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Can Catholics learn hard-identity from the Jews? Anatevka, edition

Above, a weather vane in Anatevka, just outside of Kyiv, Ukraine. Our fiddler is preaching, if you will, to the North, as tradition has it, toward the enemy, Moscow, some 100+ years ago. And now it’s happening again.

The Ukraine has been beaten down again and again, to death, as have the Jews. It would be good for all of us to see some of that tradition, how tradition is lived out, in hard identity, in our daily lives. That’s what preaches to the enemy.

These are all people, just like you and I, not to be dismissed, put to a genocide, again, today, as the world looks on. Stalin murdered by starvation the Ukrainians by the millions, the Holodomor, in a much bigger starvation of hundreds of millions throughout Russia, typical diabolical, Communism. Ukrainians are still recovering, 100+ years later, and now, while they are still down, the guy who has prostituted himself to Satana, the putana of Moscow, is on the attack. But let’s hear about the greatness of tradition:

I don’t care whether or not Russia was consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary or not (a thousand arguments either side). Fact: Russia is spreading her errors throughout the world, still. Think Biden. Think Trudeau. Think Putin. Think of Catholics who are in dire need of learning some hard-identity Catholicism…

Tradition is not a weakness. It’s the strength of the history of the world, now redeemed by the Lord of History. Tradition is all about being at the heart of Life. God is Life.

But how many actually enjoy killing Tradition, marginalizing those who try to hold up tradition? So, how are we supposed to survive anything in this world without tradition, indeed, without Sacred Tradition? Why take this away?


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