crazy extreme sports:


Then, after driving all day and night once again, half way back to the parish in WNC:


Not the usual picture of the same site as the top picture, going 55 mph on the spaghetti highway system. If you can’t get it, the call letters of the local radio station is advertised at the top of a high rise office building. Another hint, if you have good eyes, the spire you see is the Catholic Basilica of Saint Louis, King of France.

  • Start: Sunday afternoon.
  • Return: Tuesday evening.

Yes, I do know the person involved, though I haven’t seen that person for many decades. It’s just that my present circumstances in life can get me places where the usual priest cannot possibly go in these times. And yes, I do have CDC provided Coronavirus precautionary devices. It is what it is. I love being a priest.


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Coronavirus: Empty shelves at Walmart

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Panic buying isn’t defined as buying extra so that one has many weeks supply. We’ve been asked to do that. So, do that. That’s good.

Panic buying is defined as buying a six-month supply every time you get a chance to go to the supermarket so that you have no place to put everything. And you can’t help yourself. That’s panic.

Having said all that, I did go ahead and buy a couple of bags of dog-food for Shadow-dog and Laudie-dog, the last two big bags. Gooooood daaaaaawgs!!!


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Coronavirus: Last night in our church

About those videos: Once you’ve seen these stations, you can’t un-see them. But, the intensity of them… Well, it all bears repeating. I made this set of videos (about 20 minutes all told) during my time living just over the cave of Elijah on Mount Carmel, Israel. The OCDs had invited me to stay there for an entire month during the years that I was a chaplain at Lourdes. I must say that these videos are very emotional for me to watch to this day. What a fright! But… Jesus, Mary’s Son, is just that good and kind! Even though in watching these you don’t move from station to station yourself, I’m sure your heart will be transported to be right next to Jesus, to be with Him in solidarity, and to be right next to His dear mother as she accompanies our Lord, again in all solidarity. These stations rip the heart right out of my chest. Dear Lord…

Meanwhile, during Coronavirus panic, the Stations of the Cross in our little parish church: We had a record number of people show up for the Adoration and the Stations of the Cross. We have:

  • Exposition of the Most Blessed Sacrament
  • Some minutes of Adoration
  • Stations of the Cross with, of course, the Stabat Mater
  • Some minutes of quiet Adoration
  • Then I go back into the Confessional and hear lots of Confessions (it goes overtime), and the rest of the those present are led in prayers
  • Benediction of the Most Blessed Sacrament (one of our young servers is being trained into ringing the bells thrice x 3 during the Benediction itself)

Meanwhile, while all that was going on, Charlotte Diocese, working into the night, sent out policies and guidelines. I haven’t been able to look over them yet, but, now it’s Saturday, and people are wondering about the weekend Masses.


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Coronavirus Communion in the hand. NOT! Experience of Trad Catholic in Rome.


Scroll down that link on lifesite and listen till you get to the part about going to Confession. Wow. Very awesome indeed.

Also, a priest friend of many decades in India sent me this link, which is exhaustive commentary on the subject in these Coronavirus times:

Canon Law Made Easy just published a new post named “Can We Be Required to Receive Communion in the Hand, Because of the Virus?” Check it out! You can view the full article here:



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Flowers for the Immaculate Conception (Meanwhile, edition)


We gotta get this straight: this isn’t a situation in which one says: The Coronavirus is getting out of hand… and… and… meanwhile, I think I’ll give a flower to the Immaculate Conception. No. It’s while we give flowers to the Immaculate Conception that we happen to have the Coronavirus going on. It makes a huge difference. It’s about the spiritual life. The Lord Jesus provides us with a love stronger than death.

  • Crux stat dum volvitur orbis.
  • The Cross reigns steadfast while the world spins away.

Let’s see… Mary standing under the Cross… So, a flower for you, Mary, always, and also in the time of Coronavirus.


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Coronavirus: NY.gov bans church without saying the word church

It’s not just New York. It’s now commonplace for Governors to use these kind of euphemisms, trying to get the populace to come up with the question of closing of churches. Clever. But it will happen.


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Catholic Dallas Coronavirus!


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The “Hail Mary” thing for the Coronavirus

I should like to add that you can do one Hail Mary for the living, and one Hail Mary for the dead. Please share.


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Coronavirus survivor: advice from experience

The news anchor keeps repeating a question about the ♬ Feelings!!! ♬ of the young man who survived the Coronavirus. I get it. That’s actually important in that people will surely fail because of the feelings they are not used to having. This guy has a good bit of balance and common sense about him and integrates the feelings-inquiry with great advice about how NOT to break a self-quarantine. I think that it’s well worth the listen. It’s very wise what he says about keeping oneself busy by reading books not yet read, learning new languages, and NOT panicking.

