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Father Dana Christensen on priests and bishops needing to man up, now

Father Dana writes his articles using a software program and camera that permits him to “write” with his eyes. He is otherwise immobile in bed, not all that far from death.

He has written a heartfelt, reasoned out, graced cri du cœur to his fellow priests and bishops. Here’s a snippet:

  • “We have come to a point where most of us have lost confidence in our Catholic leadership. Between the lack of transparency on sex abuse, the refusal to acknowledge the problem of homosexuality among the episcopate and Presbyterate, the constant revelations of serious financial corruption at the highest levels of the Church, regular reports of money given to the bishops conference by you and me being used to promote and pay for mortally sinful activities, widespread liturgical abuse, unjust and canonically unlawful restrictions on the Traditional Latin Mass and ad orientem worship, and most grievous of all, the doctrinal confusion perpetrated by none other than pope Francis himself, there is nary a faithful soul who has confidence in our leadership. In my experience in listening to the faithful, most are in this camp, even if they don’t say it out loud. The faithful have sadly come to the conclusion that the pope, bishops, and most priests are not coming to save us. I wish they were, and maybe the Lord will intervene, but their actions thus far don’t speak well about how they will act in the future. So, what do we do? Where do we go from here? First a word to my brother priests. The time for fence sitting is over. We have to choose…”

I beseech priests and bishops and laity reading this blog to head over to Father Dana’s deathbed appeal:

Of course, sometimes he can be helped to sit before the Lord Jesus:

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Fr Dana Christensen’s cri du cœur: his own funeral and Traditionis custodes

Father Dana is dying of ALS. He’s a friend of friends for me, and I met him a number of times here in North Carolina. What a great priest. Read his cry from the heart by clicking on “Continue reading” above. Hail Mary…

When some of my own unrepeatable circumstances weigh on me, I think of other priests such as Father Dana. His very life of profound faith in the midst of impossible circumstances – his very life now on what will be his death bed being an act of intercession for the entire Church – is a great encouragement to me.


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