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Cyber Punk Priest’s Psionic Powers: Metacortex dark hacker is Fr Byers?

Father Gordon J MacRae’s These Stone Walls website on freedom in truth and in justice is was in danger just now of being erased permanently from the internet as the hosting company is going out of business and has put clients on notice of the ax about to fall.

Frantic to help save These Stone Walls I set about doing the little I could in conjunction with our overseas publisher, a true Cyber Punkette. I only succeeded in showing my ineptitude, but was able to do a couple of things to move things along. She encouraged me saying:

” I dub you a Cyberpunk Priest ala The Matrix. You’ll be a hacker before this is done :-) You’ll need some cool black hoodie and live in the shadows of society and pay for stuff in bitcoin ;-) “

My response: “I’m in.”

Her response: “queue the cyberpunk music…”

Summarizing Wikipedia: Keanu Reeves as Thomas A Anderson / Neo, a computer programmer in Metacortex corporation who moonlights as a hacker. Reeves described his character as someone who felt that something was wrong, and was searching for Morpheus and the truth to break free.

I have to wonder what the new bureaucracy of the Holy See censoring all Catholic internet activity will think of this post… [Just a little humor guys and gals of inquisition infamy over in the Vatican. Be nice. Smile.]


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