Meanwhile, here are some very useful maps you can use to rid yourself of the fear of the unknown regarding geographical locations of cases. The second link below is extremely well done with the interactive map. You can click on the red dots to get numbers of cases in that area, etc.

Meanwhile, keep up on cancellations of gatherings in your area. The K of C, for instance, is going to try to go ahead with the Fish Fry in Hayesville this Friday evening, even though it was actively suggested that councils reconsider doing any kind of face-to-face get-together. But I’m sure that will be the very last get-together for quite a while. And, it’s a day away. We will see. Things are changing by the hour.

I myself am checking with the International Conference of Police Chaplains coming up which is a number of states away at a very international hotel which has itself been closing down entire hotels in entire countries around the world…

Anyway, it was suggested that you don’t do panic buying of supplies of food and soap, but that you absolutely do buying of supplies of food and soap enough to last you a number of weeks if there are quarantines of towns and villages. But no panicking.


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Coronavirus, Communion in the hand, when I was a kid…

As the days go by and the stats on reported cases and deaths bring up a ratio which is consistent in nations which publish health data with accuracy. Sorry, but I don’t trust China. I do trust Italy and these USA.

The mortality rate for reported cases hovers between 4% to 5%. Today for these USA it stands at 4.33%. That is, around midnight between March 9 to 10, there were 26 deaths with 600 cases.

4.33%… What does that mean? It means that as of now, 1 in every 23 people you see on the street will drop dead.

1/23 is a statistic that changes quickly but it hovers around that rate, more or less. But what does it mean in real life?

The one’s who are getting especially sick with this Coronavirus are those who are already health-compromised and stuck with others who are vulnerable. Sorry to profile, but this means geriatric vacations on cruise ships. Do you know anyone elderly that goes on cruises? I know many. Do you see druggies and drug houses every single day? I do, very, very many. All druggies are ultra-super-health-compromised, are frequently visiting drug houses to get drugs and hang out, and are liable already be sharing diseases of all kinds, and – get this – really don’t have much of a conscience about avoiding sharing disease. No really. There are those who, as we know in now many news reports (just as happened with HIV-AIDS), when someone gets such a virus as Coronavirus or AIDS, they purposely go out as predators so as to spread the virus, so as to spread HIV. That’s fallen human nature.

Fr Z has been writing quite a bit about Communion on the hand vs Communion on the tongue in a time of Coronavirus. Here’s his latest: https://wdtprs.com/2020/03/ask-father-what-to-do-when-intransigent-priests-refuse-communion-on-the-tongue/. That’s helpful. Hint: Communion on the tongue is more hygienic, more reverent. The question in that post is about someone who has never received Communion in the hand, is now very elderly, and would be devastated to take Communion in the hand because of an intransigent priest.

I would like to share an analogous event when I was terribly scandalized by a knucklehead priest intent on scandalizing us kids. This is not about sex abuse, but it is quite directly analogous to that as well. This was when I was in second grade attending our parochial school. The Monsignor had our entire class marched over to his rectory, to the little chapel in the rectory. Upon entering I was devastated. I asked what the electric light on the wall was. I was told that this was because the tabernacle was there. Where? I asked. The monsignor pointed to a matchbox sized box unceremoniously stuck to the wall in the corner. I just couldn’t believe it. It was like Jesus wasn’t important, that God wasn’t important. I knelt down. He got real nervous. He had us march around the butcher block altar in the middle of the little room (which also totally scandalized me). I asked if that was really the altar as it wasn’t at all like the high altar over in the church that was then being torn down. Yes, it’s the altar, he said. My heart sank. I was scared. What’s happening? I was extremely aware of the reverence I had for the altar. And he was forcing us to touch it. I asked like three times if I had to touch the altar. He said yes, and was getting quite impatient with me. I was going into full adrenaline mode with everything graying out as I marched around the altar and touched it as did the others. I had hesitated even then at the last second. Just touch it! I was instructed. Sorry to put it this way, but I felt as if I had insulted the Lord, I felt as if I myself has been violated (raped if you will). I was empty. No heart left. My heart had been ripped out of me and stomped on and thrown out. But I did sense – mind you – that the angels had been warning me before this and were angry (so to speak) after this, not angry with me, but with this event, so very, very sad. To be precise, it’s that the very Sacred Mysteries had been stripped from my soul.

Back to Communion in the hand. My anecdote about the altar is an analogy. I would never force anyone to take Communion in the hand. And anyway, Communion on the tongue is more hygienic.


