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Not working from home. Never. No. Coronavirus risks? Pfft. It is to laugh.


These guys and gals don’t have any time to go panic buying. That sets things in perspective, doesn’t it? Say a prayer for them. You gotta know, they are each individually blamed by some of those who feel entitled not to get the Coronavirus[!] as if – just because they have some authority and are in a position of service[!] – it is those heroes who are to blame for the virus itself. Again, say a prayer for them all. Please share.

Meanwhile, there are also clergy. I suppose people are upset with me travelling as I do to bring people the sacraments, the last rites. Yesterday was no exception, with hundreds of more miles. It is what it is. Here’s the deal. I’m in my car. And I wear CDC provided Coronavirus risk reducing items. How’s that, you ask?

Mike Pence mentioned the other day that the CDC is making exceptions for visits in end of life situations. So, I’m taking advantage of that. Also, I’m getting tons of usage out of what I already use for the law enforcement chaplaincy. Double duty for those items. It’s not forbidden. It’s a public health and security issue.


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