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Coronavirus humor is for the dogs


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Coronavirus humor Edvard Munch’s Scream: Don’t panic! Don’t touch your face!

Image result for the scream

As of this writing, the death rate for the Coronavirus in these USA is 4.71%. That’s 16 deaths into 339 reported cases. Obviously, that doesn’t include untested mild cases, but that’s also true for unreported mild influenza cases, right? Taking into account reported cases (how else?), the Coronavirus has a mortality rate that is hyperbolically higher than bad strains of influenza, a kind of never-before-scene-in-these-modern-times scenario.

Just the facts. Some will say that reporting on facts is scare mongering, and that we should do the same thing as was done around the first world war when huge percentages of the world population died, it is said, by absolutely playing down the facts. The thing is, people read through any playing down strategy and that bit of lying is what creates panic: Why the lying? I’m always all about just the plain truth. We can all deal with that. The best way to keep people calm and not to panic is to tell the truth. Then we know what we have before us. Then we use our brains to solve the problem. Not to tell the truth because of being in a panic and being all afraid of spreading panic is exactly the kind of fear which creates panic.

But panic is an emotion leading to herd looting herd home-invasion herd lawlessness mentality which ends up killing more than any virus ever could. Don’t panic. Just the facts. Deal with it.

Having said all that, the question is as to whether you’ve ever had the bottom drop out of your little world, and then what did you do about that? I had the bottom drop out of my world. Many times, actually. It’s a blessing. It rearranges priorities. It’s an occasion to turn to God, with humility. Great!

On one occasion, in my early twenties, I had a horrific case of Entamoeba histolytica dysintery that would have killed me off, with urine the color and consistency of black tar and the back-end being the color and consistency of yellow Gatorade, just clearer, more like water, and the eyes totally jaundiced as the little beasts were quickly eating my liver. At the time I was volunteering for the Missionaries of Charity at their home for the dying in Calcutta. How appropriate.

So, there I was, five minutes on the bed, and then twenty-five minutes in one of the two toilet stalls of the Salvation Army hostel where I was staying. The 5 min bed / 25 min toilet was locked into a 24/7 cycle. Talk about losing weight! Keto has nothing on Entamoeba histolytica. With dazed mind I read – and re-read a thousand times – all the graffiti on the back of the door and the walls of the sickly sweet smelling stall even while the little window allowed the smoke of the little manure fires cooking food on the street to waft inside. A peculiar mix of odors. A very clever poet traveler with similar digestive problems had written this:

  • “If you think the bottom has dropped out of your world, come to Calcutta, and you will think the world has dropped out of your bottom.”

Hahaha – sigh – Fine. I guess you would have had to have been there.

In these days of Novel Coronavirus CoVid-19 panic mongers, sometimes a little humor goes a long way toward teaching low-panic ways and means of dealing with any virus. One bit of advice came from some high level health official knucklehead testifying in the U.S. Congress the other day about avoidance-of-the-virus strategies. One of those strategies was NOT TO TOUCH YOUR FACE. Meanwhile, the nice lady who was screaming her testimony (so to speak) about the validity of this strategy was – in front of God and Congress and the whole world – continuously touching her face. Ah, the irony!

Here’s the deal: Maybe this bit of humor will help you put the basic strategies into effect in your daily life. It’s simple, but good. Most importantly for the not-to-panic theme: get your soul right with God. Be calm and want to go to heaven in any situation.

I might add that there was something even better than this humor, making it all very personal, having us identify with the personal feelings of another. I know: ♬ Feeelings… ♬ … Woah, woah, woah… ♬ Feeelings…♬ But I’ll say it anyway. POTUS Trump was talking about the NOT touching your face thing. He said that he’s been putting into action the NOT-touching-one’s-face thing and he misses touching his face. Missing touching my face was my reaction exactly. People otherwise do this unconsciously about 20 times an hour. It’s that personal anecdote which stops my hand to the face.

Meanwhile, a health care worker testing patients for coronavirus got coronavirus even though wearing a special respirator. It didn’t help her. Why? I’m guessing because she kept re-adjusting the mask, touching, of course, her face. Get it? It’s like a new concealed carrier of a pistol. He or she is always checking on it, making sure it’s there. Don’t do that either.

So, if I were to wear a mask while going to emergency scenes with our local PD, well, I couldn’t wear a mask. Why not? I have a beard. A priest friend of mine calls beards CVIs: Coronavirus Incubators. Hahaha. So again, I ask the question as the numbers continue to rise, including the numbers of quarantines around the country, do I scream as in The Scream above, or do I shave my beard (I would hate that, nicking and cutting my face and making entryways for Coronavirus received by touching my face…. grrrr…) and then scream as in The Scream above, or…

Here’s the deal, it’s not just a one-on-one situation in hospitals and nursing homes and at incident locations, it’s about large gatherings at churches and social halls, it’s about “public speaking” if you will, during the Mass and while preaching. I’m a priest. Can you do all that in a respirator? And why would I have a respirator while no one else has a respirator? I mean, picture it, a priest at the altar saying Holy Mass with a respirator on. It’s absurd. Again, what about everybody else?

It’s devolves into inconsistencies, just as does the administration of Holy Communion no matter if it’s in the hand or on the tongue: Do priests or EMHCs (though we are too small to have those in this parish) use hand sanitizer between every communicant? And if so, do they purify their fingers in the little water bowl thingy next to the tabernacle before they do that so as not to possibly desecrate the Blessed Sacrament with hand sanitizer? And is a new bowl used every time, that is, after every single communicant? And is that bowl washed down the sacrarium and then washed and sanitized in the sacrarium every time, for every communicant? No? You get the idea. Therefore: either you administer Holy Communion or you don’t. Right now, we do.

But, all the same, do NOT touch your face!

Please share this post. You might save a life. A little humor goes a long way.


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Communion on the Tongue in a time of Novel Coronavirus panicking: Rock on!

Jesus Passion of the Christ hand nail

An elderly long-time reader of this and now long defunct blogs of mine wrote in all devastation about the brutal treatment she received from an apparently non-believing priest when she approached to receive Holy Communion on the tongue. She gave me permission to share the story for the benefit of all those whose bishops have “mandated” Communion in the hand”:

  • “This morning at daily Mass, the priest shoved the Host in my hand and said ‘In the hand only’.  He has always protested against COTT. I am very shocked. I don’t know what to do. I am an old lady and we never touched the Host because we do not have consecrated hands.  I’m sure the excuse is the coronavirus. So do I stop receiving Holy Communion or is it just my pride getting in the way?”

communion in the hand

My response to this dear soul:

  • “I’m sorry that that happened to you. That’s so terrible. That was actually my experience at my first Holy Communion in the 1960s. Minnesota was sooooo liberal. I would just go to a different parish. Put your hands behind back when you are going to receive and then, hopefully, receive on the tongue. I’ll say a prayer of reparation for that priest.

Some points:

  • You always retain the right to receive Holy Communion on the tongue. Bishops cannot touch universal liturgical law.
  • Receiving on the tongue is a zillion times more hygienic than in the hand. Hands are disgusting. Really. People curl their hands and you cannot avoid touching their hands. Girls put “sparkle lotion” goop all over their hands. Totally inappropriate and sticky and disgusting. Stop it. Blech.
  • Communion in the hand is almost as bad and disgusting as women with tubes of lipstick on their faces and who drink from the chalice leaving glops of disgusting lipstick all over the chalice which then ends up all over the purificators – stopping the administration from the chalice (if that’s what your parish does) until the purificator can be changed out – so, just don’t. We don’t have Communion from the Chalice. I wonder if the priest who insists on Communion on the hand has Communion also from the Chalice. That would be so ironic.


But is there a theological heresy involved in being worried about the transmission of diseases with Holy Communion being “The Carrior”? Some say that to say this could happen is blasphemous. Not at all.

This is our Lord Jesus. Yes. But think about that for a second. Within hours of the Last Supper He is hanging on the Cross on Calvary and people are spitting on him with whatever rubbish diseases they have. That’s dripping off our Lord and falling on the very ones who are spitting on him. Excuse me, but spitting up when gravity is involved is as stupid as pissing into the wind. You’ll only be subject to what you yourself have done. Of course Holy Communion can be a “Carrior”, not because our Lord is subject to any disease, especially regarding the circumstance of Holy Communion, but because those externals of Holy Communion have nothing to do with Him. As the great Saint Thomas Aquinas said, the externals of the Most Blessed Sacrament are not essential to but rather accidental to the substance of the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of our Lord. The weight and measurement and color and feel and taste and sight… whatever… are accidental. Don’t blame any virus on our Lord Himself, but do blame your lack of care in administering or receiving Holy Communion.

The best video on the Gates of Hell NOT Prevailing and Communion on the Tongue:


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Calm quarantine strategies, not panic


First  of all, we are not in any kind of stage of a quarantine of any kind. San Francisco called for a State of Emergency, but that was just a cynical move to release Federal monies they otherwise can’t get at this time for sanctuary cities. It has nothing to do with any COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus. No. Demoncrats are self-centered jerks and want to cause panic.

And I don’t say we are any kind of stage of a quarantine YET. No. That also would be to panic. See above.

Having said that, let’s take the worst case scenario – a declared pandemic – so as to point out how to avoid the worst case scenario, which would not refer to any medical condition (more people dying from the flu or smoking or car accidents…), but rather panic, which would be the logistical cause of death for hyperbolically more cases of death. So…

  • The other week a reporter asked POTUS Trump whether or not plans were already in place for the quarantine of entire cities if the need arises. He answered yes.
    • I’m sure that if this were to be effected it would be done so by the National Guard before anyone knows, including all law enforcement, who will likewise be quarantined in place in their cities.
    • Immediately after the National Guard is in place for a no one in-or-out scenario, health officials and law enforcement will be privy to policies and enforcement and rules of engagement.
    • It would be extremely helpful if in the same announcement it was said that food delivery trucks to supermarkets will have drop off locations at the border of the quarantine and that other trucks from inside will later come to pick up that food and deliver it to local supermarkets.
    • Gasoline deliveries? I guess they would have to be made when the stations are otherwise abandoned.
    • It would have to be stated that utilities will continue.
    • Extremely severe penalties for price gauging and looting would have to be stated.
  • demon panThe worst possible thing that could happen is panic. In that case, there will immediately be home invasions of idiots looking for food, not because there is any lack of food, but just because of panic. This will be done by those who have already been spending all their money on drugs. And they are well practiced with home invasions. Not good.
  • Panic in this sorry world of ours – the mob mentality which eliminates all “inhibitions” like reason and goodness and kindness and courage and fortitude and justice and mercy – the eliminator of all that is good in the chaos of panic is the demon-god Pan. This is not the too-cute and effeminate Peter Pan of Disney, but rather the ancient demon of all demons, Satan, who, as Jesus says, is a murderer from the beginning. Panic is the worst thing that can happen.
  • What is most needed in a Pan-Dem-ic is to not cave into panic, to not cave into Pan-Demon-ium. Get it? Pan in Greek means all or everything or everyone: “Everybody’s panicking!!!!!!!”
  • To panic is to give reverence to the demon-god pan. Panic makes one a worshiper of Pan. Panic makes one a pagan, an idol-worshiper. “Oooh! Pan told me to worry and have anxiety and to panic, so, therefore, of course, ever-obedient to demons, I will! I will panic! I will! I will! // off sarcasm.
  • So, an examination of conscience is in order. What or who is the most important thing, person, during a pandemic? Christ Jesus. If we have our spiritual lives squared away, if we are actually looking forward to going to heaven, trusting in the mercies of our Lord, we will not cave in to panic, we will not worship at the feet of Pan.
  • For atheists who mock faith in the time of crisis as the opiate of society, know this, the only ones I’ve ever seen help each other out in desperate times are believers. This is especially true in Socialist/Communist/Marxist countries. You know that’s true. I’ve seen it first hand. Believers have extraordinary strength of love and reason because of the love and truth they carry about within them coming from God Himself.


  • Where is God in all of this? Look for those who are trying to be helpful in all of this. Look at Jesus’ good mom holding God in her arms…
  • But why did God let this happen?
    • Let’s call to mind that original sin opened us up to all of this sickness and death and weakness of mind and weakness of will and emotions all over the place.
    • Let’s call to mind that God so loved that world despite our use of free will that He sent His only-Begotten Divine Son Jesus – basing mercy on justice – to stand in our place, the Innocent for the guilty, taking on the punishment we deserve so that He might have the right in His own justice to have mercy on us.
    • Let’s call to mind that God thus knows all about suffering, and all about combating panic and the horrific demon-god Pan.
    • Let’s call to mind that Jesus does give us the grace, His friendship, to be reasonable, to be calm, to be good and kind, not to panic, but to be helpful, pointing people to Him who is that love which is stronger than sickness, stronger than any pandemic, stronger than death, strong enough to bring us to eternal life, to our eternal home, where love and peace reign supreme. Heaven is our home and we are now – in this hell – in exile away from home. But we do have a home in heaven, and we right now carry about the way to that home, grace which St Paul says will turn to glory.

So, no worries then! Jesus, I joyously trust in You.


Meanwhile, I’ve lost 52.xx pounds on Keto so far, and I’m going off Keto soon, transitioning over to something more high protein and not neglecting carbs. Trundling off to Walmart grocery to stock up on non-Keto items, I noticed lots of almost empty shelves, just a few packages of oatmeal, a packet or two of lentil beans, that kind of thing. It looked like panic buying. That’s O.K. Those panic buyers are all set now and won’t be emptying out stores in panic buying. Don’t panic. Instead, drop off real dead weight that holds you back. Go to Confession!


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